A Practical Wedding Book – Done!

I wrote a book, you guys. That’s it, in the picture above. That’s ALL OF IT, all 211 pages, all 63,858 words. That’s all of it, because IT’S DONE. I handed it into my publisher on Friday.

Emily of Emily Takes Photos came over to my house on Friday to take pictures, and this is how I was feeling:

Meg Keene Author!

I believe we call that BAM!

And for those of you who are thinking, “You’re finished with the book already? It seems like it didn’t take very long!” You are right, my friends, it was quick, and I am tired. I left my job in January, and wrote the book in slightly under five months so it could get published next January, right in time for a new crop of baby brides (as Alyssa would say). A good question to ask right now would be, “How do you write a book in five months, while running a website, without being an insane person?” and I’d have a hard time answering that… because clearly I am a slightly insane person. But in general? You give yourself a schedule. You never miss a deadline. You write (almost) every work day (some days are just not writing days, face it). You don’t worry too much about making it good, at first, you just worry about getting it on paper. Then you worry about making it good, but not in an obsessive way.

Oh, and you get help. I’m dyslexic, and also have been known to take on a little too much at one time (achem) and go on small crying jags. So I knew I needed help and discipline. I hired my friend Kate, first ever reader of this website (Literally. I gave her the link the first day), and copy editor extraordinaire, to keep me on task. She picked up a chapter of the book every week, like clockwork, and edited it. She gave me feedback when I needed it, and told me to stop asking for feedback and get back to writing when I didn’t need it. She let me buy us both ice cream quite a bit, to dial down my stress. And here is the nutty thing… thanks to Kate (and Lauren, and Alyssa), I wrote the book without having a single massive meltdown. Whoa.

I’ve been struggling to find something really eloquent to say on the subject, and it turns out it’s not a subject I’m eloquent about. Frankly, it’s a subject I’m having a really hard time wrapping my head around at all. I wrote a book. A book that’s going to look like this:

A Practical Wedding Book by Meg Keene

Whoa. Yeah. That’s the cover. NotonlyTHAT? The book is listed on Amazon, and you can pre-order it already. What? Yes.

After I finished the first half, people would ask what I thought about the book, and I’d look into the middle distance and wave my arm around and say, “It’s not shitty.” And then I’d pause and say, “I really don’t have any perspective.” But in the last month a few things happened: I went to Mexico and re-read the book by the pool. Then we had some pre-engaged friends over asking me a lot of wedding questions, and I kept grabbing the manuscript, flipping through, and giving them a page to read. They’d read it, look up with a now-I-get-it, that’s-not-so-bad look in their eye, and say, “Oh, that was really helpful.” And that made me massively happy. Because what I really wanted to do was write a d*mn helpful book. A helpful, empowering book, that doesn’t make you crazy. And I’m pretty sure I did that. Plus, there are red shoes on the cover, so it’s kind of a win either way.

So what’s next? Well, right this second what’s next seems to be a massive head cold (which arrived the morning after I turned the book in, of course), and picking up the pieces of my life, literally and figuratively. I am telling anyone that asks that I am in Book Recovery right now. This week I’m helping out family, next week I hope to clean out our apartment (oh, and aforementioned awesome friend and editorial help Kate is insisting on taking me to see a movie… in the middle of the day).

But beyond that…. I’m really excited to turn my full energy to APW. This will be the first time in three years where APW is my full time job, and I can’t wait. I can’t wait to write more, to tweak content here and there, and to launch new wedding-related tools. And yes, this fall a new site will be in the works, but for now I’m happy to just be here, with you guys.

And a mother-f*cking-finished book.

Pictures: Me with the manuscript taken by David, Emily Takes Photos, The book cover, Emily Takes Photos

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  • Sarah

    Congratulations!! It’ll be too late for my wedding, but I guess I’ll probably buy it anyway, and in the meantime I’m so glad to have found this site!

  • EEKK!!! So exciting – congrats Meg!!

  • Oh my goodness, I am so excited to get to be the third to congratulate you!! (Thought I might be first with my crazy Australian timezone, but no such luck!) Way to go and can’t wait to read it. Next book club book? ;)

    • i second the motion for the bookclub! :) we can all read it and squeal over the awesomeness together.

      • Tina

        I was going to say this, but you both beat me to it. Would that be weird, though? Would someone else have to gather the discussion questions? Fun for us, but fun for Meg? It would certainly sell some books! Plus, I love any excuse for a book club.

