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Roundup: Statement Necklaces

Work it on your wedding day

About a month before my wedding, I realized that I’d spent so much time focusing on my dress and my shoes (I must have ordered and returned ten pairs of shoes before I ended up wearing a pair I already had), that I’d totally forgotten to think about jewelry.


I imagined that jewelry was that elusive and key part of style that would take my wedding outfit from nice to super-super-cool. So of course I totally froze. I had zero idea of what kind of jewelry would go with my dress, and how to even start the process of looking for jewelry that would fit my style and be right for something as monumental feeling as our wedding day. So what happened? I never even looked. And even though I wear jewelry every day, the only thing I wore on our wedding day was a pair of pearl earrings my grandmother wanted to loan me for my something borrowed. (I looked great by the way, this isn’t some sort of horror story.)

So, today I’ve paired up with Maddie to try to help you guys solve the puzzle I was never able to crack. We decided to start with statement necklaces, which are one of her everyday specialties. I picked a bunch of necklaces in a range of styles, from chunky to delicate; a range of sources, from Etsy to mass market; and a range of prices from $12 to $2K (because I really love crazy expensive stuff, and buy crazy affordable stuff). If I were doing this all over again, I’m not sure what I’d pick. I think I’d want something that felt like enough of an investment that I could wear it for years to come, to take my wedding day with me (i.e., not some H&M crap that was going to fall apart tomorrow). But maybe I’d go risky and fun and dirt cheap.

The magic of this roundup is that I asked Maddie break the necklaces down by neckline. If, like me, you just can’t figure out what kind of necklace goes with your dress, we’re here to help. By the end of this post, I’m probably going to end up getting something for everyday. Wearing tug-able earrings around a baby is risky; necklaces, less so.

Crew Neck: 1. Kate Spade New York Short Scallop Necklace ($148, also available in Citron) 2. Heather Hawkins Lapis Chandelier Necklace ($160) 3. Rose Pierre Banyan Tree Bark Necklace ($98) 4. House of Harlow 5 Station Necklace ($75, plus an extra 20% off at Piperlime until the end of today!)

High Neck: 1. Isabel Marant Enameled Multi-Strand Necklace ($500) 2. Lanvin Multistrand Swarovski Pearl and Crystal Necklace ($1745) 3. Sleek Lariat Necklace from Forever 21 ($12.80) 4. Bario Neal Locke Necklace ($60)

Sweetheart: 1. Neon Bar Necklace by VividByEsther on Etsy ($19) 2. Bario Neal Melo Necklace ($180) 3. Sabine Jaded Bead Necklace ($40, plus an extra 20% off at Piperlime until the end of today!) 4. Custom Signature Necklace by Brevity ($295)

V-Neck: 1. Adia Kibur Knot Necklace ($50) 2. House of Harlow Polyphany Necklace ($75) 3. Favor Jewelry Boulder Necklace ($76) 4. Kate Spade New York Gold-Tone Pink Flo Frontal Necklace ($98)

Editor’s Note: This roundup contains affiliate links that help with APW’s bills as well as links to products from APW sponsors, but all the items in this roundup are items that we genuinely like and would purchase ourselves. (Well, the $2k piece is if we had a million dollars. But you get the idea.)

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