The Sisterhood

Oh my god you guys. See these pictures? SEE THESE PICTURES?

This is a sisterhood of the traveling dress dress handoff. Rachel, with the short brown hair, she of the crazy joy filled dance off wedding, is passing off the dress to Jenn, who’s wearing it next. AND team practical member Sarah joined up with them for drinks AND Rachel and Jenn are taking a road trip to Philly to meet Liz…. who’s giving Jenn her chair covers, to cover up ugly venue chairs.

And if that’s not enough… when Rachel took her dress into be cleaned, the cleaner found out that she was giving it to another bride and insisted on giving the ladies 50%.

See that? How the giving makes giving and makes giving? See that thing that you guys do? So on Friday, inspired by The Sisterhood, I’ll be giving a little more info on suggested Team Practical meetups…. everywhere…. for September. Because when readers of this blog meet, friendships form. And how great is that?

Doesn’t this make you feel a little like, “You get a car! You get a car! You get a car”? Because it does me. I’m all teary right now.

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  • Tanya

    It does. And my wedding is 8/29 in the NYC area, so if anyone’s getting married after that and wants stuff delivered at a meetup in Sept…. you’re welcome to it!

    • NYC in da hiz-ouse!! I’ll see ya there, Tanya. :)

      • Amandover

        Dudes, I’m so in for NYC! I’m not getting married until May, but I’m out of town Nov-April, so I could use all the Team Practical help I can get!

        • I’m very much looking forward to the NYC-area gathering! We’re getting married in September and it’d be nice to have some local practical brides to chat with. This place is…kind of bananas sometimes.

    • Getting married August 14th and live about 4 hours from NYC! Would love to meet up there and swap!!!!!

      • Hey hey fellow Baltimore girl!

        • Kim

          Hello fellow Baltimore girls!

        • Oh, my sweet hons! We’re multiplying!!! I knew there were a couple more of you around here somewhere. :)

          Have you all read Wedding For Two? We should grab Ellie and hit up a happy hour of some sort.

    • Lethe

      I know I’m a bit of a lurker, but just had to speak up to say….represent, NYC :)

      • Well Philly is certainly on the path from Bmore to NYC! Love us NE girls…

      • Amy

        NYC girl in exile (CT) here too! But I’d love to meet up :)

      • merryf

        Oh, me too — I’m a lurk a lot, read a LOT, post not much sort of person. And I’m just across the Hudson River, and I would totally be into a NYC meet-up!

  • Yayyyy Team Practical!! Bring on the meetups; I love the ladies I’ve met through here, and would love to meet more. It would be extra fun if we went TP-ing together (Team Practical-ing, that is)!

    • robin

      There’s love all around! Are you re-grouped enough post-wedding to get together? Should we attempt another Bay Area meet-up? Oh. And Meg, I swear my dress is coming your way. Maybe tomorrow when I’m working from home?

      • Sort of, we’re moving in a couple weeks so things are a bit crazy, but I’ll let you know as soon as we’re settled. I’d love to have you, Rach and Christina over for dinner, bring the hubbys too!

        • robin

          Sounds great! lmk if you need a packing diversion (or help)

  • Oh yay! How freaking fantastic.

    And yes, yes, yes to Team Practical meet ups! (The introverted part of me that is terrified of the fact that J. and I are moving cross country right after our wedding is super-excited at the prospect of meeting other members of Team Practical in our new city. Because I will pretty much demand that they become instant besties with me. :D)

  • KD

    Yay!!! Joy!! Smiling from ear to ear!

    Chicago meetup?!? Yes, please!?!

    • YES YES YES. I’m about 2 1/2 hours down south of Chicago but that is totally worth the drive up there!

      • Ellen

        I’m in Chicago! And there’s another woman downthread in Madison! Hooray.

        • Shelly

          I’m in Chicago too! Well, until October…then Holland/Grand Rapids!

          • kireina

            Oooo! I’ll *be* in Chicago soon – we’re moving from DC to Chicago in a week and a half.

        • KD

          Oh yay!! Madison is my home-away from Chicago! :)

    • BG

      my schedule is getting crazier, but I’m up for a Chicago meet-up–I think it would be a nice dose of sanity to meet in person with some of Team Practical!

  • I think this might be *THE COOLEST THING* I’ve ever seen on this site. (And believe me, there was a LOT of good competition for that title.)

    Oh, and meeting up with local Team Practical members in Sept.? Hooray!! :)

  • YEA!!!!

  • Hello! I love the traveling dress, paying it forward and the meet-ups ideas.

  • Christina

    SF meet-up! SF meet-up!

