Our Intimate International $10K SF City Hall Wedding with Elegant Flair

Living it up with champagne

Carolina, Creative Director & Yves, VP Global Sourcing

sum-up of the wedding vibe: Romantic

Planned Budget: Unplanned
Actual Budget: $10,000
Number of Guests: 14
Location: San Francisco, California

Where we allocated the most funds:

Our photographer, From SF With Love.

Where we allocated the least funds:

Decor, since San Francisco City Hall is already so beautiful!

What was totally worth it:

The photographer. No doubt.

What was totally not worth it:

The stress before and during the wedding.

A few things that helped us along the way:

We really knew what kind of wedding we wanted, and it was really important for us to be true to ourselves to celebrate our love—avoiding getting carried away and the idea of needing more things than we really wanted. However, we wanted to keep a few small elements of our cultural heritage, and we quickly realized that they were priceless. So, the best advice I can offer is: if you have chosen the right partner for life, the rest is just small details. Choose a nice place that’s special for both of you (in meaning, aesthetic, the way it makes you feel) and then invite the people who have been next to you along this love journey. Celebrate it with endless toasts—and hire a good photographer to make these memories last forever!

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My best practical advice for my planning self:

Enjoy more, plan less. And trust 200% in the professional you hired for the photography. Before the big day, you will know they are the right one!

Favorite thing about the wedding:

Having our families from Spain and France join us (as a surprise!) on our big day.


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