Roundup: Things To Wear On Your Head When You Wed—Feathers, Flowers, and Tulle Edition

Confession: I didn’t actually wear anything in my hair when Michael and I got married. (Does a ponytail count?) But it wasn’t for lack of trying. As with every other shopping experience planning my own wedding, searching for something to put in my (newly long) hair was mostly just lots and lots of the same. But guess what? Turns out that shopping for other people’s hair is a hell of a lot more fun. So today, we have a roundup for you guys made up of all kinds of pretty things to adorn your coif. (Short haired girls can rock a bunch of these too, we wouldn’t forget you.) Now—if I had it to do all over again? The Frida Kahlo flowers all the way. But I guess I’ll just wait for an invitation to the party where it’s appropriate to wear $175 worth of awesome on your head.

Understated Florals: 1. Untamed Bridal Hairpiece by SIBO Designs via Etsy ($132) 2. Morgan Comb by Amanda Judge ($248) 3. Blushing Floral Crown by Twigs & Honey ($525) 4. Brass Flower and Freshwater Pearls Headband by Mignonne Handmade via Etsy ($110) 5. Dewed Vines Hairpin from BHLDN ($140)

Statement Veils: 1. Quinn Veil by Sara Gabriel, available at Bella Bleu Bridal ($227+) 2. Silk Tulle Alencon Lace Trim Veil by Twigs & Honey ($715) 3. Swiss Dot Lace Veil by Tessa Kim via Etsy ($220) 4. Double Layer Full Birdcage Veil by Twigs & Honey ($120) 5. Tulle Chapel Length Veil with Lace Bridal Cap by SIBO Designs via Etsy ($295)

Bold Feathers & Flowers: 1. Deco Feather Fleur by Leah C. ($295) 2. Frida Kahlo Hand Painted Flowers by Mignonne Handmade via Etsy ($175) 3. Andrea Cloche in Alabaster by Louise Green ($288) 4. All Over Feather Arc by Leah C. ($300) 5. Portia Headband by Amanda Judge ($275)

Editor’s Note: Didn’t find what you’re looking for in the roundup? Don’t forget our floral crown how-to, our hair flower how-to, and our two wedding veil how-to’s, which let you have all the fluff and glory for next to nothing. (Meg wants me to remind you that she totally made her wedding hair flower!) Plus, we’re always adding to our Hair & Headpieces board on Pinterest!

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  • Cleo

    I want to wear #3 in the Bold Feathery & Flowery board (the cloche) as part of a slick, 1940s-esque getaway suit. Alternatively, I’ll plan a morning, weekday courthouse wedding around that whole outfit, then get some lunch and take my old-timey suitcase on an Amtrak honeymoon, waving to my wedding party/guests out the window with a handkerchief as the train rolls away from the station.

    • Please do! And then submit a post to APW so we can all see the pictures!

  • Sara B

    I’d like to recommend Belle Blossoms for hair flowers. I got their gardenia which was big enough to make a statement without taking over my whole head for $14.95 plus shipping. They have lots of different types of flowers and hairpieces with clips..

    • meg

      Ooooooh. That’s a price I love!

    • mimi

      Great recommendation! I just pinned one of their dahlias.

    • I wanted to say where were you with this information before my wedding, but now I’ll just have to find an event that justifies some reasonably priced orchids in my hair!

  • Oh the veils. I’m pretty non-traditional but I want a veil so bad (part of this is being Jewish and all the tradition that ties into that, part of it is because veils are so pretty). Like, all those veils are great, but especially 2 and 5. So great. The understated floral is lovely too even if it isn’t my style (number 4 so pretty, and so reminiscent of what poor Edith wore to her wedding on this week’s Downton Abbey. Can we all agree that Edith’s dress was one million times better than Mary’s dress?)

    • OMG, no spoilers!


