What If Every Guest Could Give a Heartfelt Toast at Your Wedding?

With SpeechBooth, they can

by Maddie Eisenhart, Chief Revenue Officer

couple giving toast in front of speechbooth video and ipad

If I had to choose the two biggest enemies of weddings, those would be time and money. I won’t go into what I could have done with unlimited piles of cash for my wedding, but time? Oh with more time I would have talked to everyone and drank all the beers and danced until my lungs gave out. Time is also the reason why you can’t have every single person at your wedding give a toast, even if those are one of the best parts.

Alas, until one of us can get hold of a Tardis or Hermione’s timeturner, we’re saddled with all the regular laws of time and space at our weddings. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get all the happy-cry-inducing toasts anyway, thanks to SpeechBooth—the mobile DIY video booth that makes it possible for everyone at your wedding to say nice things about you and your partner, without eating into your dance time, and without that awkward video guy getting up in your guests faces asking awkward questions about how everyone knows you.

In simple terms, SpeechBooth is the happy marriage between a photo booth and a videographer. For $599, you get a portable recording system that includes everything you need to record video messages from your guests, while being compact enough to fit anywhere at your reception, plus a fully edited video from the folks at SpeechBooth when all the hoopla is over. Here’s how it works:

hands holding both from speechbooth

ORDER IT: Reserve your SpeechBooth kit for just $599. SpeechBooth will schedule your kit to arrive the week of your wedding. The kit itself includes an iPad mounted to a tripod, a video light, and a microphone, plus custom software that makes recording a speech super easy and straightforward (your guests can even test record their submission and then review and approve the final version).

wooden sign that says "leave us a message with speechbooth"

RECEIVE IT: The best part of working with SpeechBooth (other than that thing where they basically do everything for you) is just how portable their system is. Everything fits on a tripod, so you can set up your SpeechBooth outside or in a corner of your venue, wherever it will fit. There’s no need to deal with complicated technology or a bulky booth contraption; everything is delivered in a lightweight, easy-to-carry box that takes less than five minutes to set up. Plus, since the SpeechBooth people know what’s up, you can rest assured that the video you end up with is actually… usable, thanks to the video light and microphone they include with their setup (because DIY videography is harder than it seems, and its arch nemesis is a dark, noisy room).

man giving toast into ipad

ENJOY IT: Throughout your wedding, guests can record video messages at their leisure with SpeechBooth’s easy to use touchscreen app. And since you don’t need an attendant to work SpeechBooth, you don’t have to worry about some stranger prompting them to talk about their favorite memory with you (because that’s what the bar is for).

WATCH IT: When the wedding is over, simply ship the kit back using the supplied return shipping label. Within a week, your professionally edited compilation video will be uploaded to a secure online account for you to download, enjoy, and share (check out the above for a recent example from an actual Speechbooth wedding). I mean, that’s basically the perfect honeymoon present, no? And because they just get it, SpeechBooth even gives you all the raw HD footage of your toasts, unedited, to bust out some rainy day when you need a reminder of how amazing your wedding was and how much your people love you. What? I’m not crying, you’re crying.

group of people giving a toast in front of video camera and ipad at a wedding

When we first introduced you to SpeechBooth they were a brand-new company looking to offer something between DIY video and the expense of a professional videographer. Since then, they’ve been racking up nothing but five star reviews from happy customers like the one below:

I honestly can’t think of a single thing for our wedding that had a better cost-benefit ratio. SpeechBooth was super easy to set up, was so much fun for our friends and family, and watching the video with my wife kept a smile plastered to our faces for twenty-two minutes. The videos captured the spirit of the day, as the toasts started out heartfelt, and as the night wore on, became boozier and funnier (yes, we had multiple people sing to us). Photos are essential and the videographer will provide a nice narrative memory, but nothing else could capture the joy, insanity, heart, and thoughts of our loved ones.

image graphic of speechbooth kit and box

So if you want video at your wedding, but don’t want the expense of a traditional videographer, or the headache (not to mention time suck) of DIY, then the guy above really said it best: there’s no better cost-benefit ratio than SpeechBooth. So what would I give to go back in time and have a delightful, tipsy record of all the people we love the most saying nice things to us? Probably $599 is what.


