Sarah Gormley Is the Kind of Photographer You Want to Have Around

Endless artistry with no travel fees and no ego, she's APW's ride or die

bride and groom standing face to face

When we first introduced you to Sarah Gormley Photography back in 2013, we had a hunch Sarah and the APW community would hit it off, and we were right. When you scroll down and look at her images, you’ll see emotional depth, a sense of humor, and an artistry that’s rare in this industry. So it’s no wonder Sarah has been averaging forty weddings a year all over the country (because, oh yeah, her rate is $3,800 for 10 hours of coverage and no travel fees ever), and that most of them are APW couples.

two brides standing togetherbride and groom sitting togetheratlanta-wedding-photographer-_078The story of Sarah and the APW community is a love story in and of itself. As she tells it:

When I first started my business and decided I wanted to work in the more nontraditional wedding scene, I had this silly idea that I needed to somehow take the edgiest photos of the most alternative weddings on the planet in order to find myself a place within that niche. I tried rock-and-roll themed style shoots and Googled “alternative wedding photography” daily. Then, in 2013, I started advertising with APW and somehow found myself so unexpectedly and overwhelmingly welcomed by the community there. Before I knew it, I had a full wedding calendar of mostly APW couples, and it wasn’t long until they completely transformed that silly notion of what appearances or stereotypes would make for a strong, creative wedding photo, or a loving, kind, down-to-earth wedding vibe. I’ve now worked with dozens of APW couples from all over the world, getting married up and down the East Coast. I’ve photographed all sorts of amazing, authentic, individual styles in churches, museums, backyards, courthouses, valleys, and mountaintops. APW couples have taught me that the “alternative” wedding scene has nothing to do with what’s edgy or hip right now—it’s about having the guts to follow your heart and do what feels real and right for you and your partner on your wedding day, regardless of what wedding traditions might tell you.

APW readers have her heart: you guys made her business possible, you still do, and she pays it forward by giving you gorgeous, artful photos in return:
bride and groom standing together in fieldbride smiling under veilcouple embracing at their weddingtwo women kissing under a tree
Sarah Gormley‘s style is so distinct that you know her photos as soon as you see one. But what makes Sarah’s work so recognizable isn’t her editing style, or any filters she uses. It’s that Sarah sees weddings as about more than just the couple. Sarah explains:

I want to give my couples a wedding package that tells the full story of their day, with portraits that make them feel beautiful and a couples session that captures the love they feel for each other, but I also want to know about their relationship with their mother or how long they’ve known their best man, and I want to give them images that capture these relationships as well. I believe that if a wedding photographer focuses solely on the couple getting married, they’re missing out on so many other layers of love, so many experiences and stories that are there to be told.

Which is why so many of Sarah’s photos tell a story within a story, like this one:


On top of all of this, Sarah delivers wedding photos that are actual pieces of art… which is why we’ve featured so many of her weddings here on APW:

SGP_AlyElroi_APW0189Aly & Elroi’s Marriage Legalization Adventure



And the really good news is that even though Sarah Gormley Photography is based in Atlanta and DC, Sarah will travel to you—anywhere in the USA—without additional travel fees. Her base package is $3,800 for 10 hours of coverage, a complimentary engagement session, a USB of all the photos, and a password-protected online gallery. Anywhere else in the world is just $700 more than the base package. That’s basically nothing when you think of the cost of air travel alone. We’ve been saying for years that she could be charging double that, but lucky for you guys, she still isn’t. Why? Because APW couples are the life force of Sarah’s work, and she just wants to go where you are.

couple on pier in seattlegroup photo at weddingcouple standing on a pierblack and white photo of crying bride

With Sarah Gormley Photography, you get a photographer who takes photos like the one above, which remains one of the most powerful wedding images we’ve ever seen. And you get her anywhere in the country, for $3,800. So go get to know Sarah better by reading her bio, checking out her latest travels and adventures on her blog, and then getting in touch to get on her calendar.


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