    • meg

      It was, poor thing. I know, I wanted a veil for Jewish tradition too, but in the end I didn’t make it happen. Apparently I needed roundups done for me ;)

      • I went to my cousin’s Orthodox wedding about a year ago which was bizarre for a lot of reasons including but not limited to the entire rest of the family being not Orthodox (we’re all Conservative with a few lapsed Reform Jews here or there) and the bride and groom being all of 21 years old. I’ve been to Jewish weddings but not traditional Orthodox ones which go through all the stages, including the Beddeken, so this was all fascinating from a cultural/anthropological point of view (aside from the fact that it was a weird wedding and the whole family felt excluded and I just couldn’t grasp my cousin’s life decision but whatever). I’d never seen a Beddeken and I found the moment of veiling to be INCREDIBLY moving and beautiful. I don’t want a Beddken like what she had, because it was VERY Orthodox (and also sort of youth-group feeling) and very not me, but I think paying homage to that tradition is sort of neat. And sorry Christy no spoilers, heh.

        • Jessica

          We had separate, co-ed tisches and then met in the middle for an egalitarian bedeken, and it was great! You can totally put a twist on the orthodox traditions to make them work for you :)

          • Yeah–I didn’t mean to sound disparaging of Orthodox Judaism although a lot of what goes down is odd and somewhat upsetting to me (like the fact that my cousin now wears a wig). The groom’s tisch was men-only but the bride’s tisch was co-ed and was the fanciest cocktail hour I’d ever attended in my life. The wedding was weird for an entire host of other not-religious reasons (divorce, family tensions, the bride’s father having an insane amount of money and demonstrating it, the bride’s mother bringing her new girlfriend, no one–not the bride, not the groom, not either of their parents–ever making a toast or thanking people for coming to the wedding or making any public family and friends type announcement whatsoever, a frum with a black hat and peyos shushing me when I said “Excuse me” to him after nearly running into him in the hallway outside the Chuppah ceremony, etc…okay I guess that last one was sort of religious). I’m Conservative and am pre-engaged to a lapsed Catholic, so even though we are planning on having a Jewish wedding the wedding is going to have to be more Reform due to that whole ridiculous Conservative Rabbis not performing intermarriages thing (which ungh). So I’m already making lots of adjustments in my little brain although if I can somehow wrangle a bottle dancing troupe, like Fiddler on the Roof, to perform at the reception that’d really just be the happiest thing, for me.

  • ElisabethJoanne

    You can get veil #2 here for about 1/3 the price:

    That’s where I got my very similar veil for less than $100. The lace edge on my veil wasn’t quite as wide. My mother called my veil “actually very simple.” I guess her veil, with its Juliet cap and 3-foot train, was a “statement” by comparison.

    I had studied APW’s DIY veil-making tutorials (Thank you!), but it wasn’t for me.

  • Lauren

    Now to decide which understated floral to get…

  • I believe the Etsy shop is called Virginia Geiger Jewels or something – they had sooo many nice headpieces and hair flowers (and also beautiful bridal jewelery), I wanted to order it all but then ended up buying a 7 dollar barrette from Ardene and borrowing a necklace from my grandma.

    • Kara

      Oh! I bought my bridesmaids gifts from her. She did a great job with them.

      When I couldn’t find what I wanted, I asked my seamstress make me a translucent ribbon-edged fingertip veil. No extra adornment. The ribbon was her idea and was perfect. She charged me $35 dollars. I nearly cried. At that point (a week before the wedding) I would have gladly paid her 10x that.

    • LMN

      This “things to wear on your head when you wed” roundup couldn’t have come at a better time. I’ve been obsessing about headbands vs. ribbons vs. veils for the past few weeks, and it was great to see these options on APW. Thanks so much for mentioning VirginiaGeigerJewels (name of her shop on Etsy). Based on the recommendation, I checked out her shop and fell in love with her work. Ginny’s working on a custom hair vine halo for me right now, and I’m so excited! I’ll be able to give a full recommendation when I get the product, but so far, corresponding with her about my idea, pricing, and turnaround time has been easy and fun. Thanks again for sending me her way.

