The Sisterhood

Oh my god you guys. See these pictures? SEE THESE PICTURES?

This is a sisterhood of the traveling dress dress handoff. Rachel, with the short brown hair, she of the crazy joy filled dance off wedding, is passing off the dress to Jenn, who’s wearing it next. AND team practical member Sarah joined up with them for drinks AND Rachel and Jenn are taking a road trip to Philly to meet Liz…. who’s giving Jenn her chair covers, to cover up ugly venue chairs.

And if that’s not enough… when Rachel took her dress into be cleaned, the cleaner found out that she was giving it to another bride and insisted on giving the ladies 50%.

See that? How the giving makes giving and makes giving? See that thing that you guys do? So on Friday, inspired by The Sisterhood, I’ll be giving a little more info on suggested Team Practical meetups…. everywhere…. for September. Because when readers of this blog meet, friendships form. And how great is that?

Doesn’t this make you feel a little like, “You get a car! You get a car! You get a car”? Because it does me. I’m all teary right now.

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