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Want To Create An Affordable Wedding Video?

Of course you do. Here Is how.

I have a wedding confession to share: I legit have a fear that my wedding day is going to pass me by so quickly, I’m going to end up missing out on a bunch of special moments with my friends and family.

It might sound like a silly thing to be worried about, but I just know that no matter how hard I try to be present on that day, I will, without a doubt, experience hardcore FOMO after the fact… but from an event I was actually at. Experience has taught me that something amazing always happens right after I leave the room, and I’m sure my wedding will be no exception. I know that the exact moment I begrudgingly step off the dance floor to use the bathroom, one of my nephews will undoubtedly start tearing it up with adorable, robotic-like toddler moves. Or the second I go outside to get some fresh air, I’ll miss that heartfelt moment when my people and my husband’s people are connecting as a family for the first time.

Another fear of mine: That people will post things on their Insta stories or on Snapchat and that the videos will be gone forever before I even get a chance to see them.

Yes, it’s a ridiculous 21st century concern, but honestly, I know the fear stems from the fact that videography isn’t something we can afford to have at our wedding. I’m sad in advance about what we’re going to miss out on as a result of our budget.

Our wedding will be the first time that our friends and family from all around the country will be together in the same place at the same time, in the city we’ve made our home for the last three years. It’s going to be an explosion of love and I don’t want to miss a single thing.

Lucky for me (and my wedding budget), there’s a creative and more affordable option to capture those special moments that will make my wedding day memorable: RexVid.

The disposable camera of the 21st century

RexVid is a fun and easy-to-use app that essentially functions as a digital guestbook, filled with one-of-a-kind moments and messages in video form from friends, family, and guests. Remember when placing disposable cameras at tables was the thing to do? RexVid offers a similar experience, allowing each guest to play a special role in documenting the day through video. Anyone using the app can record twenty-second videos directly on it, or upload a video they’ve already recorded to the collection. The app stitches all the videos together, creating a montage of your event so that you can re-live those unforgettable moments and watch the ones you missed (unlike all those Insta stories that are going to disappear by the time you’ve slept off your exhaustion from being the center of attention all day. I mean, #facts).

Even the important people in your life who aren’t able to make it to your celebration can add videos. You can choose who to invite to your in-app event, share videos on social media, or keep the content limited and only offer access to specific individuals. Most importantly, the app lets you download it all so that you can keep the crowdsourced content forever.

RexVid is made for those of us who can’t squeeze videography into our budgets.

But also? Even if you do have professional videography, it’s a creative way to engage your guests and ensure that you’ll see the most outrageous and romantic moments of the day, all in one place. Because let’s be real, guests are likely to capture those behind-the-scenes moments anyway, so why not incorporate it in a more organized way—that you actually get to enjoy?

AN app FOR More than just your wedding day

The best thing about using an app like RexVid is that you don’t even have to wait until your actual wedding day to start using it. You can start now. Really, like right now. You can download the app and create a RexVid “event,” and from there, you can pick the package that works best for you, with the most expensive package topping out at only $99.99. That’s right, for only one hundred dollars, you can capture, collect, and save up to one thousand videos, but—even better—you can try it out for free for up to ten videos before paying anything.

While RexVid is the perfect tool to capture the moments that your videographer might not be able to, it’s also great for integrating into other wedding festivities.

A group of women smile at someone taking a selfie while they drink champagne.

Events You Where You Probably Would Love Having Videos

Bridal Shower: Have a friend walk around and collect sweet messages from guests. Have them share ideas for dates or their best marriage advice. The collection can act as a digital guestbook filled with love and wisdom, and probably a few tears.

Bachelor(ette) Party (or whatever pre-marriage party you are choosing to have): Singing at a karaoke bar? Taking a burlesque dance class? Playing games while drinking wine? Whatever it is that you’re doing, get your favorite people to capture the fun and wild moments of your party before you walk down the aisle. RexVid is a great tool for pre-wedding parties because you can keep the collection private or share it with select people, so even if things get a little crazy, you have total control over who gets to see the videos.