  • Alyssa

    Like many, I thought that saving hair accessories was the perfect way to save room for other parts of our budget, and I found that was the perfect place: less than $30 each for my birdcage veil and big silly flower clips (protip: the true touch flowers are worth every penny if you love the look of real flowers in your hair but have nasty allergies).

  • I wanted a floral crown like #1 or #3 for my wedding, but couldn’t justify spending more on that than on my dress, so I made one! Boom, baby.

    • kyley

      Lazy girl tutorial??

  • Molly

    Beautiful ideas but could we get a little wider budget range next time? And by wider I only mean wider in one direction: cheaper. Thanks to all the ladies with etsy links, btw!

    • Emmy

      Agreed. These are lovely but I’d like some suggestions that are a little more, well, practical.

    • meg

      I’m afraid you get what we can find. The staff worked hard on this roundup, and this is what we turned up. Suggestions in the comments are always welcome, and any of these roundups are really just about jumpstarting your imagination. Our last roundup had really low prices for wedding dresses, so roundups will vary! We all allocate resources differently, also. We’ve had courthouse weddings on the site with $500+ custom hats!

      And just as a reminder, APW readers have a HUGE range of wedding budgets, so I really try to avoid using the word practical to mean more affordable. I mean, it *often* is, but I don’t want people with bigger budgets to feel judged.

      • Molly

        I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to imply this wasn’t a lovely, thoughtful post (and I definitely didn’t want to make practical a synonym for cheap!); I really appreciate seeing things in the higher price points to get ideas and compare. I just meant that having some things in the lower price range–maybe just to visually compare to the $$$–would be nice in a round-up! In other words, here are the range of pieces available in head gear, for example. “This is what $20 will get you and this is what $200 will.” Not to make the $20 look cheap or poor, but to give you an idea of how much of your budget you should allocate towards a head piece. What I love about this blog is it gives you great, practical ideas about what to do with what you have, whether it’s unlimited or extremely limited, so thank you for all these posts about the different ways to help you use your budget wisely AND practically work towards building what you’ve envisioned.

    • KC

      The editor’s note has some pretty awesome super-low-budget options, I would note.

      I have no idea if it actually works like this, but I’m guessing that other than DIY tutorials, it’s probably hard to find and get really, really nice, clear photos of really cheap Things To Wear On Your Head, since photos/marketing costs money, which would then increase the price of the Things?

      (also: this is heresy, and you have to ignore the fact that you are walking into a store designed for girls aged 10-15 or so (or browsing online, ahem), but Claire’s actually has some super-cheap sparkly/fancy things that can be either used as-is (sparkly hair combs) or hacked (hair comb + tulle = veil) with less craft-store-aisle how-do-I-put-this-together panic than a total DIY route. A lot of the combs/barrettes are the same as Official Bridal Store one-day-use sparklies, just for a fraction of the price and with “prom” instead of “bride” in the advertising – they’re not going to be as fabulous or as high-quality as the things in this lineup, but as a budget alternative, it’s worth looking into, since it’s more on the $10-20 range, and it only takes one well-designed piece that you can snag for your wedding out of a lineup of otherwise tacky stuff to make it worth checking. However, one warning: remember that their headbands and tiaras are usually sized for tweens, not grownups.)

      • meg

        Weirdly, we found it pretty hard to dig up cool and interesting head things in low price points, unlike other roundups. Obviously they are out there, go comments go, but they are less common. It’s probably that if you’re going to hand craft one of these suckers (and most of these are handcrafted), you’re going to charge at least $200 for your time and materials. And our last round up, for example, was mass market department store dresses (which are probably all made in not so great conditions). Everything is a trade off.

        Anyway! Wedding hacks! I’m totally a fan, obviously, but that’s a whole different post. But, Claire’s, DIY (which I did), and more are awesome. When I was planning I used these sorts of roundups (well, usually MAKING them since I was blogging then) to figure out what I wanted, and then try to figure out how to get it (or when to just splurge and be done with it).