    • ANI


  • Very nice wedding dress…..She is looking for very happy about her wedding…

  • Very nice wedding dress…..She is looking for very happy about her wedding…

  • Mayweed

    I love it! And, can I be the first UK T-P-er to suggest a British meet-up? there must be some of you out there who live near me (please let there be,please let there be,please let there be)

    • Alicia

      London meet up??

      • I would love to attend a UK meet up! only I”m all the way up in Aberdeen, Scotland.

      • Debbie

        Yay! London meet up :-)

        • I’m in London!

          • Mayweed

            And I’m only an hour from London….

    • lou

      i’m in london! count me in :)

      • Debbie

        Ok then, Londoners (and all those who can travel here easily enough) how shall we do this? You could all email me on and go from there?

        • meg

          Um, ladies? How you do it is you wait till Friday, when I announce how we’re doing it.

          • Erica

            Ha! Funniness… but it is hard to wait!!

          • Debbie

            I wasn’t planning to arrange a meeting for a different day to everyone else, just to get in contact with the other local people beforehand. My apologies.

  • Vanesa

    Come on Austin. There have to be other practical Texas brides around, right?

    • dev

      Me! Well, I’m a practical wife now….but that counts too, right?

    • I’m an Austin wedding graduate!!

    • Alyssa

      Dude, if I can’t find any Dallas brides, I’m so crashing yours. Just so you know…

      • Laura

        Ooo! I’m in Dallas! But I guess we’re waiting until Friday… :)

        • Cat

          I’m a Dallas not-bride (but hopefully someday in the near future)!! Just so we know that there’s another for a Dallas TP meetup!

    • vero

      Another Practical Wife in Austin … I’m a lurker, but I’m also fairly new in town and would love to meet more folks :)

  • This is awesome!

    I’d so love to be in the states in order to meet up with all you amazing Team Practical ladies – I’m guessing ‘everywhere’ doesn’t extend to Melbourne, Australia?!

    • Cat

      Dammit, Adelaide here. Might have to organise some kind of TP Australian National Convention ;)

    • Eliza

      I was going to shout out for Melbourne but thought there wouldn’t be anybody else!!! HOORAY!!! Hi, Bridget!! :D

      • Lisa

        I’m in Sydney… :(

  • cape town?

    • Erica

      I wish! I used to live there, and LOVE Cape Town…but I live in Canada now.

  • wow, kinda funny to open up my reader in the morning and see the face of an old co-worker staring back at me!

    so, woohoo Jenn!!

    great dress :)

    • Ha! Hi Bethany! Hope everything is great with you!

  • Jillian

    I love this!!!

    Anyone in Canada?? Nova Scotia??

    Meg thanks so much for creating a space for this to all happen. I’ve been reading your blog for over a year now and am getting married a week from Saturday!! Your posts have helped so much, completely inspiring, and so damn encouraging that there are so many like minded ladies out there! Thank you.

    • I am in Québec. So…Canada, but not too close.

      Have an AMAZING wedding celebration!!! :)

      • Erica

        Where in Quebec? I’m in Montreal but will be moving soon…

        • I’m in Burlington, VT. I’m guessing you (Montreal) are probably the next closest to me.

    • I’m in Canada, but Alberta.

      A little far from Quebec OR Nova Scotia!

    • Camille

      in the interest of representing each province….winnipeg, manitoba!

    • haha… one person per province. we can celebrate together in spirit.

  • I freaking love this!!!! PractiCon 2010!!!!! International Tour!!!!

    More than willing to travel along the east coast, but I’d like to suggest a meetup somewhere in the DC/Bawlmer/Phila area!!!!!

    • I’d be in for sure!

    • I’m newly engaged, this is perfect timing! I’ll be in Philly until the end of September. In Baltimore starting October. Would love some meetups. Thanks Meg for a wonderful site!

      • i’m in Arlington, count me in!

    • I’m a Baltimore girl- count me in!

    • Oh, fun! I’m in DC, so you can count me in too :o)

    • Of course you would come up with the awesome name, Angie. PractiCon is perfect.

      Oh, lands. A national PractiCon somewhere central?

      • I wanted to geek it up. Plus, I’ve never been to a Con of any kind and I want at least one under my belt. :)

        • Jess

          Philly!! But I’ll travel to Balitmore/DC if its on a weekend.

  • Who here is in the Albany area/518-845 area code??? Anybody??? :)

    • Anna S.

      Aw, I got married there but don’t live there–we got married in Keene Valley, where my family has a house. 518, baby.

  • Caroline

    All these int’ls have given me hope…Dublin anyone? (Ireland, not Ohio)

  • OMG, YES! Meetups!! What a fabulous idea.

    All this happiness brought tears to my eyes. I LOVE the Sisterhood!

  • Erin

    Wow, the love! These photos are AWESOME.