Rehearsal dinner: Rehearsal dinners tend to be intimate, but they’re also when family, friends, and the wedding party are convening for the first time. That means there are a lot of emotions during this event, sometimes speeches or reunions, making it a lovely event to capture on video.

Someone records as one man helps another with his tie.
Day-of/Day-after activities: If you’re getting ready separately from your partner, it’s a beautiful idea to capture some of the energy leading up to your first look or ceremony. The two of you can review it in your post-wedding love haze and share how you were feeling, and what was on your mind (I’m tearing up just thinking about this). If you’re doing anything the day after, you can also consider documenting that, just kindly be mindful of your college roomie who might be experiencing a rough hangover.

Video guestbook: Guestbooks are sometimes overlooked or forgotten about, and frankly, they can be a bit boring, so why not make yours more exciting? Inviting your guests to participate in a digital guestbook is a great way to ensure that everyone is captured at your wedding. It’s the perfect keepsake.

Share it with guests: When you send thank you cards to your guests, share a link or code to access the RexVid collection from the wedding. Your guests can share in those moments again, too.

Share with those who couldn’t make it: I have a big, crazy, Cuban family and in a perfect world they would all be able to attend my wedding. Unfortunately, that is not likely. However, I know they’re going to be so excited to see photos and videos from the day and it’ll mean a lot to them to be able to see some of those meaningful moments, like my first dance with my husband, or my family coming together from all parts of the country.

How to get people to use RexVid

So you want to crowdsource content from your attendees and capture your wedding day from different angles and people, but how do you let people know about RexVid and get them to actually use it as if it were any other social media app on their phone? Here’s how.

People at a wedding clinking glasses and recording on a phone.

Put it on your wedding website: This is the place that your guests will be going to for information about everything: Hotel blocks, parking, things to do in the city, your registry, and so on. It is the perfect place to communicate important information about festivities leading up to the wedding and the wedding day itself, including RexVid. Include simple download instructions and a special code for them to participate in your event and voila! They’re one step closer to capturing video.

Include it on your stationery: Printing out a menu? Include the QR or number code on there. Put signs around your venue, maybe at the bar—definitely at the photo booth, if you have one. If the information is visible to guests, they’re more likely to participate.

Recruit ambassadors: My nineteen-year-old cousin lives and breathes social media (this is no exaggeration). If there’s anyone who can make an app look cool, fun, and easy to use, it’s definitely her. She is the person I would choose to get the RexVid party started because I know that she would not only use it herself but encourage others to do the same. If you want people to actually do the thing, you need promoters. Identify people in your bridal party and beyond to use the app and encourage the guests around them to do the same.

People at your wedding will already be on their phones capturing the magic of the day, but you might never get to see their photos or videos. RexVid changes that. This innovative app is a simple tool that lets people lean into their social media superpowers and collects all the video content in one place that’s easy for you to watch and share. It’s easy, affordable, fun, and something that you get to keep forever. You really can’t go wrong.

Whether you have a tight budget and can’t afford videography or want to capture the behind-the-scenes moments of your wedding, RexVid is a creative app to incorporate into your wedding day and any events surrounding it.

To capture the moments that make your wedding day meaningful and unique with RexVid, download the app on the Apple App Store or Google Play. Get started by creating a RexVid event and selecting the package of your choice. You get up to ten videos for free, so you can test it out with your fiancx and bridal party before upgrading to a bigger package and inviting guests to participate. Then you and your new spouse can revel in the magic of your wedding day for years to come.

what moments are you looking forward to on your wedding? Any specific moments you are afraid of missing and want to make sure are captured?

This post is sponsored by RexVid. RexVid Event lets you capture the memories of an event from the perspective of everyone involved. Say it’s your wedding. You’ve got a photographer taking pictures. You know your sister is taking videos on her phone, but wouldn’t it be great to be able to see videos taken at every table and from every area of your reception? With RexVid Event, you can!

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