Winter Is The Most Enchanting Time To Get Married

30 gorgeousAF winter wedding ideas

I’m mildly obsessed with winter wedding ideas. It’s probably because when you grow up in a place with endless summer (me, Hawaii), a couple of things happen. 1. Your hair is always frizzy. 2. You love that mysterious, romantic, unattainable thing that is winter. Everything about it. The idea of it. The aesthetic of it. Snowflakes. Hot toddies. Fireplaces. BOOTS. (God, I love boots.)

In my head, winter is all about the romance of snuggling up in front the fire, and it is also hella beautiful. (I don’t spend much time thinking about wet boots and windchill factor, because Hawaii.) But seriously: How crazy is it that snowflakes are natural things that exist? I am a thirty-year-old woman, and every time I see a snowflake (which is not often, unfortunately) I tear up a little. They are magical! They are basically tiny crystals that naturally Fall. From. The. Sky. They are heavenly, divine glitter confetti dusting the earth in celebration of your nuptials.

In other words, winter is enchanting. It’s when the earth hibernates under a totally unreal, crystalline, sugar-like landscape. It’s a time when warmth is truly, really recognized and valued and appreciated. When dressing like a magical queen out of a fantasy book is completely acceptable. (See: Crowns and headpieces galore, bonus if encrusted with crystals and other sparkly bits.) When cookie culture is a real, actual, wonderfully huge thing. The end and the beginning of the year. It’s a time of festivities. Of love. Of traditions. Of candlelight. Family. Togetherness.

So, embrace it! Go full-on HAM with your winter wedding ideas and wonderment, from silvery doughnuts to hot cocoa bars to long-sleeved dresses. Here are the ways I’m dreaming of the perfect frost-filled fête.

Let’s do this, ice kween.

Winter Wedding Ideas

Closeup of woman's dyed blue skirt and man's legs in dress pants

Embrace texture

Winter is the season to go extra with your textures, and there’s no better moment than at a winter wedding. I’m talking velvets! Metallics! Satins! Fur! Snowflake-like laces are perfect always, but used creatively (like as laser-cut invitation sleeves), it can make a huge impact. Channel your inner snow queen and go for some luxe embellishments like beading, brocade, or embroidery (especially on your cape, because I hope there’s a cape). Crystals are not a yes, they’re a YASS. Especially when they’re in a magnificent masterpiece of a cake, or when they’re chunky, raw, organic-looking, edgy little things in a tiara that’s more boho goddess than Disney princess.

Winter wedding ideas for a gold ribboned invitation set next to rings on a table

Try: Eye-catching, luxurious velvet ribbons on invitations… or on everything.

Winter wedding ideas for an invitation with lace overlay and white ribbon sitting on table in front of roses

Go for intricate, white lace details, like so many snowflakes.

Winter wedding ideas for a woman who is being helped into a fur stole by three other women

This is the time to finally indulge in those rich, warm furs (fake or vintage).

Winter wedding ideas for a table in blue velvet cloth with bronze chairs in the desert, set fully

Sure, crushed velvet tablecloths are not that practical IRL, but they create a lush and dramatic tablescape, and they’re perfect for Just This Once.

Winter wedding ideas for a medium close up of bodice of woman wearing gold and white dress

While we’re here for glittery gold lace in any season, it’s particularly fitting on those winter wedding dresses.

Winter wedding ideas for backdrops—a couple standing in front of a wall of string lights

Not into fur? How about unbearably elegant, soft, white stoles over a gown?

Winter wedding ideas for a tiered wedding cake with teal and white crystals embedded inside

Crystals aren’t just for earrings. Consider crystal cakes in cool shades with glitter details.

Winter wedding ideas for a crystal crown—close up of crystal crown on brunette

That said, one should never miss an excuse for chunky crowns studded with ice-like crystals.

Winter wedding ideas for cape—a brunette woman and man walking away, with woman in white cape and dress and holding bouquet

Want to skip fuzzy and go sleek? How about white capes and cloaks that would feel perfectly at home in a sleigh.

Go Moody & Minimal

While winter gives you an excuse to go Extra, but if that’s not your style, there was never a better season to get minimal and moody. Picture this: A palette of snowy white framing bridesmaids in deep crimson cloaks. All-ivory wedding party carrying deep-green, fir-centric bouquets. Bouquets made entirely of layered greenery. Silvery-grey linens adorned with silvery grey eucalyptus and bleached wooden branches. Spare copper-colored leaves stretched over a stark, statement-making arch in an industrial loft. If minimal and moody is your always and forever vibe, let’s hit it with these winter wedding ideas:

Winter wedding ideas for a modern, winter minimalist wedding party—Group of gown-clad women standing in snowy landscape

How about a crew of bridesmaids in greys or muted blues? (If you’re really pushing towards minimal, skip the sparkles and fur.)