  • Whoa, I feel like we just started a revolution…

    The meet-up was awesome! I got loads of advice from two very smart cookies, an excuse to have a couple of beers on a sunny Saturday afternoon (as if one needs an excuse) and I am feeling so great about the whole thing.

    APW is the greatest. thing. ever.

    • ddayporter

      ahhhh I know!! can’t wait to hear what Meg has up her sleeve for Friday..

    • Sarah

      I had such a good time with you two! And I LOVE that it’s sparked other meet ups!

      Jenn … remember to email me about the steamer and such!

  • Aaah, this is so wonderful! My wedding isn’t until October, but a September meet up might be just the ticket, anyway. Any Boston sisters out there?

    • Megan


    • Absolutely!! I’m near Davis Square, so Cambridge/Somerville/etc. I’m totally down! My wedding is in September, though, so anytime AFTER we get back from our honeymoon, and I’m down for a meetup. :D Eeee, excited!

      • Sophia

        In Worcester but fiance lives in Boston. Wedding is in October and would LOVE a Boston meetup!!

  • Vmed

    Anyone in Madison, Wisconsin?

    • Mely

      Isthmus bride right here! We could also get in on the Chicago area meetup, if my grad school schedule allows for it.

      • Vmed

        lol grad school never allows for anything in my experience…. you just have to go ahead and get in trouble.

    • Mel


    • Theresa

      Chicago ‘burbs! And I have a wedding dress in my closet waiting to be cleaned and either donated back to BAB or otherwise…? :)

      • KD

        Yay midwest :)

  • lolo7835

    DC? Any DC folks?

    • HT

      I’m in the DC area. Wedding date is 9/19/2010. A meet-up would be AWESOME :)

    • I’m DC as well. Our wedding was in May, so I’m a “practical wife” now, but I’d still be interested in a meet-up.

    • IRMCK

      Here! I’m also now a “practical wife,” but I got married in LA, so I have nothing in DC to pass on other than advice and empathy…

    • McPants

      DC represent! I’d be in for a meet-up!

  • liz

    philly roadtrip?! this just made my day.

    • Srsly. You, me, SMK. Fun times on the way to NYC.

  • Rachel

    Boston anyone?!

    • We got a few people a couple comments up…. I think we can get a few people together!

    • Marta

      Count me in! I’d love to meet up with you ladies.

  • Linds

    Rochester anyone?

  • j

    C’mon Oregon!!?!?! There are some tablecloths in your future after August! :)

    • Amanda

      I’m in Seattle and just found out this morning that the tablecloths for my September wedding are no longer available from the company :( Perhaps a road trip to Oregon is in my future :D (I’ve never been, would love to go!)

    • Marina

      Woo Portland! There must be more NWers around here…

  • Alyssa

    This is SO inspiring!!! I’m so excited about meet-up’s; I know we could somehow do it on our own, but a Meg-approved meet-up is SO much better.

    Any Dallas girls?!? DF-Dub in da house?!?

    (Sorry, I have no idea what came over me. I promise not to behave like that in our meet-up.)

  • Anna S.

    Minneapolis? I am so into the meetup idea. I was sad to not be in SF for the first one–sounded like so much fun!

    Also…I am curious if others are feeling the pull of dress-giveaway joy, but are conflicted? I love my dress so much and I would love to pass it on, but I had an applique made from silk from my family’s (long-defunct) silk mill, and just feel a little attached… I am curious about the decision process to pass your dress on, and also to hear from folks who decided to hang onto theirs–what was it that made you keep it? What are you going to do with it?

    • dev

      I love the dress giveaways, but I can’t imagine giving away my own dress. It sometimes makes me feel a little guilty. My dress was a little vintage number I bought on ebay, and I think the fact that I couldn’t replace it makes it even harder to part with. It’s also easy for me to justify keeping my dress since it’s not a traditional full-length gown and it’s not hogging a lot of space in my closet, but it’s still highly unlikely I’d ever wear it again.

      • Amy

        I love the idea, but the sentimental part of me loves hanging on to the dress I got married in. If for nothing else than to use one day as material for baptism baby clothes.
        I wonder – is Meg open to the idea of the traveling (borrowed) wedding dress? I would love to see someone get to enjoy my dress, but I’d like to know it would stay in my family after their wedding. More like extending the idea of an heirloom family dress to the team practical family?

        • dev

          I’ve wondered about this too, but I think lending a dress is a lot more problematic than giving a dress. What if it were damaged at the wedding, got lost in the mail, etc? I can imagine a lot of scenarios that would end in tears.

          • meg

            Yeah, I have stayed far away from dress lending. Frankly, I think if you are still really attached to your dress (I am) you should keep it safe :) Everyone gives in their own ways….

      • I’m in Minneapolis too!

