Let’s Vote! Ways to Wear Your Message.

These last longer than the "I Voted" sticker

Y‘all, y’all, y’all. It’s time to vote. It’s time to rock the vote. Vote or die. Vote like your life depends on it (because it does). Voting is quite literally one of the most important things any of us can do as citizens of a democratic nation. Not just voting in these big shiny elections, like for president. But, also voting down-ballot, voting in primaries and in midterms, voting locally. Just… voting! (Can you tell I’m passionate about this?)

It might just be me… but I am accidentally obsessed, this go-round, with all the brilliant and creative ‘vote’ merchandise I’ve seen lately. People are really making a statement and I, for one, am here for it. With only 22 days left until election day (and only 100 days until inauguration day, but who’s counting?), we couldn’t help but take this moment to round-up some of the best ‘vote’ merch we’ve found around the internet just for you. Happy shopping (and voting).

Vote Merchandise

VOTE Flag by Flags For Good via Etsy

My partner and I were looking for a new flag for the front of our house (our former pride flag was falling apart, and we just can’t have that). I stumbled on Flags For Good and instantly fell in love with their mission and so many of the flags they have to offer. I couldn’t help but snag this “VOTE” flag to hang up for a few months (and I’ll pull it back out for local elections, too). We also ordered this one, and I may need to go back for more.

Gold, Diamond, and Lemon Quartz VOTE Necklace via Gemist (available for a limited time)

This is a stunner. Gold, diamonds, and quartz for the “O” make for a super special piece that you can rock all year long. Plus it benefits I am a voter. It’s only available for the month of October, though, so get on it.

Vote Tie Dye T-Shirt by Little Atoms via Etsy

Tie-dye has made its presence known while we’ve all been hanging out at home during 2020. This perfectly subtle tie-dyed shirt with VOTE logo is perfect for a cozy day in, and every run to the grocery store between now and election day.

I’m Speaking Hoodie by American Merch via Etsy

I’m always blown away by how quickly the merchandise goods are available after a debate. This one was available the morning after last week’s VP debate. While “I’m speaking” is all Kamala, it’s also… all womxn. Snag this hoodie to remind everyone whose turn it is to speak.

Gold “VOTE” Nameplate Necklace From Maya Brenner

This simple stunner is an absolute favorite. Frankly, everything from Maya Brenner is on my wish list. My favorite part about this necklace, you ask? 50% of the proceeds go to organizations that will amplify, celebrate, and support Black voices. So here for that.

VOTE Acrylic Dangle Earrings by Rachel Os via Etsy

Spice up your jewelry game with these perfectly sparkly statement earrings from Etsy. They’ll look good with a little black dress, sweats, or whatever you decide to wear on election day.

Vote Graphic Easy Crop Top via Madewell

I really love the simplicity and style of this graphic crop tee from Madewell. It screams “yes, you, I’m talking to you. Vote!” and that’s the energy we need more of for the next few weeks.

Vote Y’All Book Tote via Draper James

I have this bag, and am so here for it—in fact, I think it will be my purse for the next 22 days. I’m not from the south, but all I can hear is my Texan grandfather when I read this. I can’t guarantee how he’ll vote, but this bag leaves me hoping for the best. Go vote, y’all!

Every Vote Matters Flats by Birdie

I’ve been wanting to try a pair of Birdie flats for years. I haven’t gone for it yet, but these ones are really calling my name. The availability is a bit limited, but if they have them in your size, can I live vicariously through you?

Go Vote Graphic Tee via Anthropologie

This cheeky bright graphic tee looks perfectly distressed, soft, and would be so darn cute with a high waisted skirt for your next (outdoor socially distanced) dinner party. It’ll get the conversation started.

RBG Vote Necklace by The Folk via Etsy

May her memory be a revolution. Nothing says ‘vote’ and ‘power’ quite like this RBG necklace emblazoned with “VOTE.”

I Voted Today Stickers by I Voted Today Sticker via Etsy

Of course, they’ll be handing out the classic “I voted” stickers at polling places, but these special versions are too good to pass up. I want to hand them out to all my friends after they cast their ballots.

CV x When We All Vote Original Fit Tee 

As a French woman (well, 45%-ish French), this shirt is calling my name. It says: “I vote, you vote, she votes, we vote, you [all] vote, they vote.” It’s a call to action, the most important action.

Vote Hoops by Sour Puss Jewelry via Etsy

Love a good acrylic hoop earring. These ones are bright, colorful, big… a total statement.

Phenomenal Voter Sweatshirt via Phenomenal Woman

If you’ve been around for a while, you might remember when APW hosted a Phenomenal Woman Action Campaign back in 2017. Since then the movement has grown and grown, and now they have an entire line of voter merch, like this Phenomenal Voter sweatshirt.

I Am A Voter Necklace by Stella x Bow

A simple nameplate statement necklace is just my style. Classic, tiny, and makes a point. I absolutely love this ‘voter’ necklace from Stella x Bow.

Vote Cashmere Intsaria Sweater by Michael Kors

Look, I’m not saying it’s for everyone… but, if you’re going for a David Rose (of Schitt’s Creek) vibe, this is THE vote sweater for you. Black, white, cashmere, bold… perfect.

Well, APW… are you into voter merch? Are you into it now that we’ve shown you all this goodness? If we’ve missed a piece of perfect vote merch, drop it in the comments. Ya girl is going on a mini shopping spree to prep for election day. Just 22 days, y’all. Get ready to vote!

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