The Un-Wedding: Kristen & Natalie

A few weeks ago I opened and email titled Mrs. Basement SAYS, “BIG WHITE FUR WEDDING HAT.” Which, you know, is a very tempting email title… and besides, Mrs. Basement doesn’t screw around (you remember her wedding, yes?). So I opened it and found the most amazing un-wedding in the world. I almost never publish non-reader weddings, but I haven’t been able to get this one out of my head. It’s just so right. And as Desaray said, to one of the un-brides, “tell them you need to show the world pictures of that hat and explain to them how weddings are supposed to be done. seriously.”

So I’m just bringing on the inspiring, the replenishing (which I’m needing right now). I’m bringing you the kind of wedding that knocks you on your heels and makes you say, “Oh. Right. That’s what it is. I understand now.” Besides, one of the brides is wearing wellies.

And I have to end with this one…. because it’s what we’ve been talking about all week (and always, right?)

Pictures by Matthew Paquin Photography. He wants me to tell you his site is under heavy construction. I want to tell you that he lives in Ann Arbor, MI,  he sounds so effing normal and great, and his girlfriend reads APW (hey lady!!)

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  • Hat! Yay!

  • That couple has some serious style.

    • C

      Angie I was totally going to say that! I’ve seen this wedding before somewhere on the internet but the fashion in this celebration is killing me :) Ohh to be able to wear ruffles (damn boobs).

      • meg

        Really? It just happened.

        • Amanda

          I’ve seen this wedding recently, also. Totally love that they have done the wedding *their* way, and that everyone celebrating with them is total smiles.

        • C

          Yeah, I don’t know where though? OBB maybe? I was just trying to figure it out. But I have most definitely seen the amazing photograph of the procession before.

          • Just happened?! Haha! You ladies are on some kinda A-Game and I love it!

      • I know… My mom is convinced I need to wear something strapless, but I keep pointing to my chest and shaking my head. If I plan to get low at the reception, strapless is not going to cut it.

  • Angela

    I LOVE that picture with their friends and family behind them in a line. It’s such a sweet and meaningful picture.

  • How happy! Congratulations!

    Also, much love to my fellow Michiganians/Michiganders! Matthew, I’ll be sending this post with these gorgeous pictures to a friend who is in the process of starting up a LGBTQ-friendly wedding planning business in the Metro Detroit area. (And Meg, when she gets her site up and running, she’ll be contacting you, too, and will hopefully join the ranks of Midwest elves!)

  • KD

    These pictures make my heart fill with joy (and a little bit jealous that it worked out for them to have a blustery outdoor wedding! – My boyfriend vetoed that one quick as he didn’t want to make his 86 year old grandma stand outside in the Chicago winter…and I see his point.)


  • Allison

    Glitter, wellies, BIG WHITE HAT, BIG FAT SMILES!

    Sorry, this wedding just makes me really giddy!

  • Big hat and boots and chilly guests huddled around them. Love.

  • Minus the snow and the cold, this is exactly what I want my wedding to look like. The style, the joy, the community! Three cheers!

  • Dream

    I love it!

  • Theresa

    I love that they did an outdoor ceremony in the SNOW. Fave!

  • Suzy

    Just on the off-chance that other Michiganders besides me have read through to the end of the comments and are thinking, “Yes! More Michigan wedding elves! HELP!” then I want to share the photographer I found in Ann Arbor. – Melissa’s work is beautiful and meaningful and she is super-nice, and you should check her out.

    [notes: (1) my wedding is still upcoming (2) I didn’t ask if she wanted to be plugged on APW, but really, who wouldn’t?]

  • Aimee

    Hey Meg! This is Matthew’s girlfriend, officially de-lurking here on APW after a year-ish of reading and loving this blog! After Matthew showed me the photos, one of my first thoughts was that it would be the perfect wedding to feature on APW… and now, here it is! I have to admit, I may have geeked out a little when I found out Matthew and the wedding would be featured on APW.

    I ran the photobooth at Kristen and Natalie’s un-wedding reception and it was an amazing experience to be a tiny part of their day. There was such an overwhelming outpouring of love, honesty, affection, support, and community that filled the room that night. It was the best wedding I’ve ever been to and I’m completely inspired. I hope my own wedding (whenever that may be) will be every bit as amazing as theirs was.

    Ps. Michigan brides, check Matthew Paquin Photography out! He’s pretty awesome and affordable :)

    • meg

      Yay Aimee! I was hoping you’d de-lurk. So you have to settle the debate. Did people see the wedding somewhere else? (I think they might be remembering the wedding on the frozen lake? Remember that one?)

      The best wedding you’ve ever been to? Awwwwwwww…… that’s awesome.

      • Aimee

        I’m not aware of the wedding being posted on any other blogs/websites, except for on Natalie’s blog. Then again, I try to limit my daily blog intake, so I may have missed it somewhere else. I know the photos of their wedding were posted on flickr as well, so it could be something other posters stumbled across there?

        Your guess is as good as mine! I wish I could solve this mini-mystery!

    • Aimee

      just an aside, i love finding other women with our unique spelling! :)

      • Aimee

        Me too!

  • I’m alternating between sighing and squealing. So awesome & so perfect. I am in LOVE with the love, happiness, and WARMTH filling this beautiful winter wedding. :)

  • I love this partly for the fact that one of my bridesmaids is gonna be wearing wellies, too. But it’s pretty awesome in all other respects.

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  • Kristen

    Hello!!! Wow! A friend posted this on facebook-(I didn’t even know it was posted on this blog yet, but of course it was just one day ago!). My heart is so full of joy reading this as I am one of the un-wedding brides (Kristen in the fur hat). Thank you so much for all of kind words. If you want to see the wedding photo booth photos that Aimee helped with (which are totally awesome!), check out I think they start on page 10. We had a wonderful time planning our ceremony and reception party and we both thought it could not have turned out any better. We were able to share our love with our community. What more could you ask for? :) Kristen

    • meg

      Yay!!! I’m sort of obsessed with you and your hat and sparkly dress (shhh). I think I emailed with Natalie about the wedding, so it’s a little surprise for you. Hooray!

  • Pam

    As a lucky guest at the Un-Wedding I wanted to add another amazing fact: the whole event was planned in (hold on to your fur hats) five weeks.

    • meg

      All the best weddings are planned in five weeks. We had a year and a half: MISTAKE! Though this blog is the result of that… so…

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  • C

    Meg, if you’re wondering. I figured out how I saw some of these photos before. I saw them on Natalie’s personal blog but I cannot for the life of me remember how I got there.

    • meg

      Ah yes. They where there. Of course.

  • Ky

    This wedding is absolutely, positively, 100% one of my faves. Absolutely gorgeous, both stylistically and emotionally.