APW Happy Hour

Cheers to the freakin' weekend!

APW + Crate and Barrel + Lo-Fi Aperitifs three cocktails with fruit and flower garnishes

Hey APW!

This week for Happy Hour we are keeping the Pride/4th of July/summer vibes going by bringing you actual HAPPY HOUR! We’ve teamed up with our friends at Crate and Barrel and Lo-Fi Aperitifs to hook you up with some killer cocktails that are perfect for summer sippin’. (Sadly we can’t hand deliver these delicious, refreshing beverages directly to each of you. Trust, if we could get a drone army to drop these beauties off, we would!)

As a cocktail lover, when I make drinks at home I often get deterred by the gorgeous but complicated recipes that require a lot of booze or specific glassware I won’t ever use again. So Lo-Fi created great recipes that you’ll have whipped up in a snap with easy garnishes (hellooo edible flowers!) and gorgeous Crate and Barrel glassware that you’ll get tons of use out of.

Be sure to RSVP for one of Crate and Barrel’s monthly Private Registry Events, where you can mingle with registry experts, get hands-on experience with their fave items, and receive a goodie bag!

Check out these easy Instagram-worthy cocktails below! Download our handy PDF with recipes and batching instructions here.


APW + Crate and Barrel + Lo-Fi Aperitifs: The Bee Smoker

The Bee Smoker is a smoky take on the classic cocktail The Bee’s Knees, made with so-hot-right-now (and generally yum!) mezcal and vermouth. This smoky, tart-sweet drink is easy, delicious, and spirit-forward enough to please most crowds—but impressive, too. (Callaway Coupe | Lo-Fi Sweet Vermouth)

18th Street Cobbler

APW + Crate and Barrel + Lo-Fi Aperitifs: 18th Street Cobbler

This seasonal sipper is perfect for summer, with its relatively low alcohol content and refreshing flavors. Plus, it’s easy to make for a crowd and quite pretty! (Tour Punch Cup | Lo-Fi Dry Vermouth)

Valencia Spritz

APW + Crate and Barrel + Lo-Fi Aperitifs: Valencia Spritz

The Valencia Spritz is an easy, delicious, low-alcohol sipper that is refreshing on hot summer days, but seasonal in winter, too. Its rich hue and balanced flavors make it perfect for a party, a cocktail hour, or just… a nice Tuesday. (Camille Red Wine Glass | Lo-Fi Gentian Amaro)

Share your cocktail creations on Instagram and be sure to tag us! Don’t forget to download the APW x Lo-Fi Drink Recipes and with that, CHEERS it’s your Happy Hour!




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