  • Congratulations!! If the book is even half as good as the site, you’ll make plenty of people happy and (keep them) sane.

    Also: I’m in publishing and know how exciting it is to look at a book and see your name on the front. Awesome, huh? Enjoy your movie and your Book Recovery!

  • Jeannine

    whoooooooooooo-hoooooooooooo! this is so huge and although it may sound weird, i am so proud of you! take good care of yourself during the post-book-partum and congratulations again!

  • Oh SNAP!!! Just pre-ordered my book! Can’t wait to read it. Congrats Meg, and the entire APW team! Yay!!!

  • Fantasticness!!!! Can’t wait to buy it!!!

  • Caroline


    (And you can preorder on Amazon.co.uk too! INTL WIN!)

  • Jess K

    Meg, that’s awesome, congrats!! I’ve been reading your blog since January and although your book comes out after my wedding in November, I’ll probably still be buying copies for any of my friends or family who are planning a wedding. Well done!!!!!

  • Mazel Tov, Meg!! What an accomplishment. I cannot WAIT to read this, and will be pre-ordering it on Amazon today. It will be released when I still have 9 months of planning left, but I want it NOW. :)

  • Amanda

    Congratulations Meg., and yay for red shoes on the cover :) Now you have to enjoy even more ice cream ! And… there is this book I have been wanting to send you, in thanks of all the support this community here brings, and for the breath of fresh air this place was during wedding planning and continues to be so now, but where to ?

    • meg

      Email me, I have a PO box :) I need to put it online, clearly.

  • Meg, you ROCK and are a complete inspiration. Now go take a nap. xo

  • Meg, what an amazing achievement! Not only have you built this amazing community, but you’ve made a real live printed word book!!! I’ll be preordering that bad boy asap, and I might also buy an ice cream in your honour. Congrats, lady!!

  • Steph

    Congrats! too late for my wedding but i have plenty of pre engaged friends to buy it for!

  • Congratulations, sweet Meg.

    • meg


  • Carbon Girl

    Congratulations! That is an amazing accomplishment!! Can’t wait to buy it for friends!

  • Vee

    Congratulations – what a huge f*cking accomplishment!!!!!!!!!!! (It’s so huge it called for a swear word!) Already married here, but I’m going to buy it and read it anyway. =)

  • Three bazillion hell yeahs to you for finishing!!! It’s an amazing thing you’re doing. I of course will be buying copies, you know, on the off chance I ever decide to get married again. And because I love books; especially written by people I know (well, sort of).

    You deserve a nap, a glass of wine, and a dozen cookies of your choice. Congrats!!

  • You are AMAZINGGGGGGG. You wrote a mother f*cking book!

  • Congratulations!! That is such a huge accomplishment. I can’t wait to read it!

  • Edelweiss

    Congrats! Regardless it’s awesome, but I teach, and it’s finals, and I have lots of 6th-7th graders (because let’s face it the 8th graders don’t care) freaking out right now and the ones with learning differences are either extra freaking out or shutting down. THIS is going to be my morning pep-talk.

    PS I OWN those shoes, they are super comfortable, and tomorrow I will wear them as a little salute!

    • meg

      Awwww! I didn’t get to design that cover, just give advice pre-design, so it makes me happy that you have those shoes!

      Pep talk!!

    • Ohhhh, can you please tell me where the shoes are from?

      • Edelweiss

        because I’m late in replying and you might not see the below – look below!

    • Zan

      Where are they from!? I want them!

  • So. Freaking. Awesome. I just pre-ordered my copy (through the affiliate link, too ;) even though I’m already married. Yay!!! Congratulations on this amazing achievement. I second everyone else… ice cream and a nap.

  • Rachel

    Officially pre-ordered! The book will be released 9 months before my wedding, so pretty much perfect timing! The only other wedding book I have is Offbeat Bride, so I think this will be the perfect companion! Congrats Meg!

  • Carol

    That’s wonderful! It looks gorgeous, and I can’t wait to read it. I definitly agree it should be a book club book.

    • meg

      Well obviously ;) Why do you think I started the book club?? Silly beans!

