12 Proposal Ideas For The Time Of Corona

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This year, and all it’s brought with it, has been a roller coaster. And let me just *knock on wood* because it’s not over yet. Plans have had to change (I have canceled four different trips, as I know so many have), weddings have been delayed / postponed / completely changed, and so many lives have been affected by all this year has handed us.

But one thing that we just won’t let 2020 take, is LOVE.

As someone who personally decided enough was enough with the sadness back in June and proposed to my partner even if we don’t know what the future holds—I’ve got to just say: GO FOR IT. If proposing, moving, changing jobs, or any other plan has been on your mind and heart—what better time than now? What have we got to lose? (hint: nothing!) And, what have we got to gain? (hint: JOY!)

If proposing is on your mind, but you can’t figure out how to make it special, we’ve rounded up 12 adorable 2020 proposal ideas to help you out. And none of them are “Fly to Italy with your 27 closest family members for a huge epic proposal” because… well… it’s 2020 and low-key-special is the best kind of special this year.

Proposal Ideas for 2020:

Two women sit on a couch with a bowl of popcorn. The woman on the right puts her hand over the other's eyes, and you can see her engagement ring.

Missing Puzzle Piece

If this year has turned you and your partner into puzzle machines, this is a sweet idea just for you. Pull out a new puzzle to work on, and while they’re not looking, hide the last piece. As you reach the end of puzzle efforts, you could tuck that puzzle piece into a ring box with your engagement ring and as you propose, you can tell your beau that they’re the missing puzzle piece in your life.

white gold and diamond solitaire engagement ring for a 2020 proposal
Taylor & Hart Grace Engagement Ring

Outdoor Adventure

Plan a hike, picnic, backpacking trip, or any other outdoor adventure that you and your partner like to do together. I might be biased (I got engaged at a high mountain lake), but there’s nothing quite as special as the peace and quiet, solitude, and comfort of a special place to you. So if it’s a picnic at your local park, or a 12-mile hike into the wilderness, choose what feels right for you and then pop the question.

Celebration Zoom

If what you feel you’re missing from a proposal moment is the people, lean on the classic 2020 move. Get all your favorite people cued up for a coordinated Zoom call. You could trick your person into thinking it was someone else’s idea, or birthday celebration—even have someone send you and your partner an invite to the event, that way they’ll never catch on. When you’re ready, you can get down on one knee right there in front of your favorite people. Just make sure you’ve got champagne ready to pop. Nothing screams “2020 proposal” like this idea.

Woman looks into mirror, applying lipstick. You can see her engagement ring on her hand.

Shelter-In-Place Date

Have you been missing your favorite date night spot? While you might not be ready (or able) to take your love out for a night on the town and dinner at your favorite restaurant, you can order in. Send your partner out for an errand (lovingly and sneakily) so you have time to set up, pull out a favorite outfit of theirs so they can dress us when they arrive. Light some candles, order-in your favorite meal (don’t forget dessert), and create a dream date night at home that’s so special it’ll be remembered forever—the quintessential 2020 proposal idea.

Close up shot of a hand wearing a fully custom gold and diamond engagement ring.
A Taylor & Hart Bespoke Custom Engagement Ring

Pizza My Heart

More of a low-key couple? (We are.) Order up your favorite pizza and hide the ring right inside the box (maybe on a small piece of parchment paper), or quickly decorate the inside of the box with “Be forever a pizza my heart?” Now, dinner and your proposal are served.

Scavenger Hunt

Plan a little adventure around your house, your neighborhood, or your town. You could have clues that send your partner to one or two of your favorite spots in town (like your first date location), then finally to the spot where you’re waiting, with a specific question in mind.

Man and woman lay on picnic blanket, woman's hand with engagement ring shows

Family Fun

For some, the idea of a proposal without family involved just isn’t the vision they’ve had. And while having a bunch of family in the same space might not be in the cards this year, you can still have folx join in. You could do a drive-by parade of family, or have them all join you at the park with signs that spell out “Say yes!,” so that when you ask the question, they pop out (socially distanced, of course) with their signs in hand.

