Roundup: Statement Necklaces

Work it on your wedding day

About a month before my wedding, I realized that I’d spent so much time focusing on my dress and my shoes (I must have ordered and returned ten pairs of shoes before I ended up wearing a pair I already had), that I’d totally forgotten to think about jewelry.


I imagined that jewelry was that elusive and key part of style that would take my wedding outfit from nice to super-super-cool. So of course I totally froze. I had zero idea of what kind of jewelry would go with my dress, and how to even start the process of looking for jewelry that would fit my style and be right for something as monumental feeling as our wedding day. So what happened? I never even looked. And even though I wear jewelry every day, the only thing I wore on our wedding day was a pair of pearl earrings my grandmother wanted to loan me for my something borrowed. (I looked great by the way, this isn’t some sort of horror story.)

So, today I’ve paired up with Maddie to try to help you guys solve the puzzle I was never able to crack. We decided to start with statement necklaces, which are one of her everyday specialties. I picked a bunch of necklaces in a range of styles, from chunky to delicate; a range of sources, from Etsy to mass market; and a range of prices from $12 to $2K (because I really love crazy expensive stuff, and buy crazy affordable stuff). If I were doing this all over again, I’m not sure what I’d pick. I think I’d want something that felt like enough of an investment that I could wear it for years to come, to take my wedding day with me (i.e., not some H&M crap that was going to fall apart tomorrow). But maybe I’d go risky and fun and dirt cheap.

The magic of this roundup is that I asked Maddie break the necklaces down by neckline. If, like me, you just can’t figure out what kind of necklace goes with your dress, we’re here to help. By the end of this post, I’m probably going to end up getting something for everyday. Wearing tug-able earrings around a baby is risky; necklaces, less so.

Crew Neck: 1. Kate Spade New York Short Scallop Necklace ($148, also available in Citron) 2. Heather Hawkins Lapis Chandelier Necklace ($160) 3. Rose Pierre Banyan Tree Bark Necklace ($98) 4. House of Harlow 5 Station Necklace ($75, plus an extra 20% off at Piperlime until the end of today!)

High Neck: 1. Isabel Marant Enameled Multi-Strand Necklace ($500) 2. Lanvin Multistrand Swarovski Pearl and Crystal Necklace ($1745) 3. Sleek Lariat Necklace from Forever 21 ($12.80) 4. Bario Neal Locke Necklace ($60)

Sweetheart: 1. Neon Bar Necklace by VividByEsther on Etsy ($19) 2. Bario Neal Melo Necklace ($180) 3. Sabine Jaded Bead Necklace ($40, plus an extra 20% off at Piperlime until the end of today!) 4. Custom Signature Necklace by Brevity ($295)

V-Neck: 1. Adia Kibur Knot Necklace ($50) 2. House of Harlow Polyphany Necklace ($75) 3. Favor Jewelry Boulder Necklace ($76) 4. Kate Spade New York Gold-Tone Pink Flo Frontal Necklace ($98)

Editor’s Note: This roundup contains affiliate links that help with APW’s bills as well as links to products from APW sponsors, but all the items in this roundup are items that we genuinely like and would purchase ourselves. (Well, the $2k piece is if we had a million dollars. But you get the idea.)

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  • Laura C

    I love that you categorized this by neckline! As soon as I saw the title of the post, I was like “but the dress I’m like 95% certain I’m wearing has a crew-to-high neckline and I don’t know what length necklace I’d wear with that.”

    I’m still not sure I’ll wear a necklace — they’re the last piece of jewelry I ever put on (I start with earrings, add a bracelet maybe, add a necklace rarely). But my fiance is much more necklace-oriented than I am, I think because his mother wears necklaces (but almost never bracelets), so he might like it. Actually one of my small regrets about the dress I chose is that it won’t really work with the fab gold and diamond pendant his grandmother gave me. Anyway, now I have better ideas of what to be thinking of if I do wear one, I just wish I didn’t like that $500 enameled one so much.

    • meg

      That’s pretty much always my problem. I can scan something and pick out the most expensive item at a glance. Because it’s the one I LOVE. But still. Expensive stuff is too fun to leave totally out, you just have to pair it with some $12 stuff (which I also really really like this go round).

      • Rachel

        I’m really loving the jewelry from BaubleBar lately! Definitely some really fun affordable stuff there.

        • meg

          LOG IN SITES THEY KILL ME. Sigh.

          • Studies show that login sites kill conversions as well.

