20 Vintage Platinum Engagement Rings for Under $3K

Daisy Buchanan did have good taste (in jewelry at least)

vintage platinum engagement rings

When it came to my own engagement ring, I really only had one request (other than, um, rectangle?): I wanted it to be durable. Michael and I both come from divorced parents (and in my case, divorced grandparents too), so the engagement ring was extra symbolic to me. I wanted an heirloom that I could pass down to our grandchildren, having become fortified with a lifetime of partnership and adventures (no pressure). And while obviously there are many meaningful marriages that don’t involve any jewelry at all, for me, this tangible object mattered.

So this month, when we had the opportunity to work with Platinum Guild International, I wanted to see if we could answer pre-engaged Maddie’s wishes and find durable jewelry that was also super hot (with maybe a rectangle or two thrown in). Enter: vintage platinum rings. In case you’re not familiar with how jewelry metals work, platinum is super durable. (Surprise! It’s not just one of those things that the wedding industry decided should be more special because WEtv said so.) Platinum one of the earth’s rarest elements and requires special skills to even be able to work with in the first place. Plus, bonus: it’s hypoallergenic, for those who might have an allergy to nickel or a reaction to copper.) In short, platinum is pretty damn good at standing the test of time. So today, I’ve rounded up twenty of my favorite vintage platinum rings for under $3,000 each. But before I dive in, a few bits of advice about shopping vintage:

  • More bling for your ring (and bang for your buck): If you like a lot of sparkle (cough, raises hand), but don’t want to spend a ton of money on a big stone (or just prefer a lower profile ring that won’t get caught on stuff), keep an eye out for rings that have multi-stone settings. Lots of little stones give the appearance of being super blingy, but are often more affordable than solitaires.
  • Or less bling, if that’s your thing: In the early 1900s, jewelers learned how to work with platinum. Thanks to the strength properties of the metal, they were able to create much more intricate designs than before (you’ll start to recognize rings from this time period, because they kind of look like lace and don’t always have a lot of stones). So if you want an interesting design without all the flashy rocks, narrow your search to rings from the Edwardian period.
  • Keep an eye out for cocktail rings: In order to make it easier to find what you’re looking for, most online vintage jewelry stores separate engagement rings from the rest of their ring inventory. But if you want something more colorful or with a unique design, the cocktail ring section may be just what you’re looking for.

“Marietta” Pink Sapphire Engagement Ring via Trumpet and Horn ($2,900)


Art Deco Engagement Ring with Diamonds via Karat Jewelry Group ($1,300)e368f577b15d68c740855798e76eb173“Emeryville” Diamond and Black Onyx Engagement Ring via Trumpet and Horn ($2,750)


Art Deco Diamond Engagement Ring via Fergusons Fine Jewelry ($2,500)DSC_2096-2

Art Deco Baguette Diamond Engagement Ring via The Three Graces ($2,655)


Emerald Cut Sapphire and Baguette Diamond Engagement Ring via EraGem ($2,799)


Platinum and Diamond Vintage Engagement Ring via SIT Fine Jewelry ($2,950)


Edwardian Solitaire Engagement Ring via The Three Graces ($1,305)


Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring via EraGem ($2,799)


Black and White Diamond and Onyx Engagement Ring via The Three Graces ($2,115)

Vintage Platinum Engagement Ring with European Cut Diamonds via Verma Estate Jewels ($3,000)


Swedish Art Deco Emerald Ring via Atelier Zetun ($1,732)


“Alpine” Edwardian Diamond Engagement Ring via Brilliant Earth ($2,975)


Sapphire and Diamond Engagement Ring via The Three Graces ($1,395)


Old European Cut Diamond Engagement Ring via The Three Graces ($2,295)


Twin Pink Sapphire Engagement Ring via EraGem ($2,749)

Wetherby Art Deco Diamond Engagement Ring via Trumpet and Horn ($2,550)


Round Ruby Solitaire Engagement Ring via EraGem ($2,599)602351930s Diamond and Platinum Vintage Engagement Ring via The Three Graces ($2,565)


1930s Diamond Engagement Ring via Fergusons Fine Jewelry ($2,950)

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This post was sponsored by Platinum Guild International. To see more vintage platinum inspiration, head over to the Platinum Jewelry Vintage Jewelry Board on Pinterest. Thanks PGI for helping make the APW mission possible!

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