  • Just thought I’d finally comment on a blog I’ve been reading for at least a year. Have to say, your blog is one of my favorites out there. Why? (DUH!) Because besides the pretty pictures, which don’t get me wrong I love, there’s some seriously serious real talk. I love the reclaiming wife posts, I love the way you examine all aspects of marriage and not just the occasion of the wedding itself and I love that it’s not all fluffed over but really, really real.

    I’m not engaged, but will be buying your book for sure (will it be available on Kindle?). Besides wanting to read more of your witty, real talk. It is so awesome to see someone living out their goals and dreams right before our eyes.

    Big congratulations to you.

    • meg

      Yes! It totally will be.

  • OH F*CK YES.

    Pre-order Whaaaa!!!

  • lor

    So effin excited and proud of you!! Congrats Meg!

  • Congratulations!!!!!!!! Eeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!! I will have been married a month by the time the book is published, but I will give it to every single engaged friend, because seriously, the world needs practical weddings.

  • Amy

    Congratulations Meg! A friend of mine told me that she is engaged today, so I consider this a sign that pre-ordering (a thing I normally reserve for Adele cds and Joseph Gordon Levitt movies) is a necessity.

  • Erin

    OH man. That rocks. Congratulations!

  • It’s beautiful, both the big pile o’ paper and that gorgeous cover. (Red shoes!)

    You know what else is beautiful? That big happy grin. Congratulations, Meg.

    P.S. I love how the message of the book – creative, affordable, meaningful – is just a fancier version of the old APW tagline of creative, thrifty, sane. In some ways APW has come SO FAR since it started, and in other ways (the best ways) it hasn’t changed a bit. Which is a huge achievement in itself. So thank you.

    • meg

      WHOA! I hadn’t realized that! That’s super awesome. I didn’t get to pick the subtitle (authors never do), and they didn’t know the old tag line. So, fate, yes?

      My working subtitle was “Planning a wedding that won’t leave you in the poorhouse or the madhouse.” Because I’m funny.

  • Woo hoo! Congratulations, Meg! So very, very awesome.

  • Mihaela

    Congratulations, Meg! It’s not going to be published in time for my wedding, but I’m going to buy it and gift it to my friends when they become engaged.

    I can’t wait to be able to read it! How exciting!

  • Erin

    Yay! I’m sad that I won’t be able to read it before my October wedding, but so happy for you! You have accomplished something amazing. Your website has been a source of inspiration and sanity for me ever since last winter, when I proposed to my boyfriend and found you by googling “Wedding Industrial Complex.” Thank you!

  • Wahoo! While I’m more than thrilled that I found this site pre-wedding, I’m jealous of all the baby brides who will get all that advice in book form as well. Lucky them!


    this is so freaking exciting!! YAYAYAY. I think I will pre-order it. Though I really enjoy walking into a bookstore on the pub date and buying it off the shelf. BUT, since you get an extra what-what from amazon links, I will do the amazon thing. that’s how much I like you.

    • meg

      Oh no! Maybe you should wait! We also need people to go to their bookstores and ask them to carry it! There is something for everyone… :)

      And you know, while you weren’t directly quoted, you *inspired* several sections.

      • FawMo

        Maybe a happy medium? Pre-order your own from Amazon and buy from your favorite independent for friends. That’s my game plan.

        • meg

          I love you.

      • Zan

        I will talk to our local awesome bookstore near the farm. Lots of people come to our little town to browse around after a day of wedding venue hunting (barn weddings are big by us). I think I can convince them to stock a few copies to start out with. Hooray!

        • meg


  • Aaaaand ordered. What a great day! High five everyone you see today. (I’ve almost never been refused a high five from a stranger, try it!)

  • I wish it was available NOW! Le sigh. I’ll probably buy it even though I’ll be married by then. And if I like it as much as I think I will, I’ll probably gift it to engaged people I know.

    Way to go Meg!

  • Pre-ordered and set up to ship directly to the newest baby-bride in my circle, my new sister-in-law! Too late for my wedding (married almost a month already! where did the time go?), but I will happily steal it off her shelf when she’s done.

    (And maybe we can have a little sisterhood of the traveling book? I love that!)

    Congratulations! And YAYYYYYYYYYYY

    • Anna

      Yes! Already planning my travelling book!

    • meg

      Shush ladies! We need people to buy more copies so I can write another about marriage!

      I know, capitalism, boo ;)

  • Gillian

    Can’t wait to buy it for my next engaged friend! (Meanwhile I’ve just been sending engaged people the link to this site!)