  • That signature necklace looks amazing. But my signature is going to change, and the new last name is still hard for me to do and look pretty (does anyone else have this problem?) Still, it would be incentive to practice :D

    Love the neckline grouping of this round up! It makes it so much easier to pair with dresses (and maybe I’ll use some of these guidelines with my other necklines as well :D)

    • Just have to say, holy crap YES to the signature problem! I was fine with changing my last name, but then a couple days before the wedding I realized I would have to come up with a new signature. That was the absolute worst part of the whole thing! I loved my signature, and now I’m having a hard time making my new signature look natural and I don’t know, attractive?

      • Exactly! I’ve spent years trying to get my signature to look kind of ok, and now I have to start all over again! I think the biggest problem will be the new capital letter. Going from a C to a G shouldn’t be this much of a problem!

        • Hahah I had to re-learn how to write a G in cursive. Then I gave up and my signature became a bunch of squiggles

          • CallieG

            I tried re-learning how to wrote a cursive G but it always looked awkward. I do a capitol C squiggle Then a capitol G squiggle. The G starts the same as my C does, just with the added crossbar at the end to make it a G. I actually got the idea from my sister in law (we are marrying brothers, neither of which have great handwriting.)

    • CallieG

      I spent a slow day at work (in a call center) worrying my new signature over and over again till it felt natural and looked pretty. I covered several pages with the writing, then took a picture and texted it to my fiance to announce I had decided to take his last name. He loved it!

      • CallieG

        * writing, not worrying…

    • Erin

      Yes, yes, yes, I want the signature necklace SO FREAKING MUCH IT ACTUALLY HURTS ME. Annnnd my dress has a sweetheart neckline (which I should not have actually gone for, apparently, because of my overly generous bosom).

      • I love how it’s totally a bridal piece of jewelry, BUT it’s something that you could wear for every day afterwards. Especially if you have an awesome/artistic signature.

    • Rachel

      I really love the signature necklace, and I was thinking of having Eric write my name, or maybe the nickname he calls me, to avoid these problems. He has great handwriting, and also then it’s kind of like a love letter. :)

      • meg

        Feminist issues aside (you know this stuff is My Issue), I wouldn’t have my own signature. That would be a little too much of a love song to myself, I think. I’d probably have David write “Love” or something.

      • That’s such a great solution. I saw “signature necklace” and didn’t even start thinking out of the box, but I love your love letter take on it! Hm… maybe I should be asking Badger to work on his penmanship. :)

    • Aubry

      OMG yes! I want it sooo bad!! I would get my new signature done – so romantic! But alas, I have my necklace picked out already – my late grandmothers pearls she left me and I love them so so much. So, I will have to think up anther occasion to get this one! Maybe get my Mom’s for some reason?

      I realized a few weeks ago I will need a new signature, and I am pretty excited. I really like mine now, but am game to get another. I spent an hour or two the other day practising while doing slow-moving computer stuff that takes lots of load time.

      In other news, my “S” looks exactly like my mom’s signature “S”… not sure how I feel about that yet! (her first name starts with S and my new last name will)

      • It’s really cool how your S matches your mom’s. Do you think it’s because you grew up seeing hers? I’m a bit frustrated. I’ve never seen a cursive G before in a signature, so I’m having trouble even visualizing it!

    • A lot of times I just do a whole bunch of bumps and put a dot over one of them for the i. I’m not even sure I always have the right number of bumps.

      • I write the first initial and then just let it turn into a flat line. Then I write the second initial and a flat line with a bump for the “l” in the middle. I think signatures are supposed to be mess though, aren’t they?

    • I spell my new signature wrong more often than I’d care to admit. There are just so many damn LOOPS! Sooo, sometimes I kind of lose count. But hey, makes it harder to forge, right? Maybe?

      • Lol! I’m sure your misspellings have thwarted many a criminal mind :)

  • “I think I’d want something that felt like enough of an investment that I could wear it for years to come, to take my wedding day with me.” Yes to that. I spent just under $100 for my necklace, which felt like a lot to me, but just the right amount for an awesome one-of-a-kind necklace.

    Etsy was the best when I went to figure out what necklace to wear for my wedding. I searched using tons of different keywords and scrolled through pages upon pages of necklaces to figure out what I wanted, and I ended up having a necklace custom made for me (here it is:, and it was perfect! I guess my dress’s neckline was somewhere between a boat and a scoop so it was kindof hard to figure out what to wear, but I knew I wanted something a little sparkly and a little colorful.

    Also, I love that Kate Spade Scollop necklace! So pretty.

  • Sabrina

    I am having a custom back drop necklace made and I CAN NOT WAIT!!

