Winter Wedding Colors That Are SophisticatedAF

No Christmas explosions here!

If you’re looking for winter wedding colors, it can be easy to think that you have to limit yourself to green and red, and making the whole thing look like a giant Christmas party. But if we haven’t convinced you that Winter Wedding Magic is real yet, let’s look at winter wedding colors, those amazing hues that come along with season.

Not only is winter not just about holiday colors, you don’t have to stick to just snowy white either! There are so many dreamy, moody options that bring out the best of the season—from festive, holiday-inspired metallics to icy shades of blue or lavender to deep, rich, ultra-cozy shades you could dive into. So, let’s talk winter wedding colors, the many shades of the most enchanting season.

The Shades Of White winter Wedding colors

Group of women in a room, all wearing white winter wedding colors and holding bouquetselegant banquet room decorated in white and gold winter wedding colorsCloseup of man wearing winter wedding colors: a cream tie with grey suit

What is more iconic and enchanting for a winter wedding than snowy white? It’s the shade that falls from the sky and blankets the trees, the pure white look that makes everything seem so silent and calm and still and otherworldly. The shades of white wedding is restrained and sleek, while still being pretty and ethereal.

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Saturated Winter Wedding Colors

Bouquet in winter wedding colors: red, burgundy, white, and cream on a navy background, with velvet ribbonsWoman in wearing a winter wedding colors velvet dress in emerald green, sitting in green chair reaching for whiskey glassman looking down at boutonnière in his winter wedding colors velvet burgundy coatCake and candles on sideboard with a winter wedding colors indigo velvet tableclothWoman holding pair of winter wedding colors burgundy/oxblood velvet heelsClose up of man in winter wedding colors: a medium blue coat with a dark red tie and coordinating boutonnièreInvitation suite with winter wedding colors green details on marble table

If all-white isn’t your thing, you can go the other direction with a rich and saturated high-contrast palette that puts dramatic pops of shadowy, striking shades of burgundy, oxblood, evergreen, and indigo against a crisp, white foundational palette. Think of it like coat-wrapped carolers in the snow. There’s something ultra-romantic about the drama of sultry, dark, touchable textures and moody shades that come together for an elegant, vintage vibe with just the right amount of holiday.

Ice-inspired Winter Wedding Colors

Succulent and rose bouquet closeup in blue-grey, cream, and sage winter wedding colorsThree women in blue dresses holding bouquets wearing winter wedding colors: icy blue with white bouquetsTable setting using winter wedding colors: grey place card, green rosemary sprig, and grey velvet ribbonrolled up tie on vintage postcards in winter wedding colors: lavenderDecorated and lighted room with tables in winter wedding colors: silver and blue place settingsA tablescape filled with winter wedding colors: two plush blue velvet chairs at a table with taper candles in metallic holders, mercury glass votives, and burgundy flower arrangements with greenery and grey ribbonBride and bridesmaids in cool pink and light blush winter wedding colorsA man in a black suit kisses a woman on the beach; she is wearing winter wedding colors: a blue tulle skirt with a white lace top and silver hairpiecePlace setting in winter wedding colors: gray plates with lavender table runner, gold flatware, and amethyst accents Metal floral headpiece in winter wedding colors: lavender, dark purple, silver, and whitepieces of slate in grey winter wedding colors with names calligraphied on them in white

Go with colors as light as an early snowfall, with shades that recall a wintry landscape with a delicate flush of color that adds a little more. Barely-there lavenders and icy blues, stripped down shale, and effortlessly elegant slate. More subtle than spring’s candy-colored pastels, more delicate that autumn’s hearty brown and reds, this restrained minimalism leaves a clean, fresh impact that’s cool without being chilly. 

Metallic Winter Wedding Colors

A tablescape in winter wedding colors with brass chairs next to the table, which is covered in a blue velvet tablecloth and fully with coordinating plates Macarons in winter wedding colors: Grey dotted with gold metallic food glitterflower arrangements in winter wedding colors: silver mercury glass bottles holding baby's breath on tableTwo dessert tables in winter wedding colors: one with a grey/silver metallic tablecloth and the other with a bronze metallic tablecloth in a large white room with gold, grey, and marble accentsPile of feathers in winter wedding colors: white and cream feathers dipped in gold glitterBack of woman in winter wedding colors: a sparkling dress of translucent sequins

And then, those metallics. If you’re a pedal-to-the-metallic kinda couple, you toss those sparkly, shiny shades around like it’s the last New Year’s Eve before the apocalypse. For those who like sparkle but are not Extra types, I say go subtle. That means mixing them up with a hefty dose of matte shades and textures. Silver is definitely your wintry friend, but let it sing—don’t crowd it with too much noise, decor, and clutter. A pop of festive gold, rose gold, or bronze among a soft, cream landscape can go far. Think: a touch of loud New Year’s Eve glitter, or a hint of celebratory holiday sequins, but with the contrast of a quiet white, champagne, or clean gray, as serene and stripped-down as a cozy winter’s night.

Greenery-inspired winter wedding colors

A pair of satin heels in winter wedding colors: emeraldTable setting with wood slices and fir table runnerGroup of women wearing winter wedding colors: dark green dresses and holding bouquets with greenery, white flowers, and pineconesThree boutonnières in winter wedding colors: fir and pineconestablescape in winter wedding colors: white candle and fir table runner among dishes with blue accents and a pile of gold and kraft-wrapped giftsstrings of fir sprigs hangingThree women wearing dresses in winter wedding colors: dark green dresses, holding flowerswoman in white dress holding bouquet with fir sprigsfrosted tiered cake in winter wedding colors sitting on table: white cake with green foliage decorations and pinecones

And, let’s not forget our winter wedding MVP, the evergreen tree. When the rest of the world’s blooms are throwing in their petals, she’s in it to win it all season with her gleaming, green majesty. Give her some credit with an evergreen-white-brown palette reminiscent of scenes you’d see from a fantasy sleigh ride. Go green and all-natural with your “florals,” layering the beautiful, intricate textures of conifers: drape fir cuttings on tables or spunky spruce boughs in bouquets, and pepper an occasional, tastefully placed pinecone throughout.

If you got married in the chilliest season, what were your winter wedding colors?

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