These Are The Most Extraordinary Wedding Invitations We’ve Ever Seen

A Good Day Inc. will design you the most unique custom invites for a price you can actually afford

YOU ARE: Someone who LOVES paper goods and beautiful objects and art pieces—and would much rather spend your wedding budget on one-of-a-kind invites and paper goods, than say, favors or fancy shoes.

A GOOD DAY, INC. IS: The Toronto-based, shipping-worldwide boutique design company of Jordan Kentris. He is The L.O.V.E. Club member (APW’s wedding vendor incubator) and is the maker of the most insanely unique and gorgeous (and yet somehow still actually affordable) custom invitations we’ve ever seen. (As well as other paper goods like ceremony programs and menus, and working alongside planners on event design.) Think a luxe, maximalistic mix of colors and textures and objects and special touches that go well above and beyond just a piece of paper in an envelope:

Overhead layflat image of an invitation suite.Overhead layflat of an invitation suite.Overhead layflat of an invitation suite.Overhead layflat of an invitation suite.As Jordan told us,

We’re a fun loving company that likes to create cool, out-of-the-box ideas. We produce bespoke pieces that are mainly produced by hand; many hours go into each piece to create something that guests are excited to receive and truly set the tone for the event. I have a background in art history and a passion for architecture, couture fashion, and some crazy ass pattern mixing. I like to pull references from many periods and styles to create something magical for our couples and events we work on. I like to push the envelope (pardon the pun) of what people expect from stationery—it doesn’t only have to be paper! We’ve done hand-poured concrete, leather, laser-engraved metal, custom boxes, handmade flowers & more.

An invitation in a box full of flowers.

Here’s the thing: Yes, you can get perfectly lovely invitations from major retailers (we heart them too)—and they even seem like a good deal when you read the price per invite. But once you start adding up all the components and the customizations and the envelope addressing, the price creeps pretty high. So if you want to spend your money with a small business or artisan like A Good Day Inc. but feel like you need to justify the cost for yourself, add up what you’d spend all-in on invites from a big brand. You’ll likely find that the cost isn’t that different… and the work you’ll get is personal and just flat-out damn amazing.

A Good Day Inc.’s pricing typically starts at $10 per suite for flat print and includes an invitation, RSVP card, and two blank envelopes. They find couples typically spend between $15-$25 per suite once they add envelope addressing, liners, and paper/print upgrades. Remember, a good rule of thumb is you’ll need approximately half as many invites as guests—so 75 invitations at $20 a piece, would come out to $1,500. (Which we have on good authority is close to what Meg spent per person at Minted for her anniversary party invites.) A Good Day, Inc. also doesn’t have have a minimum quantity (score!) and they are happy to work with a wide range of budgets.

Plus! they are offering APW readers free digital envelope addressing for all deposits booked by December 31st for 2020 weddings (up to $1,000 value).

That means, for hardly any more of your precious budget than big box store invites would eat up, you can work one-on-one with an independent designer to create custom masterpieces like these:

A overhead image of an invitation suite.Overhead layflat of an invitation suite. An overhead layflat of an invitation suite.An overhead layflat of an invitation suite.


  • An appreciation of design and details—especially art nouveau and art deco.
  • Opposites who attract: Jordan works on A Good Day, Inc. alongside his husband, who is also an author and reiki master/energy worker.
  • A love of Harry Potter and Baz Luhrman’s Moulin Rouge.
  • The dream that your invites will be one-of-a-kind.

An overhead image an a wedding invitation.


A Good Day Inc. made our wedding invitations, and I cannot recommend them highly enough! They are phenomenal. Jordan responded to all of my emails immediately, as if he was waiting for them to arrive, and was so nice throughout. He went above and beyond in helping us create the exact invitation suite we wanted.

He sourced emerald envelopes for us, printed a poem on the backside of our invite, reworked a card from another suite to serve as our events card, changed colors and line spacing to our specifications, used Hebrew font at our request, and on and on. He sent us mock-ups at every stage, and figured out all of the details of the payment and delivery for us (we live in the US and he is in Toronto) so everything arrived quickly.

We are still getting compliments on the beautiful invitations. They turned out perfectly, with rich colors, thick card stock, and perfect detailing. A Good Day Inc. is the kind of vendor you wish you could use for all major life events; they are such a joy to work with. —Lisa

An overhead photo of an invitation suite.A full overhead layflat image of an invitation suite.


We created The L.O.V.E. Club to hook you all up with rising star wedding vendors before Martha Stewart comes calling—and if there’s one vendor we can tell in our bones will soon be charging ten times as much (and for good reason—it takes something like 20 hours per piece to make things like custom concrete invitations 😂🤣), it’s A Good Day, Inc.

Jordan’s invitations are literal three-dimensional art that you can afford to own. And take it from me, the person who designed and hand-sewed three-dimensional invitations because I wanted something unlike any invitations I’d ever seen before, Jordan will give you exactly that.

A GOOD DAY, INC. IS OFFERING APW READERS free digital envelope addressing for all deposits booked by December 31st for 2020 weddings (up to $1000 value).

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