Yay New York: Party Details

So, it’s finally upon us! Yay New York, our party to celebrate same sex marriage in New York, and raise money for same sex marriage everywhere—thrown with Lowe House Events—is coming up in just one week! On Saturday I pack my bags and fly to New York City to get this show on the road. This weekend APWers all over the country will be throwing mini-parties to celebrate. On Monday we’ll launch APW’s fundraiser for LAMBDA Legal, and next Thursday we’ll be marrying two couples in New York City… and dancing like crazy to celebrate.

The Details:

The party takes place at 320 Studios in Manhattan at 8pm on Thursday, August 25th, and I’ve finally got details to share with you. Excellent details.

A) Confetti System Piñatas. At the end of the night, we’ll be bashing one in (I know).

B) We’ll be eating La Newyorkina Mexican popsicles (because popsicles are totally the new pie, which is the new cupcake).

C) We’ll be drinking Monogamy Wine.

D) DJ Whitney Day will be spinning (we’ve requested an old school hip-hop, Nina Simone, crazy disco mash-up vibe).

E) And we’ll also be drinking Sangria, yum. (thanks to Katie Jane Photo for the picture)

All this while toasting the two newly married couples and raising money for a good cause. I can’t wait to see you there!

We have a few tickets left, so act fast!

And finally, thanks to Random.org, the winner of the Hart & Sol Photo Yay New York ticket giveaway is… Rachel (Dday) Porter. I know. I checked about a zillion times to make sure that she was really who was randomly selected, but indeed, somehow Random.org picked the lady throwing the Washington D.C. Yay New York Party. Karma is awesome.

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