September Weddings and Anniversaries

This week has felt pretty joyful and community filled with all the re-caps of Yay New York. We thought we’d end it with a bang with September Weddings and Anniversaries, and what a month it is! Raise a glass to those about to be wed and those celebrating the deep joy, struggle, and richness of marriage. Yay community!


Upcoming Weddings:

Andee and Collin, September 3, 2011; Blog: Finding A Wife

Chris and Lauren, September 3, 2011; Twitter: @laurenha7

Leaf and Christine, September 4, 2011; Blog: i would totally marry me if i could.

Stephanie C. and Bobby C., September 4, 2011; Blog: Waterford Receptions

Michelle and Ryan, September 10, 2011

Beth and Kevin,  September 10, 2011

Cara and Nicole, September 10, 2011

Chandra Abel and Tony Petelin, September 10, 2011; Blog: Chandra Abel Designs

Devlyn S. and Peter K., September 10, 2011; Blog: Devlyn And Peter

Kate and Eric, September 10, 2011; Twitter: @goodbyetothese

Liz and Cristina, September 10th, 2011

Liz and Jared, September 10, 2011; Blog: Next in the City

Rachel and Matt, September 10, 2011

Sharon and Nick, September 10, 2011; Twitter: @knacksharona

Stephanie Jones and David Aoki “Team Joki,” September 10, 2011

Sarah and Dave, September 17, 2011

KA and Scott, September 17, 2011; Blog: Discerning Dilettante

Lizzie and John, September 17, 2011

Renee and David, September 17, 2011

Stephanie and Adam, September 17, 2011

SS and BDR, September 18, 2011; Blog: Listening for Water

Nick and Laura, September 19, 2011

Celeste and Steve, September 23, 2011; Blog: Art 4 a Democratic Society

Marisa and Patrick, September 24, 2011

Marshall and Alicia, September 24, 2011; Blog: Marshall and Alicia

TJ and Courtney, September 24, 2011

Jennifer and Wes, September 25, 2011; Blog:  Make me Thy fuel, oh Flame of God

Kara and Brian, September 25, 2011

Karen and Brian, September 25, 2011

Jenn H. and Brandon S., September 17, 2011; Blog: a misallocation of resources

Nick and Evie, September 24, 2011; Blog: How to Live in Ohio (on purpose); Twitter: @ohevie

Upcoming Anniversaries:

Blind Irish Pirate & Curly Haired Husband, September 13, 2008; Blog: A Human Attempt at Flight

Darin and Wendy (and kitties, Temporary and Panda), September 9, 2009; Blog: Uptowne Cleveland Nights

Alyssa and Matthew, September 19, 2009; Blog: Kind of a Mess & Ask Team Practical; Twitter: @Lyssachelle; Photo by Brandi Thompson Photography

Ben and Meredith, September 26, 2009; Photo by Brighten Photography

Rosey and Liam, September 2, 2010; Photo by Katelyn Fraser

Christina and Michael, September 4, 2010; Blog: A Musing List

Erin and Chris, September 4, 2010; Blog: LittleWit’s Crafty Adventures; Twitter: @littlewitknits

Melinda and Kevin McLaughlin, September 4, 2010; Blog: I Cook with Wine; Twitter: @icookwthwine; Photo by Jenn Farmer

Sarah and Bill, September 4, 2010; Blog: The Best of Intentions

Amy and Will, September 5, 2010; Blog: midcitysaturdays; Photo by Sarah Alair Photography

Mark and Amanda, September 11, 2010; Blog: Poppies and Ice-cream

Ruth & Sean, September 11, 2010; Blog: Flowers in the Window; Twitter: @RRSullivan

Sarah and Wes, September 16th, 2010; Blog: bonding carbon units; Twitter: @douxquemiel

April and Brian, September 18, 2010

Ashley and Brian, September 18, 2010; Blog: Newly L.A.