        • KC

          I think generally the US doesn’t do “fancy hair thing” so much [apart from prom and weddings, if then], so there isn’t a huge market to support the mass-production of a variety of stuff at a lot of stores, unlike “fancy dresses” (which, yes, mass-production can bring its own quandaries, particularly ethical). This is partly a guess because in the UK, where fascinators appear to be more generally worn, they’re widely available in an impressive variety of prices and styles. Women’s haberdashery in the US is a market that has also shrunk to almost-gone, and with it, the diversity in pricing and options has vanished, especially at the lower end.

          I agree that if someone’s going to hand-make something, then do the work (and take the risk) of individually selling it and shipping it, $200+ is going to be very fair in many cases (especially if they’re professionally photographing it on a model and designing each one separately!). I’m pretty sure there are cheaper ones on Etsy (cheaper materials, or someone who’s got their technique down so that each one only takes an hour to make and package), but unfortunately there is not a “only show me things I will find attractive” filter anywhere that I know of, and there’s quite a flood to sift through… which is why these round-ups are such a nice thing. :-)

        • Maddie

          Yes to this. I mean, I’m about as cheap as it gets when it comes to what I wear. I spent more on my haircut than I was willing to spend on my dress. But I quickly learned while putting this together that good design apparently costs money with head pieces (the difference between $50 stuff and $150 stuff was staggering). And since we really just wanted to show you some cool option with this roundup outside of the standard fare, they ended up running a bit more expensive. But my advice? Buy vintage. I found some AMAZING vintage hair combs and what not on Etsy that were almost identical to some of the stuff above, but it felt like cheating to put them into the roundup because only one of you could buy them and I hate when web sites put one offs into shopping roundups. But you can definitely get the same quality at a much lower price point by shopping for vintage accessories online (Etsy was obviously a goldmine). And the best part is that, unlike dresses, hair accessories are one size fits all. :)

    • Mallory

      Here’s another lower budget idea. I think if you want a large head piece the price sky rockets really quickly, but there are lots of lower budget options for smaller hair accessories. I bought something like this to put into my curly-ish low updo and loved it! The woman who did my hair also had the great idea to put the in a fan on the side of my updo versus right at the top and it looked so much better!

  • Jenn

    I had a difficult time searching and finding the right things on Etsy, but there are certainly many less expensive versions of the above. I loved this one: and sprung for it after I found a wedding dress at a consignment shop for not too much money. But I agree, the above options are all a bit spendy.

  • I *LOVE* hair pretties. Coming to terms with my perfectly straight hair that won’t curl has made me enjoy it a whole lot more and have a lot more fun with what it will actually do rather than trying to make it do something it can’t. I need more reasons to wear flowers in my hair. I should go to San Francisco.

  • Kristi

    You need to check out the bridal section of They have an amazing collection and everything is so affordable. I got a sash for my gown that is tons of beaded pearls on ivory ribbon. It’s so pretty and only cost $40. The pearls are plastic (obviously) but you can’t tell unless you look really close.

    I’m going super simple for my gown and jewlery because I am doing it UP with my head piece and I didn’t want it to be too much. I drew some inspiration of what I like from etsy but a friend from work (who used to own a bridal shop with her mother) has offered to make my headpiece (picture it: huge flower and blusher veil!) and do my dress alterations as a gift. You never know the talents that your family and friends may have. :)

  • ItsyBitsy

    Ohman. Can I wear them all?

    Also, as far as other etsy beauties, I often find myself ogling at WhichGoose ( ). So lovely. I’m currently drooling over this:

  • Great images, loved them!

  • I’ve got to put in a plug for Over the Top Fascinators ( No, it’s not my business–I officiate brides, not decorate them! (Ha! Not bad–I just made that up!) But seriously, they do such chic work and the customer service is fabulous. I’ve recommended them to many of our brides.

  • Kristine

    I got my hair piece from …a little different than typical hair flowers/lace/organza/etc. I also found a 42″ veil on sale for $20 from Originally wanted a shorter veil, but decided to take a chance and looooove the longer length!

  • Nicole

    None would like to miss the opportunity to get ready like a princes on her wedding with those attractive clothes, matching fascinators and jewellery. After all, those moments will never come in the life once again.