Introducing The New Squarespace!

Same Squarespace as before, except even easier

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from designing Squarespace wedding websites every other month for y’all, it’s this: making a wedding website with Squarespace is dead easy. Specifically, Squarespace is perfect for people like me who are moderately creative, slightly delusional about their skill level, and prone to biting off more than they can chew. Except, unlike all of the other projects you’ve got on your plate, working with Squarespace is easy enough that you aren’t going to end up in DIY Hell. In fact, you might just end up with a wedding website that looks exactly how you imagined it, and with a few extra hours on your hands when you accidentally finish it early.

We jumped right in when we started working with Squarespace earlier this year because we wanted to show you how to use the platform while you were building your own wedding websites. But today, we thought we’d change things up and let you know about a ton of new (actually awesome) changes Squarespace just made to their platform. Mostly because they are going to make your wedding website a whole lot easier. So if you’re getting married next year, or know someone who might be, now is definitely the time to sign up for your free trial (bonus: APWers get 10% off any Squarespace websites when you use code APW14).

In the meantime, here’s what’s new at Squarespace:

Squarespace 7

Squarespace just launched the newest version of their platform, called Squarespace 7 (not exclusive to weddings; you can get Squarespace 7 for any kind of website you’re working on). The biggest difference between Squarespace 7 and the previous versions of Squarespace is that everything is finally in one place. It used to be that you had to toggle back and forth between the design function and the layout function of your website, but now there’s just one dashboard where you can make all your changes at the same time. If you’re already using Squarespace, this update is going to save you a ton of time (but you already know that). If you’re new to the platform, it’s just one less thing you’ll have to learn.

In addition to the interface changes, one of the biggest updates to Squarespace 7 is the integration of Getty Images that can be licensed and used on your site for just $10. Remember when I was like, “Maybe you don’t have any photos of you and your partner that you want to put on your website?” And suggested trolling the Flickr Creative Commons images as a solution? Well, you can still do that. But for $10, you don’t have to. (The selection available is particularly useful for background images and stock photos.)

The New Squarespace Weddings

On top of launching the new Squarespace 7, Squarespace also did a major overhaul of their weddings page this month. There is now a dedicated section of Squarespace just for weddings, with wedding-specific templates that require way less customizing than before. The biggest improvement: instead of choosing a restaurant template or an e-commerce site and changing it around to include wedding information, Squarespace has ready-made wedding templates pre-filled with sample wedding details so your level of customization goes from “a decent amount of customizing” to “just playing with the fun parts of design.”

With the new Squarespace weddings portal, you can still do all of the same stuff as before, like:

  • Get a custom URL with your names, so your wedding website is instead of (in which case, I usually just Google you and your partner along with “wedding” and hope you don’t have the same first names as a celebrity couple).
  • Integrate registries. You can either link to external registries or embed a cash registry directly into your wedding website.
  • Accept RSVPs directly through your wedding website.

And of course, all of these updates still come with Squarespace’s 24/7 customer support.

So if you’ve been following along with our Squarespace tutorials and entrepreneurship series all year, and have been thinking you might want to create a wedding website with Squarespace, but weren’t sure if you had the skill or, heck, just the time to make it happen, now is the time to jump. Because they basically just gave the process the #lazygirl seal of approval. And that’s saying something.


This post was sponsored by Squarespace. Thanks Squarespace for helping make the APW mission possible!

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  • KateS

    totally did a squarespace site for our wedding based on one of the earlier tutorials and it was so much fun! i keep tweaking and adding stuff from the newest tutorials too, so this set of sponsored posts was a super effective sell for me – i don’t think i would have been convinced i could really for sure actually do this otherwise, but i looooooove our website. i’ll have a hard time taking it down next year after the shindig and have really, truly enjoyed the heck out of making it.

  • Sarah E

    On my to-do list, directly in front of “create website” is “convince partner we need a website.”

    For a non-traditional ceremony, without dinner, and non-paper RSVPs where we aren’t registering for gifts, but prefer to receive photos. . .yeah. I think he thinks people will just know by magic, or that they won’t have any questions.

    • ElisabethJoanne

      Not to be too cynical or stereotypical, but…I think he thinks people won’t all call you at once with the same questions, which you have to answer over and over again…And by “you” I mean “Sarah E” specifically, not “you two.”

      • Sarah E

        Oh, totally. Given that his phone is off or on silent at least three days a week while he’s in class, meanwhile I work from home . . . plus, his side of the family houses many conservative, gender-norm-enforcing individuals who will call me, or route calls through his mother to me. This is part of the larger “agreed to plan this wedding together and split responsibility, but in reality, I’m the point person for every decision through a combination of factors” discussion that we’ve yet to reckon with.

  • Lauren from NH

    I was just looking through the archives for this today…

    The new designs look great. I like the Charlotte template, very straight forward and modern to my eye. Excited to sign up for Squarespace soon!

  • Bsquillo

    Oooooooo, I am super excited about all the design tools being in one place! (I moved my personal website to Squarespace due to your recommendations this past year and LOVE it.)

  • Sarah

    I recently made our website using squarespace (but before these new templates came out). I loooooove it. And now I might have to futz with these new templates…

    • KateS

      totally spent the morning completely redoing ours with one of the new templates. :) wish they’d had these when i originally started setting up – they are slick!

  • Alison O

    ok i totally went to college with the guy in the Photos snapshot. funny.

  • light0a0candle

    This is awesome! I did my wedding website with them last year and now it looks even easier which I did not think was possible. :)

  • Lena and Aggy

    I should mention that I help my wedding clients with website creation and I switched from using Weebly to using Squarespace this year because it’s SO DANG EASY and WAY MORE PRETTY. Recommending x 10000. Also, Squarespace, if you’re reading this, you should have a discount for planners who help their clients put together their websites and thus are buying websites in bulk over the course of the year. Just a suggestion!

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