This Is the Smarter Way to Do Suit and Tux Rentals

Four reasons why renting online is where it’s at


a couple advertising gentux tuxedos and suits

At this point, I’ve been in just enough weddings to know that the wedding industry is not interested in making it easy or affordable to be in a wedding party. (Have you seen the average cost of being a traditional bridesmaid or groomsman? It. Will. Melt. Your. Brain.) There’s the cost of attire, the trying to wrangle a bunch of people who probably don’t live in the same zip code, and the not-so-subtle suggestion that everyone you know can totally afford to take multiple trips to Las Vegas over the course of a year. And while I can’t fix the latter part, I have good news about the first two: renting suits and tuxes for your wedding does not have to be difficult or expensive. And you can do it from the comfort of your own home.

But I’m guessing you know what happens any time you suggest a new alternative to an old problem in weddings. People give you this face:

And I get it. Weddings are high-stakes, one-shot-only events, and the thought of trusting the Internet and the mail to get something to you on time, in good condition, is scary. Which is why we’ve partnered up with Gentux today to dispel some of the common myths about renting suit and tuxes online. Because y’all, not leaving your house is pretty much always the better option. Or at least, my monthly Amazon charges say so.

a man advertising gentux tuxedos and suits

Myth #1: It won’t get there in time. Nothing scares me more than waiting for a time-sensitive piece of mail. And that goes double for anything wedding related. But Gentux was born online, which means that they have streamlined the art of renting suits and tuxes on the Internet and making sure you’re taken care of. All Gentux rentals show up 10 to 14 days before your event, and you have three whole days to return it afterward, unlike the typical day-after deadline. And if something isn’t working in that week leading up to your event? They will do everything in their power to make sure you get what you need, even if it means quick shipping a replacement garment.

a couple advertising gentux tuxedos and suits

Myth #2: It won’t fit. Rental suits and tuxes don’t exactly have a reputation for being the most well-fitting garments. But Gentux is having none of that. First, when you sign up for an account, you can request a free tape measure so that your suit or tux will fit based on your exact measurements you take at home. Plus, their pants and shirts come with an invisible flex tab in the neck and waistband, for added insurance.

a man advertising gentux tuxedos and suits

Myth #3: You should just buy a suit. Owning a quality suit isn’t a bad idea, depending on your lifestyle. But quality often means dollar signs, and not everyone has dollar dollar bills they want to spend on a suit. And this is where Gentux really nails it. Their suit and tux rentals start at just $129 (with a full look including jacket, pants, shirt, tie, pocket square, shoes starting at $189), and all of their suits and tuxes are made of super 130s/140s wool (most of the places you’re used to offer super 100s to 120s). What that means for you? Higher thread count equals better and finer quality, more resistant to wrinkling, and longer-lasting material. Plus, because they’ve actually caught on to the twenty-first century, all of their suits and tuxes (except for tan sharkskin) are available in modern and slim fits. And all their shirts are made of breathable cotton. Goodbye sweaty, boxy suits forever.

Pro tip: Grooms get their rental free if your wedding party involves five or more suit rentals (in addition to the groom’s). And since that’s probably the most important suit you’ll rent, Gentux even lets them reserve a free at-home fit trial before your wedding, so that you know exactly what you’re getting before the final product shows up at your door.

a couple advertising gentux tuxedos and suits

Myth #4: It’s too complicated to rent online. People say this to me, and it’s all I can do to avoid making a face like a confused emu. Because renting suits and tuxes online is nothing if not easy. First, you can see exactly what styles Gentux has available, then play around in their digital style studio adding ties and pocket squares and figuring out which looks you like. Or if you don’t know what you want? Outsource that ish to Gentux’s personal styling team and let them handle your wedding party for you. They’ll send email invitations to every member of your wedding party (including parents of ring bearers, your dad, etc.), then they’ll send out automatic reminders to collect measurements, payment, and shipping info from everyone. Which means you never have to worry about that one slacker friend who can’t get his sh*t together, and I’m pretty sure there is always that slacker friend.

Need a little more convincing? Just look at these refreshingly modern, well-styled suits and tuxes:

front peak tuxedo from gentux

Black Peak Lapel Tux with Bow Tie

tan notch suit from gentux

Tan Sharkskin Notch Lapel Suit with Tie and Lapel Carnation

white shawl lapel tux from gentux

White Shawl Lapel Tux with Black Shirt and Skinny Tie

blue peak lapel suit from gentux

Mystic Blue Peak Lapel Suit

navy notch suit from gentux

Navy Blue Notch Lapel Suit with Vest and Bow Tie

gray notch tuxedo from gentux

Light Gray Notch Lapel Tux with Vest and Gingham Tie

charcoal gray suit from gentux

Charcoal Gray Notch Lapel Tux with Skinny Black Tie

iron gray lapel suit from gentux

Iron Gray Peak Lapel Suit

black notch lapel suit from gentux

Black Notch Lapel Suit with Vest and Red Tie

So if you’re trying to wrangle a more traditional wedding party together this year, you don’t have to go with the antiquated process just because it’s familiar. With Gentux, get a quality suit that actually fits—and looks like it was designed in this century—for just $129, and you can save your Saturday afternoon for more important things. Like brunch and/or saving the world.