  • Anna

    This is just f&#!ng fabulous. You Meg are an inspiration.

    Next up: book tour! (Canada puuuuleeeease!)

    • Yes, Canada! :)

      • Whoa whoa! Canada is a big place! We should be more specific… Like Ottawa!

        • Or Montreal? :) (I am not actually in Montreal, but it is a 3 hour drive away…)

          • Chantelle

            I’m in Toronto, but hell ya to a road trip to Montreal to party!

            Seriously Meg, it’s like going to Paris for waaay cheap. Come!

  • clampers

    I’m so jealous! I want to write a book!

  • Vmed


    You look super blissed out.

    And I hope you feel better- quite familiar with the head colds after milestones.

  • kara

    Yay! Is it bad that I don’t want to start wedding planning until I get the book? Seriously though, my mother needs it.

  • Well HOT DAMN WOMAN! GO YOU!!!! SO excited to get this book for my couples!!! :) Congrats!!!!! And book tour?! Chicago?! Yes!? Please?! :) xoxo!

    • meg

      Yes. You’re welcome! January.

      • A huge congratulations to you, Megan. I’m so excited to see your words in book form. And Christy, I’m with you on voting for a Chicago book tour date! Let’s go together to the reading and bring Meg some champagne :)

  • SEZ

    Congrats, Meg!!

    …and the list has begun of all those I want to get this for….

    Wear red shoes while high-fiving people in celebration! – cause, really, who could resist that joyous smile! Well freakin’ done!

  • Carolyn

    YAAAAAY!!! *happy Kermit arm-flailing*

    Congrats Meg and APW! So exciting, and I’m totally buying the book… even though I’ll be a married lady by then. (Eeep!)

    • meg


  • Anne

    Oh, Meg!!! Congratulations! Will be giving this as a gift to everyone I know who gets engaged, or who is dealing with the pre-engaged woes (I already send them here). You are amazing!

  • Cass

    Congraulations! I actually welled up a little when I read this which is weird because I’m generally not a real human. ;) I’ve been reading from the beginning and this makes me uber happy. Uber.

  • Hooray! Yeah, still going to read this even though my wedding will be two months in the past. I think it will be my gift to any engaged woman I know, along with a link to the blog.
    The cover looks awesome!

  • Congrats, Meg! This is huge! And the book is already on my Amazon wish list. Can’t wait till it comes out! Woo-hoo!

  • AmberGale

    oh Meg, congratulations!! I’m so happy for you, and I don’t even know you. Go rock that grin at a midday movie and eat up with a spoon all of your giddy I-wrote-a-mother-f*ing-book high. You deserve it. I can’t wait to have my own copy, and I’ve been married for almost 2 years.

    (PS – not to do the thing that people do after you get married and immediately ask when you’re having kids, but I’d just like to throw out there that if you get a hankering to write another one of these things someday, I would love a book by you centered around the whole Reclaiming Wife theme. Just sayin’. Now, forget I said that (for now), and get to that movie! I recommend Bridesmaids.)

    • bridesmaids. . . yes, definitely a good choice!

    • meg

      Saw it already (I should tell everyone to see it but they probably have).

      Good! Buy the book for me, and then I can write another. We’re in agreement about what the second one would be. Grin!

  • Liz

    Wonderful news, CONGRATULATIONS!!

  • Woohoo!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anon


    This. Is. Awesome.

  • Yes!! Awesome! I’m so excited for you! I feel so proud of you, like I’ve been watching you struggle and grow and now you did it!! Yea!!!!!!!!!!

  • Eeeek – congratulations!!!!!!! I am so happy for you!!!!! And I am going to stock up and give one to all the couples I work with. :-)

    (I’m only bummed that this wasn’t out before my wedding.)

  • YAY!! Congratulations Meg!! It looks absolutely fabulous and you are one amazing woman! I’m going to pre-order it now. Go take a nap and enjoy a margarita, once that whole head cold thing clears up =)

  • Kashia

    You wrote a book! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kelly S.

    Congratulations! I can’t wait to buy it for my sister…I wonder what her boyfriend will think of her reading this book ;)

  • Miriam

    I’m so excited to buy this! Will you please ask your publisher to make it available on Kindle?

    • meg

      It will of course be available on Kindle!

      • ANDREA

        Will it be available in an open ebook format? Kindle and Amazon are really mean to other e-readers. BUT other e-readers are nice to each other! so if there’s an “epub” version, we all win. Or at least, I win. Do I win?

