Tips For San Franscisco Buget Weddings, Part II

I was wandering around this weekend being busy like a bee, and I happened upon two amazing low-key low-budget wedding ideas. So, please use them, and then send me pictures. (Tomorrow’s wedding was inspired in part by Part I of this series).

Ceremony Spot: Eagle’s Point at Lands End (full list of amazing outdoor rentals, yay parks and rec!).
I stumbled on this on a early Sunday morning hike (yes, yes, living in the city is an embarrassment of riches). This round deck on the cliffs edge has 108 degree breathtaking (I’m not using that word lightly) views. Rocky Beaches, Golden Gate Bridge, Eucalyptus, a lighthouse on an outcropping, open ocean, and the wind whipping through your hair. I think it’s a little more raw and beautiful then the more well known (but larger) inspiration point. San Francisco being the kind of city it is, you can rent this for $400 for 3 hours, for up to 50 people. Oh! And you can have champagne. Hooray! Who’s doing it?

Reception Spot: Back room of the Irish BankA back room of an Irish Pub, at the end of a dingy alley in the tony Union Square area. You know, the kind of Irish Pub that makes you feel like you’re actually in the UK (or Ireland I suppose, but I’ve never been there). The kind of place that makes you feel like you found someplace secret, wandering down an alley. Exposed brick walls, cabaret tables, beer, whiskey, fish and chips, dark paneled wood corners to kiss in, bride in a mini-dress.

I think I’d like to be invited.

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  • Stephanie

    the Irish Bank is just around the corner from my work and could make for an awesome spot, espcially the outdoor space on one of our warm(ish) san francisco days.

    I also just discovered the sushi place on the corner of the alley is AMAZING with a nice back room.

  • ahh!! I want to go to there.

  • Uhh, my dream wedding is a ceremony in a local park and dinner at a restaurant but it seems that all of the restuarants I like with nice light and good views want to charge a room rental AND a per-plate fee.
    Anyone have a few good places in the East Bay or San Francisco that will let us have a "private party" and not a "wedding reception"?

  • Meg

    Today's wedding. Zazie. Sure, no views, but with that garden, who needs views?

    I think room rental fees are pretty normal, so I wouldn't rule things out baised on that unless they are unresonably high…

  • @Meg not only view, but BRUNCH!! I hope that imitation really is the sincerest form of flattery because I just sent that off to my other half in hopes that he will find it as charming and uncomplicated as I do!

    This is why I love this website.

  • I would SO love to spend an evening in the Irish Bank…so much better than our faux pubs we have in Dallas. (Pretty much everything is faux in Dallas, though…)

    You SO need to have an A Practical Wedding Guide to Awesomeness that has spots like these in each state with testimony from wedding grads. Of course, that might bring out the trolls who just want to pimp their crappy venue or business… But we can dream can't we??

  • Tina

    @ Lyssachelle

    YES! Same here for Phoenix. I long to live in the Bay again every time I see posts like this. That kind of site would be great, but that's when the really cool secrets aren't so secret and the site gets filled with advertisements to the point you can't find the content. Not that Meg would ever do that. I guess it's that balance between wanting Meg to have success but not wanting her to have it so much that it ruins the special thing going on. :) (Always speak your mind, lady. No matter how "big" you get!)

    I would love to see a wedding from the southwest, though. I've yet to find much practical information from places in desert cities… I know they have to exist despite the lack of authentic Irish pubs!

  • Meg

    You ladies are giving me ideas for the already-up-the-sleeve venue project.

    And pshaw. I think you can both make a living and not sell your soul. Especially with so many really (really, like I know some in real life and they are f*cking great) awesome wedding elves and alt venues that want to reach brides-that-don't-suck and don't know HOW. So. Balance, balance, balance.

  • Hello! Just discovered your site today and I like this place :] SF bride in May! So all the SF tips are extra useful! And the constant reminder not. to. stress. out. Whoo! :) Thanks!

  • arave

    Is there a website or a book for someone getting married at City Hall that lays out great places to stay, great places to eat, best (and inexpensive-which is hard to find in SF) photographers in the area!?!

  • Erika Murdock

    You can also get married atop Bernal Heights on the hill….on a clear day its one of the most beautiful spots ever.