Benjamin Card and Sarah Handel, September 18, 2010; Blog: Something On

Bird and Turtle, September 18, 2010; Blog: Queer Skies Ahead

Christine and Jay, September 18, 2010; Photo by Uplift Photography

Jason and Chelsey, September 18, 2010; Blog: An Outlet of the Mind

Danielle and Matt, September 18, 2010; Blog: A Weighty Mix

Kate and Carlos, September 26, 2010 ; Blog: Barn-Swallow; Twitter: @barnswallowkate

Megan and Eric, September 18, 2010

Anne and Jason, September 25, 2010

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  • I love these posts. There’s so much love AND it’s my excuse to go home and check out everyone’s blogs. :-)

  • Karen

    Love this…and now I know I’m really getting married this month! Yikes!

    One question — Kara, how are you and I marrying the same man on the same day??? See you at the wedding, I guess!

    • I read that like three times and STILL wasn’t convinced I’ve messed up. :-)

  • Congratulations, everyone! :)

  • Sarah

    Oh my goodness how did it get to be September! I can’t believe it’s here and our wedding’s only two weeks away. Congratulations everyone, and good luck!

  • Steph

    Congratulation everyone! We are two weeks away and I feel like im just trying to remember to breath!

  • Rizubunny

    Holy crap…11 of us on the 10th! And another Liz! (I’m of the “Liz and Cristina” set.) Congratulations everybody!

    • Kate

      Woot, congrats to you too! 9-10-11- easiest anniversary date ever!

      • Darin and I picked 09-09-09! Dude can’t remember anybody’s birthday, but for SURE knows when he got married.

    • Yay, me too! I didn’t get around to making it into the post, oh well!

    • Sharon

      Yay for 9-10-11! Will be sending you all good thoughts when we get ready in the morning “together” and wishes of great wedding days!

    • coco

      yay for us 9-10-11-ers (and everyone else too, of course!)
      5 days to go…. almost done with all this planning insanity!

  • Best wishes to the soon-to-be married couples (breathe!) & Congratulations to the anniversary couples! Cheers~

  • Best wishes and love to all the September couples!

  • awww yay!! the sisterhood dress will Finally be worn! :) :)

    try not to wash away this weekend Christine! (and anyone else in the path of storms)

    everyone getting married this month, much love and breathing and zen!

    and happy anniversaries to all. <3 <3

    • wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :)

  • Congratulations everyone!

  • So happy for everyone! Congratulations!

  • Omigosh. Are Mark and Amanda wearing 3D wedding glasses?? Please say yes.

    • Lizzie

      I think they are wearing those awesome hologram glasses that make little hearts dance on every point of light. Hot tip: combine these with bubble bottle party favors and alcohol and you can’t lose.

  • ka

    Congratulations to my fellow September brides! We can do this!

    And happy anniversaries to all you other lovely ladies—we’re soon to be in good company. :-D

  • Lizzie

    Hooray! I was just hitting a severe moment of planning frustration (dammit – why doesn’t everyone coming to the wedding divide up into neat little groups of 8 to seat at the tables? why did we agree to have round tables? why am I making a seating chart in the first place?) on top of a rough week at work, and it was lovely to click over here and see all the Team Practical members that I will be sharing a wedding month with! I will think of you all fondly on the day itself!

    • Karen

      I’m with you, sister! No matter what we try, they end up in clumps of 6 — too small for one table, and too big to combine with another 6. It’s making me crazy!

  • Look at that looooong list of peeps getting married this month! Best wishes & Congratulations to all the happy couples!*

  • Carolyn

    Every month I search the anniversary post for someone I know, hoping there’s another Practical Bride in my life I didn’t know about. Someday, someday. In the meantime congratulations to all the about-to-be-weds and happy anniversary to all the already-weds!

    And I LOVE Amanda’s dress.

    • Thank you :) it was a bit hard to find.

      Girls, congratulatons to everyone. And sending wedding magic to you girls getting married this month :)

  • Hooray! Happy weddings and anniversaries to you all!