        • meg

          I don’t know. But probably! They are pretty e-book savvy, my publishers.

          • Sometimes you can buy ePub directly from publishers themselves. And if not, check out a program called Calibre for converting between formats. I have a BeBook (from the Netherlands) & use Calibre for lots of stuff!

  • WOOO HOOOOOOO!!!! That is amazing, Meg!! …And ohmygod, I love the cover. I’m a graphic design freak and a sucker for good marketing, and I’d pick that book up in a heartbeat. As it is, I’ll be preordering at least a couple copies, thankyouverymuch. Even though I’m already married.

    Congratulations, Meg, this is a huge achievement, and as a little part of Team Practical, I am SO PROUD of you.

  • congrats, meg! i’ve been reading since about 5 months before our wedding, and we just had our first anniversary, and i still come here everyday. looking forward to more of your writing here, and of course the book!

    now go enjoy a nice, long nap!

  • Jess

    Totes just ordered it. I’m going to be an impoverished grad student come August, so I’ll be delighted in the winter when this awesome book arrives!

    YAY MEG!

  • AKP

    Yayyyy!! CONGRATS! One of my best friends just got engaged last week and I CAN’T WAIT to send this to her (and maybe order one of my own even though I am already quite married ha). I am so in awe of you being able to make this all in 5 months, and the cover is maybe the most fabulous thing ever.

  • CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I am so excited for you! I “liked” it, and requested the kindle version from your publisher. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

  • This is so wonderful! Congratulations on this great acheivement. Can’t WAIT to read it in January.

  • A huge congratulations and big hug are in order. Your look fantastic in those pictures. That ecstatic feeling was definitely captured. Can’t wait to read it! Woohoo!!!!!! :)

  • RachelLyn

    Hoooray!! Congratulations. I can’t believe you wrote a book in five months. You are incredible.

  • Ruth Anne

    Oh my god! congratulations!! If the book is half as helpful and inspiring and empowering as this blog it should be a best-seller. It will be too late for my wedding but I will buy it for the next friend who gets engaged.

    oh, and feel better!

  • Marisa-Andrea


  • Class of 1980

    I wish I could make up a new word to describe how amazing this is.

    But I’ll settle for a big hearty CONGRATULATIONS!

    Now go eat a gallon of ice cream. ;)

  • Congratulations Meg! Way to pave the road to awesomeness. I can’t wait for the book to come out so I can send a copy to all of my clients. Hooray!

  • Carolyn

    Awesome Meg! You are so inspiring to all of us who need a little courage to have the weddings and lives we want. So proud of you!

  • Rosamund

    Huge congratulations, Meg! I’m sad that it won’t be out before my wedding, but the site has already done more than anything else to keep me (almost) sane through the planning process.

  • I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!! I want to be a writer (wrote my first manuscript in 4th grade, suckas!). This is a huge accomplishment and the book is going to be completely boss. Every day of your “book recovery” should be spent saying “GO ME” at least once. Let’s be honest, probably a gazillion times.

    You rock. =)

  • Hypothetical Sarah

    YAY Meg! Congrats! Now I know what I’m getting for all of my pre-engaged friends :)

  • Now I just need more friends to get engaged already, since I finally have a great book to gift them. And clearly, I will be ordering it myself. Just because. So many congratulations.

  • LPC

    Talent and drive will out, when neither we nor the universe put anything big in their way. Congratulations, Meg.

    • meg

      Oooo. Wise, as always. And kind.

  • Shae

    F*CK YEAH, GO YOU!!! (and GO APW!!)

    I got married 5 years and a half ago but I am buying it nonetheless, I bet the info there applied to any other kind of celebration. Now I’m off to amazon to pre-order it!

  • CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Can’t wait for the book tour! Also, I love the cover–saw it a few weeks ago on Amazon when I added the not-yet-available book to my wishlist. I’m excited to pass on your wisdom (and some of the collected wisdom of this community) to my friends in paper form!

  • AH you are so awesome! my hero!

  • Congratulations!!!! What a HUGE accomplishment. Take some time to bask in the sun of your accomplishment. I can’t wait to read your book in January!

