Yay New York: Regional Party Wrap-Ups

{Signs from the Raleigh-Durham party.}

This weekend, in advance of the big Yay New York party in NYC, APWers all over the country got together to celebrate marriage equality, thanks to the massive powers of organization of Cindy of Crafty Broads in Chicago. I expected people to throw little book club style parties, but Team Practical does not go halfway in the party department. There were more fabulous baked goods than you can imagine, champagne flute towers, and raffle prizes. It was a taste of what’s to come in NYC on tomorrow (tickets here). Let’s start with DC’s blowout party thrown by long time APWer DDay Porter:

The DC party took place at a semi-private room off the upstairs bar at Dupont Italian Kitchen (DIK Bar—yes, it’s a gay bar, the name is intentional). Despite the torrential downpour that broke over us right as the party was supposed to start, we had a good turnout. We had a raffle, champagne, and rainbow cupcakes. Raffle prizes were: Yay! New York limited edition tote, gift certificates to Scion Restaurant (owned by an APW lady, who just got married on Saturday), and a 10-class pack at STROGA (strength + yoga). The crowd was mostly APW ladies and their friends and partners (and my mom!), but we were very excited to meet two ladies who saw the party listed in DCist’s Weekend Picks and decided to check it out (we think APW gained two new readers!). And we had several guys wander in from the bar area to see what the party was about, and a couple of them stayed to hang out for a bit.


Then there was Raleigh-Durham, which will quite possibly put all future APW parties everywhere to shame. Including the *actual* Yay New York party. They do not play in North Carolina. Yes, that’s a Yay New York Logo brownie cake. Yes, that’s a champagne flute tower.

The party in Chapel Hill (technically the Raleigh-Durham regional party) was so much fun! Most of the people didn’t know each other to begin with, but conversations throughout the night ranged over a ridiculous number of topics, and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves.

Well, they obviously were, because while the party was supposed to be from 7pm to 11pm, people didn’t leave until after midnight! The APWers got to explain all about APW, Yay New York, and why we were fundraising for Lambda Legal. If it hadn’t been such a frenzy to get everything ready, I’d probably want to do this every weekend—there really is nothing better than five straight hours of great conversation, good food, cake, and champagne.


Then there was Ohio. Not to be out-done by a logo brownie, Maggie made a tiered rainbow cake. I know. I know. The actual Yay New York party is starting to be scared for it’s life.

There were eight people in attendance from all over Ohio and it was fabulous. We met in Columbus at one APWer’s (lovely) apartment; we enjoyed a potluck meal and raised our glasses of sangria in a toast to the NY couples and marriage equality (let’s keep the momentum going!).

On top of the other goodies, we also ate a rainbow layer cake to celebrate the occasion. Yay APW and yay NY!


Then there was Vermont, who celebrated with equality dinosaurs. What? You don’t know about equality dinosaurs? Wherever have you been?

The Burlington, VT party went beautifully. It was a cozy sort of party. I was the only one there who reads APW (for now) but everyone else was excited to get together and celebrate marriage equality, and drink champagne. Lots of celebration was had, and it was a grand time for everyone. Including the random neighbor we invited in.


Then there was the Seattle party, organized by Bec of Blush Celebrations. They had rainbow cupcakes, and shared them with the whole bar. Up till now I seriously did not know that rainbow baked goods were a thing, so where have *I* been? Five of us Seattle area readers met at Rosebud, a restaurant on Capitol Hill. It was a relaxing few hours, making some new friends, kicking back a few drinks (um, pomegranate martini. Yum.) and eating the rainbow cupcakes provided by The Chic Cupcake . We even spread the cupcake love around the restaurant (we had plenty to share). The staff and other patrons got a kick out of them; we probably sent at least a dozen home with the staff, a half dozen or so to customers, and we won’t mention how many the five of us went through.

Rainbow cupcakes rule. Clearly.

Thanks to JaneLiz, Hannah and Becky for spending a Saturday night with me APW style. We all wish Leanne & Anne, Cory & Aaron a very happy and legal wedding day!


And finally there was the Chicago party, thrown by Cindy of Crafty Broads. Not to be outdone, Cindy baked a cake in the Yay New York Logo—it was colored to match and everything—and then provided plenty of booze. Obviously.

Chicago had a great party! About twenty people came out to support marriage equality—including a few men, hooray! We drank plenty of champagne, ate lots of equality cake, and we raised lots of money for Lambda Legal. Everyone had a great time and decided we need to get together more often. A kayak trip in the Chicago river is already in the works.

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  • Those rainbow cakes look delicious, y’all!

    I can’t wait to read the liveblogging of this huge event… I can’t believe it’s happening tomorrow! So excited! I know it’s going to be amazing.

  • Wow, I am drooling over the baked goods. And I’m so, so excited for tomorrow!

  • FawMo

    Thanks for the round-up! Our Seattle party was so fun. Thanks to Bec for planning.

    Meg, BRING ON the live-blogging.

  • I’m so excited for Leanne and Anne & Cory and Aaron.

    And Meg! You’re live blogging?! So freaking excited.

  • Just a citizen journalist reporting from Ohio that the rainbow layer cake tasted as good if not better than it looked. Viva Maggie, viva marriage equality.

  • So excited for tomorrow!

  • I seriously got goose bumbs when Meg said she was live bloggin! Yes!! I’m so excited for tomorrow! Congratulations Leanne & Anne and Cory & Aaron, may your married lives together be filled with joy, laughter, growth, honesty and LOVE!

  • Living away from home, I am so thankful to the internet for letting me share special moments I would have otherwise missed. This is one of this moments. I’ll be waiting for your blogs with a happy heart and a big smile for this big change for good in the World. :)

  • Jen M

    So sad I missed the Chicago party :(

    • Kinzie Kangaroo

      Me tooooooooooooooo.

  • Look at all the yummy baked goods. Desserts are even better when they’re supporting equality. Soooo excited for live blogging tomorrow.

  • bec

    Bring on the live blogging. And more regional celebrations!! And most importantly … congratulations to the happy couple on their wedding eve!!!!!

  • Bahahaha, those rainbow cupcakes are BOSS!

  • meg

    I’d expect updates every two or so hours. That is my goal, since I actually have to participate as well!

  • Those parties look awesome! Some day I hope to find a way to meet up with the Ohio girls for one of these APW events. :)

    • Maggie

      Definitely! Love meeting new people. In what part of Ohio do you live?

      • I am in Columbus but always seem to have plans the days of meet ups.

  • Equality dinosaurs? Awesome. I think they should be APW’s mascots. I guess it is hard to beat frazzled bride as mascot – but equality dinosaurs are close

  • Jessica

    So excited! But the man is very concerned about what to wear. Any thoughts on appropriate attire for tomorrow night?

    • I think that the answer is always sparkly shoes. Though you will want comfy ones as well, since you will be boogie-ing down to Whitney Day.

  • I can’t believe I had to miss Maggie’s rainbow cake! That looked delicious!

    Soooo excited for live blogging tomorrow – I’m excited to hear all about it!

  • Vmed

    Am I the only one who can’t get over how much the equality cakes look like mitosis?

    Ok, maybe it’s just me.

    Yay NY!!!

  • Aah, I couldn’t make it to the DC party after all. There was the torrential downpour. And also, the wisdom from a conversation with Ang finally took root in my mind, that with only three weeks to go before the wedding, it was worth it to have our last weekend together be a wedding-free time.

  • Oh man. So many cakes I need to shove my face in. This is an excellent excuse for a baking marathon. Nothing says marriage equality like passing out, face down, in a puddle of coagulated frosting. Right?? Eh??

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