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Wedding Sneak Peeks

There are many many good things about writing this blog, but one of the very best things is some of the amazing women I’ve come to know via the Internets. So, in honor of that, I’m giving you a few wedding sneak peeks.

First up is my internet-wedding-soul-sister Aimee. She emailed me the first time way back when I was collecting Jewish wedding inspiration, and has since gotten married with a jewel-toned, interfaith, no nonsense – lots of community bash. I’ll be bringing you more details of it soon, but in the meantime, I had to show you this picture of her non matching bridesmaids looking steller. I know that so many of us get an ear-full when we decide to let our attendents (gasp) dress themselves. But! Never fear. You girls will not look cheap, or mismatched, or like clowns, or any of the nonsense people prattle on about. They will look wonderfully, fabulously like themselves. Hurrah!
Next up, the talented Emily of Emily Style got married this weekend, with great style and class. It’s a toss up for which element of her wedding I’m more in love with: her great grandmothers lace wedding dress made by French nuns, or her USO style variety show, complete with a Aunt who was a USO tap dancer in real life.
Aaaannnndddddd…. I’m going to say the feather fans tilt the balance towards…. amazing variety show. Check out more of her wedding at Oh Happy Day, and at Emily Style.

Moral of the story? Do your own thing and trust your instinct, and your wedding will shine out like a beacon.

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