Reclaiming Wife: Dish

So. I had a proper post written for today. But. When the comments started buzzing over on my little marriage update about all the Reclaiming Wife stuff we had to talk about… I scrapped the post. Because I needed to ask – what conversations about marriage and married life do we need to be having? Dish.

I also wanted to take a moment to point out the obvious – APW has lots of my writing (that’s a big part of why I do this) but it also has a lot of community driven content (the community is the other part of why I do this), and Reclaiming Wife needs to work the same way.

I’m new at the married game, and I’m still sorting out what it means to me. I’m sorting out the ways in which being married has changed our relationship (it has) and the ways that we’re the same couple that has been together for five and a half years (because there are ways it hasn’t changed too). And I’m figuring out what is hard, and what is not, and what I want to write about and what I don’t.

But the bottom line is this – I’m just one person. So when people write me to ask if I could share, say, how I’m handling sharing holidays as a newlywed, I realize what they are really asking is how are you guys sharing holidays as newlyweds, and that they have something to SAY about sharing holidays as newlyweds, but they are feeling scared to put it on paper and could I write it for them? Pretty please? Because here is the thing, you don’t want a post about how we are sharing holidays, because it’s BORING. Check it out: our extended family is interfaith, and our families are long-time friends, so we do Christmas with my family, Passover with David’s family, Thanksgiving together, and High Holidays by ourselves.

Look and what I just did there. I did NOT solve your problems.

But I really do want to talk about all this stuff, I just can’t do it in an echo chamber. So why don’t you guys go crazy on this thread. Throw out the stuff you want to talk about. “Exactly” each other. And if you’re reading this post, or reading the thread, and you think, “HOLDUP! I’ve got something I have to SAY!” or “I have a question I wanna ask Meg/ Team Practical!” then why don’t you email it to me? Send it to reclaimingwife at apracticalwedding dot com. Because I wanna talk about this stuff too.

PS I’m probably dooming myself to more comments than a human can read, huh? But seriously, I feel like we need to get some of this out in the open already.

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