    • Anna

      Sure, but then the question is–what do you DO with the damned (floor length, six layers of chiffon and tulle) thing?

      • Maybe find a really talented seamstress and turn it into a cocktail dress, and a fancy summer skirt, or something like that?

    • Noelle

      Yessss, I’m in Mpls!!! I knew there had to be some Minnesotans on here…

    • ddayporter

      I agree with Meg, if you have a sentimental attachment to your dress, you should keep it. I think something about the way I got my dress made me want to pass it on. I had bought a lace gown at a sample sale that I liked and my mom Loved, but it didn’t really feel that magical to me. So I sold it on OnceWed, and the girl who came for it was so sweet and so strapped for money, I felt bad when she left that I hadn’t just given it to her. But I needed the money back for dress #2, which I had just bought from another girl with the exact same situation – it was her first dress but she found another one she liked better. So my whole dress experience had a lot of passing-along about it, and even though I definitely felt a pang when I handed my dress off to Jenn, I couldn’t be more excited that someone else (and someone as awesome as Jenn) will get to wear it and (hopefully) love it as much as I did. For me I felt more sentimental attachment to my jewelry, veil and hair comb, and wouldn’t part with those for anything!

      It really is just a very individual decision, nobody should ever feel obligated to give away their wedding dress! You don’t even have to come up with a good reason to keep it. If you want to keep it, keep it!

  • Megan

    There must be some fellow sunshine state Florida brides out there in APW world! Maybe??

    • Rizubunny

      Southeast Florida here!

      • Laura

        Orlando here!

  • elyse

    anyone out there in/around st louis?

  • Lor

    i would love to exactly this whole post! and I would love to meet any team practical members in the South!

    • Yay, Southern girls!

  • bailey

    boston boston boston! i’ll be there!

  • FUN! I can’t wait until the details on Friday. I’m a Jersey girl (but god, nothing like the awful NJ reality shows) in Hoboken which is directly across the Hudson from NYC :-)

  • Jo

    Meg, I fear we are hijacking your process, although knowing you, you will find a way to grab it back. I’m just curious, anybody in the Southwest? I’m Arizona…

    • meg

      I’ll take it back on Friday ;) You notice I’m slapping down people ACTUALLY trying to set things up without the details.

    • I’m in AZ too. :)

  • Lisa

    Can you schedule a meetup in Sydney (yes, Australia!)? Please, please, please?! Or if anyone else is out there and wants to schedule one here, let me know!!

    • ElfPuddle

      Georgia? I can’t be the only one between DC and Florida, can I? Technically, I’m in Athens, and I don’t know my way around outside of that very well, but I can mapquest.

  • ElfPuddle

    Double Posting so nobody thinks I think Georgia, USA is in Australia.

    *hates hitting the wrong reply button*

    • Aww, Elf, I’m currently in GA but the fiance and I are moving to San Francisco pretty much right after our wedding in a couple weeks. *hugs* Hope some more Georgia ladies come out of the woodwork for ya!

    • I’m not in GA, but being in Asheville, NC….I think I’m probably one of the closest to you!

      • ElfPuddle

        I’d be more comfortable meeting you halfway than driving to Atlanta. (I HATE CITIES), but that is more than a day-trip, isn’t it?

  • Ashley

    LONG time lurker, first time commenter. I’m a Dallas area Team Practical Wife and would love to join the meet-up. I have a dress I might be able to donate and maybe a Team Practical Bride to Be to bring along as well. Looking forward to the details!

  • Merideth

    I’m going to be moving out to the Bay area in August and would love a meet up. My wedding is in October 2011, I’m living in the Bay Area, the boy is living in West Virginia, and the wedding will be in Minnesota (my mother is the best person in the world for helping me), so I could use all the practical and emotional support I can get!

  • San Diego, anyone? Or even between SD and LA? I have until October 3rd to continue to obsess about wedding details (73 days, but who’s counting?)

  • You guys are amazing. x

  • Angela Shock

    Hi there. I am not very tech-savvy so please excuse if I have posted in the wrong place. I read the article in the AJC and was writing to offer up my wedding dress to a bride-to-be in need. For a couple years I considered selling it, hoping that I would re-coup my losses (the dress cost $3000!). Recently I’ve come to realize that it would make me much happier to just pass it on to someone who will love it & cherish it as much as I did on my big day.

    Meg (or anyone) please email me to let me know the proper procedure for getting my information out there so that my dress can find its way to its new owner. I will be happy to send all pertain info, pics, etc. I will leave you with this teaser: The dress is Demetrios Couture from 2000. It is made to fit a busty size 16/18 (in regular clothing). It is a gorgeous strapless gown that I’m sure will make someone very happy. :)

    Thank you for providing such a wonderful site/blog,

    Angela in Atlanta

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