This post was sponsored by Gentux. Gentux offers modern, stylish suit and tux rentals starting at just $129 for a suit or tuxedo rental, or $189 for the whole outfit including shirt, shoes, and accessories. Gentux will even help style and coordinate your wedding party so you don’t have to. Plus, grooms get a free suit rental with any wedding party of six or more people. Click here to register your event and get started today!


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  • jammers

    I wishhhhhhh there was a company like this that catered to ladies as well as lads!

    • K.

      If you mean for suits/tuxes, I agree! A couple of our wedding party members wore their own suits (wearing dresses went against their gender presentation), but even they said it would have been nice if they could have matched the other dudes and ladies.
      If you mean for bridesmaid dresses, check out They’re awesome. :)

      • jammers

        Yeah one of my bridesmaids wants to match the guys. Annoying that dudes can rent suits, but my girl would have to buy one, and there’s no option for her to perfectly match the guys (which doesn’t really matter to me but it would be a nice option).

        • Hey, Jammers! Our fit is based on measurements, so if you or any women in your party want to do a free trial we are more than happy to set that up for you. If you give our customer service team a call (1.844.726.4889) and ask for Juan, he will help get everything together for a fit trial.

          • jammers

            Yeah but at the end of the day, it’s still a suit cut for a man. I’d love to see a company like yours offer suits cut for female bodies.

          • Meg Keene

            As far as I know, that doesn’t exist in terms of rentals, and custom suits for women’s bodies can be pricy. GenTux being willing to work with y’all is probably a really awesome option, since getting a men’s suit and having it properly tailored is one way to go. I did a ton of research on this for the APW Planner, and we still sadly live in a make do world on this, if you don’t have piles of money to spend.

      • Sarah

        Union station doesn’t carry any plus sizes. Or they didn’t as of a few months ago when I was making dress decisions. That’s a non-starter for many wedding parties.

        • JL

          I had a great experience with Brideside – they order based on a lady’s measurements, so I’m guessing they may have plus size options! They also assign you a personal stylist so they could probably help navigate any issues.

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  • sofar

    Hey, if it saves the stress of running to Men’s Warehouse the day before a wedding to pick up my husband’s tux whenever he’s a groomsman, I’m all in.

  • PeaceIsTheWay

    Wow, that is super affordable. I feel kinda bad for guys, because there just doesn’t seem to be the same excitement around wearing a special gorgeous outfit, which is definitely part of the fun of weddings, to me! We asked our groomsmen to wear navy suits, and we were rather proud of ourselves for making it so easy for them (they all own fabulous navy suits, and looked great). But renting is such a good option if you want to rock a sweet new look without investing enough to keep it in the closet afterwards. I’m sure there are many women who get nothing out of ‘playing dress up’ – I just wish it were more accepted from men.

  • toomanybooks

    Put together a look for our bridesmen that’s the mystic blue with blush accents. Very excited to be dressing up our dudes to match just like the ladies will be matching. Except for my sister who threw a tantrum over the dress the other girls picked. Lol!

    • Jane

      I sent my FH a link to the mystic blue ones as soon as I saw them this morning.

      Our current plan is just to have them get blue suits of their own choosing, but I think he liked the idea of them all matching but did not want to ask them to spend that much. So, maybe they can all just do this instead.

  • NolaJael

    Can I have your job? I’d like to look at pretty pictures of fine dudes in fine duds and get paid for it. Thanks for all your hard work!

  • CMT

    Hello, beautiful men in beautiful clothes!

  • Akes

    My fiance and I are trying to figure out groomsmen suits now for our June wedding and the search is so overwhelming! We want them to wear matching navy suits. This company does have a navy suit, but it looks like they have a few sub-par reviews on WeddingWire, and it makes me nervous to ask them to rent online, especially when you can buy a suit at Macy’s for under the price of renting one. What are some other solutions that people have come up with for outfitting their gents, that don’t break the bank?

    • Malaika

      My husband and groomsmen wore the midnight blue tuxes from The Black Tux and they looked amazing! The price was similar to those featured here and the fit and service from the company was awesome. We were really nervous about them renting online but my brother and his friend had some personal experience with renting from the company previously. Our guys ranged from 5’8 – 6’5, 160lbs – 250+. They have navy suits as well.

      • Akes

        Thanks, Malaika! I checked them out and I love that they have “real wedding” photos on their website. :) Looks great! Price is right and great reviews.

  • Lexipedia

    Has anyone just had the gents wear their own suits? Two of the guys are international so rentals would suck, and they are all adults with professional jobs so I’m assuming that they likely own a navy suit and a white shirt. We can buy ties/pocket squares/socks for everyone so that they are matchy-ish, but I don’t know anyone who hasn’t done rentals for a group of groomsmen.

    • Akes

      I was a bridesmaid in a wedding where there were 10 groomsmen, all traveling from all over, and they all wore their own suits; the groom specifically asked them to wear different colors of suits, so there was an array of black, gray, tan, navy, and some guys whose jacket didn’t match the pants. They didn’t all stand in a line but kind of clustered near the groom in 2 rows. The bridesmaids all wore matching gray dresses with colorful flowers. It was beautiful! I think it helped that it was a fairly informal wedding at a nature preserve on a summer afternoon. We are thinking of doing the same thing as you and just asking the guys to wear navy suits, if we can’t find a better option.

    • NotMotherTheresa

      We did navy blazers with colored chinos, and everyone wore their own blazer. We only had two groomsmen, but I thought it looked just fine!

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