Top photo: Alexandra Meseke Photography, Group Photo: Living Radiant Photography

Maddie Eisenhart

Maddie is APW’s Chief Revenue Officer. She’s been writing stories about boys, crushes, and relationships since she was old enough to form shapes into words, but received her formal training (and a BS) from NYU in Entertainment and Mass Media in 2008. She now spends a significant amount of time thinking about trends on the internet and whether flower crowns will be out next year. A Maine native, Maddie currently lives on a pony farm in the Bay Area with her husband, Michael and their mastiff puppy. Current hair color: Purple(ish).

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  • nsmmb

    I’m so excited to have this at our wedding. We reserved one around Christmas-time when they were offering a sale! So tip to those interested – sign up for the mailing list if you can afford to wait and you might be able to get $$$ off.

    • Hannah Culp

      Do you know where the link is to sign up for their newsletter? I can’t find it anywhere! I’ve got the time to wait so I’d love to see if they run a promo :)

      • nsmmb

        Hmm, I tried looking on their website to find it but it doesn’t seem to be there anymore? Their customer service is really quick though so if you email them they should be able to put you on there. Sorry I couldn’t be more help!

        • Hannah

          I’ll give that a shot! Thanks so much :)

          • nsmmb

            Just wanted to come back here to share this from an e-mail yesterday in case you weren’t able to sign up: ‘Enter discount code VDAY by Sunday, February 14th, to take $50 off your order!’

  • Alanna Cartier

    Man, it’s moments like these where living in Canada sucks. I want one.

    • SpeechBooth Team

      Fear not Alanna, we do ship to Canada! If you’d like to send us an email to info@speechbooth.com with your address, we’ll be happy to provide a shipping quote.

      • Alanna Cartier

        It’s not just the shipping, it’s also the TERRIBLE Canadian dollar.
        That’s wonderful to know though, if we find extra room in the budget!

        • Jessica

          I had the exact same thought process as you:
          – I wonder if they ship to Canada!
          – Oh wait, even if they did, it would be $1200!
          – :(

          • Alanna Cartier

            At least we are not alone. On the plus side, the Canadian Dollar is holding up well against the pound. It’s at record highs, so if you want pretty things from the UK for your wedding now is the time ;)

    • Frustrated Canadian

      I’m finding such a hard time finding Canadian relevant wedding info online as well! And with the dollar as it is its hard to justify shipping anything from the states. Off topic a little, does anyone know of a great Canadian or ships to Canada online bridesmaid dress retailer? I have bm’s across the country (and one in England but thats a whole other issue) and I’m not having much luck finding online shops to get them to shop at.

      • Alanna Cartier

        I had a friend’s wedding last summer, and what we did was find a retailer that is available in all the places (we went with two birds, but Dessy might also work) and then we chose the style we like and the bride put in one order so it would all be from the same dye lot. Not sure if that helps. There are not a lot of great online options.

        That’s what I’m planning to do as well, as I’m in the same boat (bms in Ottawa, Toronto, BC and England. Yeech.)

        • Frustrated Canadian

          Thank you I will look those up! I tried Dessy but everytime I selected a dress it told me to select a retailer. I live in a small town on an island and don’t have a huge budget to leave my island and go dress shopping nor do my bm’s have access to big retailers either.

        • Frustrated Canadian

          I just fell in LOVE with the two birds dress but then got the price. Yeesh. My bridesmaids are only comfortable paying around $100 ish. Search continues…

      • David’s Bridal!!

  • Maggie

    Yes, SpeechBooth! My friend used this at her wedding, and it was a total blast!! We kept gathering groups of friends to give toasts (tell stories, sing songs, you name it) throughout the night. Definitely want to have this at my wedding!

  • Dawn

    Wow, this is actually a pretty brilliant idea. I once was a guest at a wedding where the mic kept floating around and over an HOUR of toasts and stories were shared. By the time they were over, there was only 20 minutes left for dancing! This would have avoided that!

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  • This would be awesome for an anniversary party as well. 40th or 50th birthday parties. A family reunion even would be a great place to do something like this. What a great idea.