Tips For San Franscisco Buget Weddings, Part II

I was wandering around this weekend being busy like a bee, and I happened upon two amazing low-key low-budget wedding ideas. So, please use them, and then send me pictures. (Tomorrow’s wedding was inspired in part by Part I of this series).

Ceremony Spot: Eagle’s Point at Lands End (full list of amazing outdoor rentals, yay parks and rec!).

I stumbled on this on a early Sunday morning hike (yes, yes, living in the city is an embarrassment of riches). This round deck on the cliffs edge has 108 degree breathtaking (I’m not using that word lightly) views. Rocky Beaches, Golden Gate Bridge, Eucalyptus, a lighthouse on an outcropping, open ocean, and the wind whipping through your hair.

I think it’s a little more raw and beautiful then the more well known (but larger) inspiration point. San Francisco being the kind of city it is, you can rent this for $400 for 3 hours, for up to 50 people. Oh! And you can have champagne. Hooray! Who’s doing it?

Reception Spot: Back room of the Irish Bank

A back room of an Irish Pub, at the end of a dingy alley in the tony Union Square area. You know, the kind of Irish Pub that makes you feel like you’re actually in the UK (or Ireland I suppose, but I’ve never been there). The kind of place that makes you feel like you found someplace secret, wandering down an alley. Exposed brick walls, cabaret tables, beer, whiskey, fish and chips, dark paneled wood corners to kiss in, bride in a mini-dress.

I think I’d like to be invited.

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