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Roundup: Bridesmaid Dresses You Can Wear As Wedding Dresses

Simple Silhouettes (clockwise from top left): 1. Lela Rose style LX167 available at Joielle ($300) 2. Dessy Collection style 2879 available at Joielle ($220) 3. After Six style 6666 available at Joielle ($190) 4. Dessy Collection style 2885 available at Joielle ($220)

A Little Embellished (clockwise from top left): 1. Alfred Sung style D571 available at Joielle ($195) 2. Wtoo style 226 available at Joielle ($220) 3. Lela Rose style LR182 avaialble at Joielle ($300) 4. Wtoo style 174 available at Joielle ($148)

Short & Sassy (clockwise from top left): 1. Lela Rose style LR136 available at Joielle ($230) 2. Watters Dress Rose style 2594I available at Joielle ($248) 3. Lynnton Dress in Silk Taffeta from J.Crew ($265) 4. Custom Vintage Bridesmaid Dress S332 from Susiewear via Etsy ($199)

This morning we talked about how much it can suck getting caught in the Catch-22 of choosing bridesmaid dresses for your loved ones. (If I pick it out for them, am I being too bossy? If I let them choose, am I asking them to do too much work? HOW DO I WIN?!) But you know what doesn’t suck about bridesmaid dresses? When you save a ton of  money by wearing one as a wedding dress.

When Meg and I were putting together this roundup, we kept coming back to the idea that the best bridesmaid-dresses-turned-wedding-dresses are the ones that leave enough space for you to DIY your wedding style (think: simple base, but amped up with your personal style by way of accessorizing). So that’s what we’ve got for you today today: stylish dresses that cost between $100–$300 that you can either leave simple or dress up with a big piece of statement jewelry or that kickass pair of shoes you told yourself you couldn’t afford (or remember our headpieces from the other week? These dresses are exactly what you’d wear with a crazy big flower headband).

In hindsight? This is probably exactly what I would have done if I’d realized it was an option when planning my own wedding (which, in case you’re noticing the pattern, I never realized the awesome wedding cheats until it was too late).

A small disclaimer: this post was not sponsored in any way by Joielle, but you’ll notice that we’ve linked to them for a bunch of the dresses we chose. It is one of my personal pet peeves that there aren’t even starting prices available on the manufacturer websites for bridesmaid dresses, and when we were rounding these up I was almost afraid we were going to have to show you all these rad dresses and not tell you how much they cost (which I hate). But! Then I realized that our sponsor Joielle has just about every dress from the Dessy Collection available on their site, and all that information is readily available to you. (Also, almost all of these dresses are available from Joielle in plus sizes up to 30W. Rad.). Lazy girl shopping FTW.

As always, these dresses (as well as a few others that didn’t make the final roundup) can also be found on our Indie Wedding Dresses Pinterest board.

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