Yay New York: Confetti Hangover

Yay New York

I was going to post this tomorrow, but what the heck. It’s 2am and we’re still awake (if only barely), so it’s coming at you now.

Tonight was incredible. When our amazing DJ Whitney Day showed up, I told her that I was going to break from so much emotion, and she said, “Now that I’m here, no more crying.” And she was right. From then on, it was only celebrating.

It was celebrating the two couples that got married. It was celebrating the APW community (Oh my god, you guys are SO HOT. I pulled several people aside to ask if it was just me or if the room was a pulsating blur of sparkly sassy hotness, and everyone agreed that it was.). It was celebrating a truly amazing group of vendors and helpers who came together and for one day became a living breathing team. It was celebrating New York and marriage equality.

It was magic.

I’m going to spend the weekend trying to figure how to put what went on in that room into words (and pictures). So for now, I’m just leaving you with confetti. Thank you, all of you, for reading, and crying, and cheering, and being there with all of us in spirit today. We felt it. (And you can still donate to the APW LAMBDA Legal drive here). Goodnight….

Picture: Emily Takes Photos

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