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What Do You Remember?

When I posted Kate & Colemine’s relaxed wedding weekend last week, Mrs. In May made a comment that caught my attention. She said:

Everything looks beautiful and the bride just looks so at peace and happy. please keep posting weddings like this, it makes me realize that I am taking the whole wedding thing way to seriously. You can have no vendors and things will be absolutely great and the wedding will be about the union and the people sharing that moment with you, not about the monogrammed programs or the bustle of the dress, the things that I am obsessing over!

This got me thinking about how we all obsess about the little things in a wedding (programs, the bustle of the dress) and lose track of the stuff that really matters. I started reminiscing about one particularly happy wedding I attended, and what I remembered about it. Here’s what stuck with me:

  • The groom making faces at me from the wings as he waited to walk out into the church.
  • The way everyone in my row burst in to tears when the bride started walking down the aisle.
  • How happy the bride looked, and how peaceful. I remember thinking that it was perfect that she was wearing white, because she looked like she was glowing.
  • How the couple giggled and rolled their eyes up at the altar when their rings got a little stuck.
  • How the brides sister couldn’t stop happy crying long enough to do her bible reading, and then managed to sniff out “Sorry, I can’t stop crying. Fuck!” and everyone cracked up, and she looked horrified, and said “Oh shit, I’m sorry.”
  • Crying (again) while I watched the couples first dance, because they were so happy, and so right for each other.
  • Hugging the bride at the reception.

That’s it. That is what I remember. I don’t remember what the centerpieces looked like. Frankly, I don’t remember if they had centerpieces. I don’t remember what the brides dress looked like, just that it was white, she had a veil, and she was so happy she looked like she was shooting beams of light around the room. I don’t remember if they had programs, or much about what we ate. All I remember is the emotion, the funny stories, and the looks on peoples faces.
What do you remember about happy weddings that you’ve attended? This list might just make us all feel a little bit calmer about our choices of envelope liners. Because if no one will remember them that much, we can take a bit of the pressure off.

Photo: The moments we remember. From this amazing wedding by Our Labor Of Love

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