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These Are Wedding Photos You Can See Yourself In

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Weddings have this way of bringing out the best and the worst in people. Oftentimes folks unexpectedly step in and support you in ways you never could have imagined, but other times the flaky people just don’t… stop being flaky, or someone you least expect ends up judging your plans, your taste, or even your relationship. I’ve had enough experience on both sides of this equation, from crying bride to friend-who-messed-up, that I can honestly say the sheer unpredictability of humans is one of the best reasons to have paid professionals on your wedding day team. Because the kind of people who are going to do more than just show up and do their job, the truly salt-of-the earth supportive people, will make all the difference between feeling like you’re trying to pull off an event that no one really “gets” and feeling like you have support in your corner.

two women wearing coordinating rose gold outfits - one suit and one fringed dress - dancing on a path with pink flowers in the woods in a photo by Studio A Images

Case in point: Adena Stevens of Hoboken’s Studio A Images. Adena has been a New York/New Jersey wedding photographer for over ten years, and since the beginning she has been committed to capturing killer candids and striking portraits (if you want to see more of those two above or the two below, your wish is my command), and to warm and responsive service that’s firmly rooted in inclusivity and equality.

close-up image of a queer wedding couple, one person in a suit and the other in an ivory dress, slow dancing while their guests look on in the background by Studio A ImagesBride wearing blue lace dress and holding a bouquet of roses kiss on a rooftop with a skyline reflected in the skyscrapers behind them in a photo by Studio A Images

Studio A Images’ portfolio is filled with couples and weddings as diverse as New York City itself. Adena told us that the most common compliment she gets is how real the couples on her website are, and that folks can see themselves in her work. As she says, “I’m extremely inclusive—my clients range in age, body shape, race, gender identity, religion. To me, love is love and you don’t need to fit into a specific box for you to be featured on my website or to see other couples who look like you. I’m honored that people are constantly complimenting me on seeing ‘real’ people in my work.”

And since day one she’s always addressed her communications—from the form on her website to her attention in a meeting—to both partners, never the “Bride” and “Groom,” something that means the world to her clients:

My husband and I found Adena at Studio A Images after much searching. As a gay couple planning to get married in Hoboken, New Jersey, we were looking for a photographer with experience on both of those fronts. We didn’t want our wedding to be anyone’s guinea pig. When we came across Adena’s website, it felt like a godsend. Her portfolio included many same-sex couples, and each couple seemed to be represented through their own unique tastes and styles. When we spoke with Adena by phone we were impressed by her ability to use non-gendered language when discussing our plans (so many other vendors were fixated on who was “the bride”).

Two brides, one wearing a gown with a train and the other wearing a white jumpsuit stand forehead to forehead in front of a backlit iron screen in a photo by Studio A Images

And that sense of understanding and inclusivity extends to all of her couples. Adena takes care to get to know everyone on an individual level, because she knows no two people or weddings are alike. As she told us:

Someone who recently booked me said they saw a lot of portfolios where each wedding looked exactly the same. The photographers had ways they wanted to shoot weddings and that’s how they all looked. That’s not me and not how I shoot. I try to make sure each wedding is documented exactly how it unfolds so that when the couple looks at their photos after the wedding they can relive the memories of their particular day, rather than generic moments of what someone thought a wedding should look like.

A groom in traditional Indian wedding clothes cheers as he is lifted on the shoulders of two groomsmen, while a videographer records the events in a photo by Studio A ImagesA dachshund wearing a tuxedo shirt stands on a dining table and looks longingly at a glass of red wine in a photo by Studio A Images

And that attention to individuality is why Adena regularly ends up working with couples or their friends and family years after the wedding:

For many of my couples I continue to be a part of their lives as their families grow or for other family milestones. This year I had clients whose wedding was years ago reach out to do a Day in the Life session with the four kids they are currently fostering and hopefully will be adopting. A mother of a bride called me up because her youngest daughter is getting married. I photographed one of her daughters’ wedding a few years ago (complete with the coolest custom wedding sneakers ever) and more recently she gifted a family session to another daughter. It touches me that when this family has a milestone that they want captured by photography, they reach out to me.

Women tearfully hugs bride with short dark hair wearing a tuxedo shirt, as they stand in an empty reception hall in a photo by Studio A ImagesA man in a grey suit and a woman in a white floral dress are about to kiss while standing in a sunlit allee of trees in a photo by Studio A ImagesA bride wearing a floral dress and fur jacket and groom react as red rose petals are thrown at them while exiting New York City Hall in a photo by Studio A Images

Full-day coverage from Studio A Images begins at $3,800 for 8 hours of coverage, with elopement and tiny wedding coverage starting at just $950. And since not all weddings are the same—especially here in New York and New Jersey, where we like to do things like save cash by having weekday courthouse ceremonies plus fancy restaurant dinner weddings—Adena customizes packages to fit every wedding size and need. She loves shooting small weddings as much as big ones, as well as everything in between.

Plus, Studio A Images is also offering $450 off any package booked by the end of March. Score!

A bride in a fur stole sits on groom's lap kissing in front of a sunset view of a mountainside in a photo by Studio A Images

So if you’re looking for an experienced New York/New Jersey photographer who will honor the uniqueness of you, your partnership, and your wedding—because let’s be real, unique is New York—then look no further than Studio A Images right here, and don’t forget…



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