September 2020 Planning Open Thread

Join us in a complaining break / support group, and ask your questions here

We started these COVID wedding planning open threads back in May. We hoped they would be short lived, but are not, deep down, surprised that we’re still here. We are, however, surprised by just how little progress seems to have been made, and how many other disasters have piled on top of the first one.

It’s been 6+ months of pandemic life, and this is our fifth month of having a COVID wedding planning open thread. My hope when I pitched this idea to the team was to create a supportive space for folx planning weddings in the middle of this nightmare. A space where we could vent, complain, commiserate, ask questions, answer each other’s questions, and help one another. I hope these monthly posts have been helpful and a place where you feel safe to come tell it like it is. I know that I, for one, am seriously exhausted from all that 2020 has thrown my way (both personally and all the global stuff)… and I find some comfort (*a tiny bit*) in knowing that I’m not alone in my pandemic wedding planning stress.

So, if you have postponed your wedding, are recently engaged and trying to figure out how to plan a wedding, or have a happy pandemic wedding success story to share… bring it on. Do you have a small win from your wedding planning journey to share? Have you finally landed on a new plan, and you need somewhere to shout it from the rooftops? Do you have logistical planning questions that my 10+ years of professional experience might be able to help with? All of this and more is welcome here. It’s your open thread, COVID couples.

And if you’ve got married during all of this: please, please share the pictures. We all could use a little bit of joy.

Go for it, APW. Tell us your stories, share your worries, vent your frustrations, and ask your questions. we’ve got each other, and at least there’s that. *virtual* hugs.

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