Our Super Modern $32K DIY Wedding In The Woods

Architects turn it up

e., architect & G., architect

Sum-up of the wedding vibe: Adventure with the Bride and Groom.

Planned budget: $30,000
Actual budget: $32,000
Number of guests: 77
LOCATION: Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Where we allocated the most funds:

Food + Alcohol

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Where we allocated the least funds:

Since our backgrounds are in architecture, we love to create things ourselves. We designed and created our logo, invitations, programs, and party favors. The things we couldn’t make ourselves, our talented friends made (wedding signs and flowers).

What was totally worth it:

We were hesitant to have a DIY wedding because though the prospect of saving money and having our personal touch was extremely appealing, we didn’t want anything to actually look super DIY. We’ve had to push ourselves to get the products we wanted with the timeframe we had. For the things we didn’t have confidence in making, our talented and experienced friends came to the rescue. DIY can be time consuming and stressful, but we’ve enjoyed the whole process and thought it was a fun way to start creating things together—from designing our logo to the wedding party gifts (beanie hats) to the invitations to the concrete gold striped coasters.

What was totally not worth it:

Bahaha my veil. I ended up leaving my veil behind in Chicago before our road trip wedding: Chicago to Champaign to St. Louis to Arkansas. Luckily, I listened to my friend and didn’t buy the veil at my wedding dress store and had opted for an Etsy shop instead.

A few things that helped us along the way:

Friends and families extending their helping hands so willingly and sincerely.

My best practical advice for my planning self:

Don’t procrastinate.

Favorite thing about the wedding:

Getting to go where we actually wanted with friends and family.


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