This Is The Smartest RSVP App I’ve Ever Seen

Hint: It's as easy as sending a text

Before I got married, I was the world’s latest RSVP-er. (Maddie has informed me she would like to fight me for that title.) I just did not understand what the big deal was. The couple always knew I was coming, we’d have talked transportation and accommodations, how excited I was to party with them! And at work, I field a lot of emails and mail a lot of packages, so my own admin suffers like the cobbler’s barefoot children.

Then I got married, and the tables were turned as I was the one waiting anxiously for RSVPs, suddenly dreading having the “You’re one of my best friends and we’ve been discussing this at length, so I’m assuming you’re coming, but you haven’t actually RSVP-ed” conversation. Turns out, a lot of people are just like me and struggle to find a mailbox or type in the URL of your wedding website. And when you’re planning a wedding, that truth sucks. But you know one thing most people DON’T struggle to do?

Send a text.

And that is why Replied App is one of the single most genius wedding planning tools I can’t believe I haven’t seen before.

Screen shot of Replied App Text RSVP

How it works:

Include your Replied App phone number on your paper (or digital) RSVP cards and send them to your guests.

Screenshot of Replied App text RSVP with phone number

After they receive their invite, your guests text your Replied App phone number and the intelligent text platform gathers their replies automatically.

Example text message string using the Replied App for texted RSVPs

Tada! Now it’s time to sit back, fire up Netflix, and watch as your RSVP’s roll in. No more chasing down guests to get them to mail in those little RSVP cards and then waiting for days for them to arrive. Even better, you get to save $$$ because you don’t have to pay for the RSVP return stamps (which adds up, considering stamps are $0.55 a pop now).

Plus, all the replies are tallied up for you in Replied App, so you don’t need to put anything into a spreadsheet and do any calculations. (Although with the click of a button, you can export your RSVPs to an external spreadsheet to put everything in Google Docs or share with the caterer!)

Screenshot of Replied App texted RSVP interface


Over the years, we’ve discovered that the absolute best wedding businesses usually come out of planning one’s own wedding and screaming in frustration, “There has to be a better way.” And Replied App is no exception: founded by Daniel Wolff and his soon-to-be spouse (they’re getting married this weekend 🎉), the idea behind it was to make the RSVP-ing process a thousand times easier for both guests and couple, and spoiler alert—it works:

My fiancx and I started Replied App for our own wedding. We received 70% of our RSVP replies within 3 days of sending out our RSVP cards. We had 100% of replies within a couple weeks and it made our planning process way less stressful than the traditional paper RSVP card replies, but we were still able to use custom handprinted invitations rather than an entirely digital invite.

Screenshot of Replied App example text RSVP page

Pricing for Replied App  starts at $14.99 for 25 RSVPs/invitations:

Tier 25 – $14.99
Tier 50 – $29.99
Tier 100 – $59.99
Tier 200 – $69.99
Tier 300 – $79.99

(Remember: That’s one text RSVP per invitation aka household, not individual guest, so if you’re inviting 150 people, that’ll be around 75 invitations.)

So basically, for less than the price you’d be spending on stamps, you get to make your life—and your guests’ lives—so much simpler. Click through here to see all the details, or just send a text message to 510-257-9309 and see firsthand how it works!


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