Winter wedding ideas for bringing in nature—Bleached branches and pinecones in vases on table

White-centric decor doesn’t have to mean Christmas. (Special shout out to those folks celebrating winter weddings who don’t celebrate Christmas.) You can say elegant winter with organic and natural elements, with no red and green in sight.

Winter wedding ideas for a winter tablescape of plates, candles, fir foliage and pinecones

But if the wafting scent of evergreen is your jam, consider a simple centerpiece of greenery and a minimal color scheme.

Winter wedding ideas for place settings—Grey napkin with white flowers on top

Winter means snow and ice, and blue and white. So go with organic-feeling, rustic linens in the softest blue.

Winter wedding ideas for natural details—gold painted branches on stone background

Spray paint never goes amiss as one of our favorite DIY tools. So consider sparse, wintry branches spray panted in metallic hues as a minimal (and affordable) alternative to flowers.

Elegant Winter Wonderland

For those that don’t celebrate Christmas, or who are getting married in January or February… or just don’t want their wedding to look like Santa Clause might be coming to town, there are so many winter wedding ideas that turn your part into a shining winter wonderland… with nary an elf in sight. Pinecones (painted pewter, perhaps, or in an organic, earthy spread) can be the classiest details there are, if used sparingly.

Showcase fireplaces in any capacity you can. Include gently festive applications of metallics and glitter. Decorate with snowflake-reminiscent geometrics in whites and silvers, or—omg—stars. Stock the place with tapered candles in beautiful wooden or matte metal candlesticks. HAVE MULLED WINE.

Winter wedding ideas for tablescape lighting—Moody, dark holiday tablescape with candles

Winter means candles galore! (And if your venue bans flames, use twinkly LED candles for a very realistic and fire safe effect.)

Winter wedding ideas for Invitations—wrapped in string and fir sprig
Consider small evergreen touches on invitations and paper goods.

Winter wedding ideas for hair accessories—Brunette wearing star crown
Go for stars everywhere, but especially in your hair.

Winter wedding ideas for hair accessories—Brunette wearing branch hair decoration
Think of less obvious winter symbols—like branches—and give them luxe treatment.

Winter wedding ideas for sweet treats—A tray of cupcakes topped with greenery on a table

Try wintery fir sprigs decorating desserts, and top them with snow-like frosting or powdered sugar.

Winter wedding ideas for altar decorations—Fireplace and rows of chairs in room adorned with green arrangements

Have a fireplace? Use it. This ultra-cozy fireplace takes centerstage as an altar.

Winter wedding ideas for decor—Silver Geometric decor hanging amidst ferns

Winter is a great time to embrace geometric ice crystals as silvery wall hangings.

Winter wedding ideas for table numbers—Acrylic table number on table with greens in back

Or, do geometry in white, as thematic table numbers.

Pitcher and two cups of mulled wine on tray with oranges

And mulled wine, always and forever

Go Cozy

Hot cocoa bars and s’mores favors are right at home at a winter wedding. Silvery glittered doughnut buffets with coffee are always a good idea, but in winter they are a great idea. Sleigh rides out of a fairytale? Perfect. Passing out blankets at the ceremony? Hygge central. The thing about winter is it brings people together—literally! It’s cold out there, folks. Snuggle up and go ahead and rock those sweaters, wraps, long-sleeved dresses (SO elegant), and stoles. Yes: STOLES. Here are winter wedding ideas for those of you who just want to get cozy.

Winter wedding ideas for a sweet treat—Woman drinking hot chocolate wearing fascinator and white dress

Monogrammed hot cocoa breaks up a chilly interlude.

Winter wedding ideas for a sweet treat—Closeup of silvery white doughnuts

Donuts are always a good idea but sparkly donuts are a downright magical one.

Winter wedding ideas for long-sleeved gown—Woman in white gown with man, holding a bouquet

Long-sleeved gowns keep you looking elegant (and warm).

Winter wedding ideas for favors—Packaged marshmallows, cracker and chocolate as smores favor

Consider everyone’s favorite fireside dessert, as a DIY bar, or favor, or both.

Winter wedding ideas for long-sleeved dress—Blonde woman in white gown holding bouquet

Ultra-minimal, long-sleeved gowns are as sweet (or edgy) as can be. Pick your vibe.

Winter wedding ideas for transportation—Woman in white dress and man standing in front of horse drawn carriage

 If you have a chance for carriage (or sleigh!) ride through a snowy landscape, take it.

Winter wedding ideas for cozy hospitality for guests—Chalkboard sign in front of a brick wall that reads "To have and to hold in case you get cold" above a basket of grey fleece blankets

And always: blankets for huddling, snuggling, and cuddling under.

Are you planning (or did you have) a winter wedding? What are your favorite winter wedding ideas?

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