2020 proposal ideas: close up of gold and multi color stone engagement ring
A Taylor & Heart Bespoke Custom Engagement Ring


Were you planning a big beach vacation for 2020, and planning to pop the question there? Turn your house into the vacation. Set up the yard or living room like a vacation. Put beach scenes on the TV, beach towels on the floor, and a beach umbrella for effect. Get it all set up, then invite your love to join you on your staycation, where you’ll pop the question even if you can’t quite smell the ocean breeze.

Photoshoot Surprise

I think getting photos of the proposal is key, regardless. So, convince your love to join you as ‘models for a photoshoot’, or just on a family photo session. Use that moment, while everyone’s feeling their fanciest, to ask the question, and you’ll get some really special photos to treasure while you’re at it. And since this is a 2020 proposal idea, bring the masks and plan for some social distance to keep everyone safe.


Close up photo of gold and square diamond engagement ring
Taylor & Hart Bespoke Custom Engagement Ring

If you’re anything like me,  you’ve never spent more cozy time at home with your partner and your dogs than you have in the last 6 months. Why not get the pups involved in the fun. Tie the ring to their collar, so that when your love comes home from Target they’re met with a shiny surprise and you can ask the question. Have tasty treats or some champagne ready to celebrate!

Breakfast In Bed

Wake up early (be very quiet) one morning. Make a tasty breakfast, and brew a cup of coffee, and tuck the ring right there on the tray or plate, then gently wake your love to the most special breakfast of all. If your partner is a super deep sleeper, you could even slip the ring on their finger in their sleep, so they wake up already donning the goods. When it comes to 2020 proposal ideas, leaning into the cozy spaces of home sounds just right.

Light Up The Night

Order some glow in the dark letter stickers, and take it back to your middle school days. Write out your question on the ceiling of your bedroom in glow letters. Then when it’s time to crawl in for the night, you can shut off the lights to reveal your secret surprise message. I bet the lights will be back on pretty quickly though, so you can show off the ring.


The Rings

We partnered with Taylor & Hart for this post full of 2020 proposal ideas. But, what if you’re still on the hunt for a ring? Don’t worry… Taylor & Hart is a bespoke jewelry company that makes brilliant custom jewelry just for you. They believe that love has no limits, and neither should your jewelry. Taylor & Hart puts you at the center of the creative process and connects you directly with the designers and artisans who will be crafting your ring. While most online (and in-person) engagement ring shopping leaves you, as the client, with only the predesigned options to choose from or extremely high fees to even start designing your dream ring, Taylor & Hart has taken a different approach. Their entire business, systems, and processes are designed to listen to your preferences and ideas first. Then they’ll design a ring for you in a 3D computer system where you’ll get to give feedback and tweak it until it’s perfect.

Since so much of the Taylor & Hart process is about bespoke, customized pieces, we simply couldn’t show off everything they have to offer. So we rounded up ten of their classic engagement ring styles that we’d buy right now (if we could). Taylor & Hart also has a beautiful selection of wedding bands for every style.

Graphic of 10 of Taylor & Hart's engagement rings

1.Halcyon—oval diamond center and bead set diamonds set in 18K rose gold 2. Grace—round diamond solitaire set in 18K yellow gold  3. Allure—round diamond center and pavé diamond halo set in 18K white gold 4. Allure—pear diamond center and pavé diamond halo set in 18K yellow gold 5.  Utopia—princess diamond center and tapered baguettes set in 18K rose gold 6. Affinity—round diamond center and pear side diamonds set in platinum 7. Dawn—cushion diamond center and fishtail pavé diamond halo set in 18K rose gold 8. Etherial—marquise diamond center and bead-set diamond halo set in 18K yellow gold 9. Entwine—oval diamond center and twisted pavé diamond halo set in 18K white gold 10. Halcyon—oval diamond center and bead set diamonds set in 18K rose gold

Taylor & Hart Logo

This post is sponsored by Taylor & Hart—a bespoke custom jeweler that is ready to work with you to create your dream ring, in person, or online. With Taylor & Hart, the possibilities for custom engagement ring design are only as wide as your imagination. With Taylor & Hart, shoppers are no longer being constrained by the limiting options showcased on local jewelers’ shelves. Thanks to the innovation of software like 3D CAD designs and printing, it is now possible for anyone to create unique, one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces that reflect their style and personality, while solidifying their creative freedom. You can learn more about Taylor & Hart’s bespoke custom jewelry service here, and about how engagement rings are priced here.

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