The Un-Wedding: Kristen & Natalie

A few weeks ago I opened and email titled Mrs. Basement SAYS, “BIG WHITE FUR WEDDING HAT.” Which, you know, is a very tempting email title… and besides, Mrs. Basement doesn’t screw around (you remember her wedding, yes?). So I opened it and found the most amazing un-wedding in the world. I almost never publish non-reader weddings, but I haven’t been able to get this one out of my head. It’s just so right. And as Desaray said, to one of the un-brides, “tell them you need to show the world pictures of that hat and explain to them how weddings are supposed to be done. seriously.”

So I’m just bringing on the inspiring, the replenishing (which I’m needing right now). I’m bringing you the kind of wedding that knocks you on your heels and makes you say, “Oh. Right. That’s what it is. I understand now.” Besides, one of the brides is wearing wellies.

And I have to end with this one…. because it’s what we’ve been talking about all week (and always, right?)

Pictures by Matthew Paquin Photography. He wants me to tell you his site is under heavy construction. I want to tell you that he lives in Ann Arbor, MI,  he sounds so effing normal and great, and his girlfriend reads APW (hey lady!!)

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