25 Perfectly Sweet Wedding Ring Tattoo Ideas

If you like it, then you should tattoo a ring on it

two left hands with wedding ring tattoo scipts
As tattoos become ever more mainstream (much to the chagrin of my very Catholic family), I am seeing more and more couples commemorating their nuptials with permanent ink, AKA the wedding ring tattoo. (Maybe we can blame it on Bey and Jay? They have matching roman numeral IV tats on their ring fingers.) But since they aren’t totally the norm yet, I still tend to think of wedding tattoos as coming in exactly one flavor: a heavy black band tattooed around your ring finger, done. And while that is obviously a classic option (can we call a wedding ring tattoo classic?), there are many, many more choices than that.

In fact, you can get a ring finger tattoo that isn’t a ring at all. So if you’re looking for a permanent declaration of your love, but also want something that’s personally meaningful to you, we’ve rounded up a variety of micro finger tattoos of both the ring and non-ring variety that can either replace your jewelry or function as a secret message that lives under a more traditional wedding ring. Pro tip: Wedding ring tattoos are also great for people that work with their hands and can’t realistically wear a ring day to day, but they want something (very) permanent to always have there to look at.

Bonus: If a ring-finger tattoo isn’t your vibe but inking your love is, we’ve also got a whole bunch of couple tattoos that aren’t a heart with an arrow through it, right here.

But before you get a wedding ring tattoo, this is what you absolutely need to know:

  • Give yourself some time to heal. Skin heals in all different ways. Part of this process can mean peeling, scabbing, and dryness. Cleanliness is a MUST during the healing process. If you want to stay far, far away from infections, your hands need to stay dry and clean at all times.
  • Timing is important. If you want your tattoo to look its best at your wedding, give yourself a couple of weeks before that day to let your tattoo heal. Or you can always add an event to your actual wedding day and get tattooed on the spot, or just wait to get inked until after you make it official.

Pros of Wedding Ring Tattoos

  • You can’t lose your ring. You will never have to worry about losing your ring since it is permanent.
  • They can be cost effective. Wedding rings are expensive, so if you’re looking for a cost-effective way to symbolize your union, this may be perfect for you!
  • You can always wear it. Wearing jewelry if you are working within certain occupations can be forbidden or simply impractical. So if you always want to have your ring on, tattooing might not be a bad option for you.

Cons of Wedding Ring Tattoos

  • The ink can blur or blowout. Blurring can happen while you’re getting the tattoo or during the healing process, it depends on how your skin absorbs the ink, which varies case to case.
  • Think about future job opportunities. If you work in a field that doesn’t generally accept tattoos or if you think you might eventually transition into a field that could fall under this category, it might be best to pick a tattoo that can be concealed under a (regular) ring.
  • It will fade! The skin on your hands is thin and regenerates faster than other parts of your body. If you want to keep that ink looking fresh for a long time, be prepared to get it touched up (multiple times).

Wedding Ring Tattoo Ideas

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you are my life, my love, my only, and that's the one thing that won't change🖤

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Do you have A wedding ring tattoo? If you’ve done it, would you do it again? Is anyone considering getting some sort of wedding tattoo on their finger?


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  • Angela’s Back

    My husband and I had rings tattooed probably 4 or 5 months after our wedding–I have the classic black band and he has an outline that he wants to get filled in with something interesting at some point in the future. I like it a lot though! I wear my actual ring over my tattooed band day to day (and my husband also usually wears his ring) but I also take my rings off every night and don’t always put them back on if it’s a lazy weekend day, so it’s nice to have that band always be there.

    One thing I would say is that if you’re thinking about getting actual designs done on your ring finger, make sure you go to an artist who has a good track record with very small tattoos. That look is popular now so it shouldn’t be that hard, but doing a great job of tattooing something very intricate on a finger–and maybe you’re like me and have very small fingers!–is pretty different than doing an incredible colored back piece. And as a corollary to that, think about the size of your fingers when you’re planning a design, if you have aforesaid tiny fingers and the design is very detailed, it could be impossible to do or impossible to really see once it’s finished.

  • CMT

    I know a couple who gave themselves stick and poke ring tattoos, which I love. But then again, tattooed dirtbag is totally my aesthetic.

  • Brittany

    I have a finger tattoo! Not a wedding related ring tattoo, but a matching BFF tattoo on my right middle finger. We decided to get it on the side of our finger which makes it a lot less visable most of the time, if you care about that sort of thing it can be a good option. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/597575fb3feea8bf7f35fe46f5c9ced7b7a949ba7dbe2058baa1531cb510d207.jpg

  • Eve

    One of my friends got his wedding band tattooed since he found the ring itself to be so uncomfortable. One thing he told me that I thought was super interesting, though it’s really just a fun fact more than anything else: it’s better to get ring tattoos only on the top of your finger, since the undersides of your fingers wear so fast. #nowyouknow

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  • j_essim_ac

    My husband and I did stick and poke on each other’s fingers during our ceremony. He didn’t want a ring at all and it was something that made sense for us. We just did three dots and even tho they’re not perfect, I love them. He’s working on a full body suit of tattoos anyway.

  • OK, these are SUPER cool – love these ideas!

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