September 2021 Wedding Planning Open Thread

Time is a flat circle

Hey APW,

No one knows exactly how, but somehow it’s September. We’re in the last third of 2021. Which makes no sense, because 2019 was last week.

It feels like we’re in the matrix or something… some parts of life and some people seem to be charging forward as if nothing at all is going on. The headlines are still completely focused on COVID and the Delta variant (and another new variant, too?! ugh). So, if you’re in the midst of wedding planning, for the first or the fourth go-round, it makes perfect sense if you’re on the edge of your seat and just trying to keep from losing all your hope and faculties from the stress of it all.

The New York Times wrote this week about ‘new etiquette’ surrounding COVID and weddings—which mostly seems like the kind of (totally reasonable) stuff we’ve been seeing folks do for over a year now. We continue to receive letters from people who are deep in the struggles that COVID-adjacent-weddings seem to bring. I personally know a few people who are currently debating canceling their previously postponed 2020 weddings. And to keep it lively, we’ve been having some conversation over on Instagram about whether or not couples should invoice their guests who are no shows to the party. We mostly shared it because it was funny, but I mean… weddings aren’t cheap, y’all! (Also, no you shouldn’t do it.)

Time is weird because 2019 feels like a few minutes ago, part of me would like to go back to the part of pandemic life when there was no traffic and I was baking sourdough bread. Instead, it seems like we’re engulfed in a season of life-as-usual… but it’s not 👏🏼  at 👏🏼  all 👏🏼  normal 👏🏼.

So, friends… how are you? How is wedding planning going? Or… is it going? How can we support you. This is your space to vent, talk with folks that get it, and ask for advice. We’ve got you.

(socially distanced and fully masked) hugs,

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