  • Emily

    So, I just got married two weeks ago, and had a unique neckline that I never quite figured out necklace-wise. I ended up wearing earrings only, but I was hoping to see in this article what I should have done – alas, you had no bateau/off-the-shoulder necklines featured. :) The top of my dress was a straight line across my chest and just lower than my shoulders. The necklace to wear for this is typically a long strand, but I was so afraid a long double strand would look like I was playing dress up. Was hoping to see if there were pictures of someone pulling it off! ;-)

  • Oh man! I totally forgot that I had Pinned the signature necklace JUST FOR GETTING MARRIED. I was going to get my Grandma’s signature so she’d be with me that day.

    I ened up wearing an owl necklace (my grandma’s favorite animal) that was given to me by my brother and sister-in-law for the ceremony. And my husband surprised me with a necklace to wear for the party. Not at all what I would have picked, but I really hate anything touching the back of my neck, so he got a very delicate pendant. So damn sweet. He knows me so well.

    • meg

      GRANDMAS SIGNATURE. Sara’s here, having all the best ideas.

  • Jewelry was the one thing I completely forgot to pack for our wedding. I think I realized it about half way to our location (a 12 hour drive). And I decided maybe it was for the best since the necklace I’d thought about wearing has some bad juju associated with it now for me. I’ve actually decided it would be best to part with it, I just don’t know how.

    I never wear jewelry, so not wearing any for our wedding was completely in character for me.

  • Two things:

    First, that signature necklace is amazing. If only I had a signature that wasn’t basically me writing out my entire name in a lazy fashion.

    Second: I love how you used necklaces for the O and U in round-up. LOVE IT.

    • meg

      Those were favorite picks (well one of them was) that suddenly were out of stock. CREATIVEEEEEEEEEE.

    • Erin

      Yeah, to be honest, my signature is just my first letter and then a bunch of squiggles that don’t even closely resemble any letters in my actual name. I have an excuse though!! When I was a little girl, I wanted to be a doctor, and when I asked my pediatrician what I needed to do to become one, he said I needed to study math and science and learn to write very badly. I took him to heart.

  • Kirstin

    I’m actually really sad that I can’t wear a necklace. I ended up selecting a one shoulder dress and it just looks weird. I LOVE a good statement necklace and have about 20 of em.

    And, of course, I am the weirdo who actually bought the statement necklace specifically with the intention of wearing it with my wedding dress before I had actually picked out the dress. I still make good use of my giant pearl cluster bib for other occasions (no way I’m taking it back), but it won’t be part of my actual wedding day.

  • Alissa

    When I got married–as many other brides will probably agree–there are details about your wedding that you love to plan, and details that just don’t matter at all. For me, the detail I was most excited about was a statement necklace. This was #1–far, far more than the dress itself (my requirement for my dress: that it work well with my necklace). So the way that women will spend months pinning engagement rings or dress designs onto pinterest? I did that with statement necklaces. I want to plug the amazing designers that sell their work on After all of my research, I ended up working with an artisan based out of New York, Kristin Barlett: She worked with me to custom make my own turquoise bib necklace, and she was awesome to work with every step of the way.

    The best part about investing so much care into the necklace? I can wear it all the time now and think fondly back on my wedding day. It’s much harder to savor your dress after the big day, so I’ve always felt very grateful to have this amazing necklace as a reminder.

  • SArahP

    So, I’ve been having trouble planning jewelry in general, can anyone just throw some ideas at me? My dress has a wide sweetheart neckline that goes into two off-shoulder straps (

    And I just don’t know what will work with all that lace. Pearls? My ring is white gold, and my mom has two beautiful diamond solitaire earrings she gave me when I got engaged and I would really like to wear them, but I’m just not sure… Hive mind, any thoughts?

    • mimi

      My dress had a narrower sweetheart neckline with on-shoulder cap sleeves/straps. I brought a few necklaces with me to a fitting, which definitely helped my decision making. I had wanted pearls, but they were too much. I ended up borrowing a large teardrop opal pendant from my mom. The delicate necklace looked much better with the dress. Hope that helps!

  • Vita Trefusis

    What I need to know is where can I find that amazing crewneck dress in the photo? Doesn’t matter that my wedding was last month. I still need to know. (is this normal?)

  • mimi

    I found a cool statement necklace (kind of like crewneck option #3 above, but with fabric flowers on felt instead of bark) that I ended up wearing for the rehearsal with my strapless dress. My wedding dress is/was a sweetheart with cap sleeves, and I really wanted to do pearls but they didn’t look right. I ended up wearing a teardrop opal pendant that my mom had also worn for her wedding (with the same dress, although we modified the dress for me).

  • Love ’em all…
    Found a similar necklace to @4


  • Tiffani Hawkins

    Any suggestions for a scalloped neckline?

  • ndlrie

    What great colours…Love your taste…