Ring-Olympics, A Palate Cleanser

Oh ladies. It’s the holidays, and the holidays are eating my head. So I’m less pithy than usual. So, I had to share the video one of you linked to in the horrendous ring commercial discussion. It made hilarious tears rolled down my face. Tears. And for the record, I’ve *got* a (in my case vintage, but I’m kind of a vintage girl) diamond solitaire engagement ring. You know what it shows? That I like the ring. Scene.

(though I’ve been known to wear it on my right hand. Or not wear it at all. Because I can. They are my hands like that.)

And via Lauren, the more esoteric ethereal comment on ring-Olympics (her ring is also a diamond by the way, abet bad-*ser than mine).

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  • oh sarah haskins, how do i love thee? let me count the ways.
    does anyone else want to have a virtual tea party with meg, sarah, and myself?!

  • <3 sarah haskins <3 her plethora of videos are hilarious!

  • Christine

    Morning: made. Thank you!!

  • sam

    @emma – count me in!
    Meg, I also regularly wear my ring on my right hand, or not at all. The wedding band is always there though :)

  • Oh, how I love Sarah Haskins and Target Women! Meg (and everyone else), have you seen the one she does about wedding shows?


  • fantastic :)i just about keeled over laughing.

  • hahahaha – this. is. hilarious.

    and soooo true.

  • Oh my goodness, I had never seen Sarah Haskins before! How empty my life was! I think I've watched all the videos of her YouTube has to offer. So hilarious!

  • @petitechablis

    the Target Women on wedding shows…brilliant…it's going up on my own blog now. I LOVE the part about bulging brides!!!

  • Blue12rain

    I laughed so hard. "…like that time you got hammered and ruined your wedding dress playing soccer."

  • I LOOOOVE her!

  • not even joking, the second i finished watching this, some teaser commercial for a reality show had a guy gushing about the necklace he bought his girl from jared's. ugh.

    so, fo funny – why have i not heard of this woman before?

  • She's awesome, and "I guess we'll be having the sex now" made me laugh out loud. Thanks for sharing!

  • Cat

    "jewelry face" made me laugh so hard I cried. Whoever posted this in the comments of the last post deserves tons of internet cookies.

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