Sarah & Jeffrey

* Sarah, Theatre Nerd & Jeffrey, Dance Nerd * Photographer: Emilia Jane * Soundtrack for reading: “In My Life” by The Beatles*

The Info—Photography: Emilia Jane Photography / Bride’s Dress and Coat: Crafty Broads / Venue: mk The Restaurant /Florist: Dilly Lily / Harpist: Ben Melsky / Bride’s Hat with Birdcage Veil: BHLDN / Bride’s Fascinator: PompAndPlumage / Groom & Best Man Suits: Tom James / Hair and MakeupCally’s Curls & Co. (Sharon Slater/Bette Schwarz for hair & Kimberly McMahon for makeup)

Other cool stuff we should know about: We got married in the restaurant where we had our first date. (Jeffrey’s idea!) We got married on a Monday in Chicago in December two days after I finished the run of a show I was acting in. It was the soonest we could get married and it was great. The people we love came to Chicago even though it was cold. (At first, I had panicked, “Wait! We have to get married in the summer so we can have the ceremony in a field like all these weddings online! Wait! We’re indoor city people, that makes no sense!”)

As their gift, our friends did performances—one of my friends from college played the harp during cocktails and the ceremony, two of Jeffrey’s friends who are professional dancers performed a dance piece for us (to Rihanna, yes!) and Jeff’s dance partner who is a children’s librarian/storyteller got the entire group to participate in a story!

One sentence sum up of the wedding vibe: Joyful and intimate, with a wild dance party.

Favorite thing about the wedding: Jeffrey and I created our ceremony together, with lots of help from his sister Karen. (We wanted someone who knows and loves us to perform the ceremony, and as a dedicated Buddhist, we knew she would create a positive, meditative vibe.) I’m Jewish (though not all of my family is) and Jeffrey is Buddhist (though not all of his family is) so we had no set template to go on, but we wanted to involve our families. We began with a lovingkindness mediation and ended with smashing the glass and a mazel tov. My sister rang the meditation bells. My dad gave the Jewish blessing over the children/priestly benediction—which I’ve heard once every week since I was a wee girl—and my mom read the wedding blessing from the Reform prayerbook. I was apprehensive at first about writing our own vows, but that’s what we did when none of the templates seemed to fit us. Being able to surprise each other during the ceremony with the words we had chosen was like giving an enormous gift. We also had our first dance during the ceremony—it was a meaningful moment to just hold each other and be symbolically married. We met dancing, so it seemed especially fitting for us. (Another of Jeffrey’s ideas, and he surprised me with the song, see above.) Lots of tears, laughter, music, and moments of powerful silence.  I’m also amazed at the explosive dance party we managed to fit into a relatively small space!

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  • lmba

    Oh my goodness. How are these people so stylish?

    • April

      RIIIIIIIIGHT?!!? That was the *FIRST* thing I thought as I scrolled through. I aspire to such style. That and the bride’s gown??!?!?! WINNING!!!!

  • SO many great moments!!! Love it.

  • KD

    Ohmigosh! Stunning! So much style! So much FUN! Plus – So many of my favorite things all in one place.

    Congrats to the stunning couple!

    BEautiful job catching so many special moments Emilia!

    Also – YAY for Cally’s Curls & Co for hair and makeup! I drive 40 minutes up there to get my hair cut there when there are something like 2938 closer places in Chicago. If you have curly hair it will change your life to get a “curly cut” there!

  • I love the idea of a first dance during the ceremony.

    It looks like you had a lot of fun :)


    That look is just. too. gorgeous.

    • meg

      RIGHT? (And jacket. Just get out.)

      • Sarah

        Not everyone can take, “I want to look like Ginger Rogers” and run with it. Also, Cindy and Julia are just good people.

  • Autumn A.

    Love this soooooo much. Love Chicago in the winter especially. This also gives me hope that our small space can host a rockin’ dance floor as well. Congrats!!!

  • Kelley

    Words would be overkill. Too beautiful.

  • Lizzie

    Dancing husbands are the best. The last photo of the two of you is so good.

  • Ahhhhh! So beautiful!!!!! Congratulations. :)

  • Class of 1980

    Stylish is the WORD.

  • Granola

    I love this:

    (At first, I had panicked, “Wait! We have to get married in the summer so we can have the ceremony in a field like all these weddings online! Wait! We’re indoor city people, that makes no sense!”)

    The siren song of the blog-worthy photo an location is difficult to resist. Way to do what made sense for you, AND to rock it! Congratulations!

    • Sarah

      Thanks! And no one has to do exactly like we did either! (Although I am hoping to inspire some more Monday weddings. Maybe?)

  • GORGEOUS wedding, and absolutely perfect song to go with it.

  • after reading the bit about the first dance, i had to go back up and look at those pictures again. chills. swoon. so, so sexy and beautiful, that moment.

  • Paige

    There is such joy and love and intimacy in these photos. I look at them and I can hear the conversations, the laughter, the music… And Sara’s dress, and the hat! OMG! This is my favorite wedding ensemble I’ve ever seen. The photo of jumping on the glass to break it?! It has to be my favorite. I’m tearing up from all the emotion.

    And P.S. who is the insanely stylish lady in the yellow rose dress?!

    • Sarah

      Seriously, one of Jeffrey’s sisters is schooling me on vintage looks here. I love my new bonus family members. :)

  • Soooo beautiful! love this wedding!

  • mimi

    These photos are amazing! I couldn’t play the soundtrack where I’m at, but was humming “In My Life” all the way through the post. Love the song and love this wedding. So beautiful!

  • Love the vibe, the joy, the dress, the photos. Everything!

  • Chiara

    I adore the look on your face right before you toss the bouquet.

  • wow! this is really a fun cool! I am convinced that if I hire the Minneapolis wedding photographers, they can provide me good photos like these. There are not so many guests, it is so intimate but the joyous occasion celebrated by the couple with their friends and family was really captured on the lens. Also, the experienced wedding photographer will definitely capture moments of everyone swaying to the music.

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