  • You are amazing. Hugest congrats, and best wishes during your recovery period. ;)

  • kasaro

    i got CHILLS and teared up when i read this, and full on lost it when i saw the cover. meg, you are truly a superwoman, and i couldn’t be more grateful for this community. i can’t wait to walk in and buy it off the shelf in january AND make a special trip for the book tour. i have feeling Montana isn’t going to be stop, which just means i get to take a mini-vaca to get my copy signed ;o) a million congrats.

    • meg

      Awwww……! Mini-vacation (with drinks!)

      • @ Kasaro: If you need to head west on I-90 to get to Meg’s book tour pick me up in Idaho!

        Meg: Congrats, congrats, congrats!

  • This brought a huge grin to my face. I want to run around and tell everyone I know about the book. The wedding world so desperately needs this.

    I say lady, go get yourself a bucket of margaritas. You deserve it.

  • Sarah :: Jackson Riley

    YEAAAAAAA LADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Can’t wait to read it, can’t wait to see it become a best seller (which it will, obvs)…

    AND… book tour? Yes, yes??!!

    • meg

      YES! January!

  • damn girl. just… damn! that is impressive. huge congratulations to you!!!!

  • I just pre-ordered my copy! Hooray! So so excited for you! Congratulations Meg; you’re amazing!

  • Huge congratulations!! I’m so excited to read it – I’m married for 9 months but still love reading about sane wedding planning. It helps me help friends who are engaged (or thinking about future weddings) and let’s face it… weddings are fun to read about.

    I’ll talk to my favorite bookstore (in Vermont) about getting the book, I’m sure they’ll be interested!

    • meg

      You’re the BEST. I’ll totally be asking people to do that, and you are going to do that without even being asked. Makes me love you extra!

  • Congratulations!!!

  • Yay! Congratulations! What a fantastic day.

  • Oh Meg! As someone who has been hanging around this site since it’s earlier stages (I hate the term lurking), congratulations! I am so happy and excited for you!

    Enjoy your movie, ice cream, and time tweaking APW. :)

  • Maria

    Congratulations! I hope that you enjoy your freedom from writing the book! I can’t wait to read it!

  • KA

    You did it!

    (Out of morbid curiosity, is finishing a book an even bigger weight off than surviving a wedding?)

    Congratulations, and welcome back to the non-book-writing world. :)

    • meg

      Huh. Good question. First answer, yes. Second answer, I didn’t get a honeymoon this time, so no. ;)

  • WHOO HOO!!

    Congratulations Meg. Yay, yay and YAY!! :0)

    And now I have a gift for the newly engaged. I should buy 10 copies to keep around. Can’t wait to see and read it. Many happy hugs and love.

  • YAHOO! Go, Meg!!!!!!!! The wedding is over (thank goodness- being engaged almost axed me), but I will be reading this book. Also, I want that marriage book! I hope you get to relax a bit now.

  • Rachel

    It will be six months too late for my wedding but I am totally buying it anyways and buying a few extra copies to pass on to new baby bride friends. Congrats Meg, you are an inspiration.

  • Other Katelyn

    I just pre-ordered, and of course I’ll buy another copy or two to loan out. Meg, this website has helped me so much–and I’m still just in the very beginning stages of wedding planning. Thank you, thanks for all your work, and congratulations on writing a BOOK! A BOOK!

  • You wrote a BOOK, Meg. A whole big, beautiful book.

  • WOO HOO!
    From a long time reader that seldom leaves comments, a big CONGRATULATIONS MEG!

    Really, I started reading while you were in the early stages of your engagement. This site has helped me get through the years of pre-engagement frustration I’ve endured and now is helping me through my engagement (no wedding date set yet though, maybe next summer/fall). I hardly ever buy books (I read too many, most borrowed from the library) but this one will be going on my shelf.

  • Lindsey

    Whee, congratulations!!! This blog has been invaluable for me in planning my wedding and just wrapping my brain around being engaged/getting married, so I can’t wait for the book!! And I’m the first one of my friends to get married, so once the dominoes start falling I know that I will get this book as an engagement present for every one of my friends! (Along with the Miss Manners book, of course!)

    Yay yay yay yay yay!!!!!

  • Marchelle

    I am so fucking proud of you.

    • meg

      Teared up.

  • Elly

    Congrats! Can’t wait to read it.

  • Hey, we’re life twins! On the Friday you finished your book, I was working on three hours sleep to get our journal ready for the printer that evening.

    And now BAM! Book finished, journal at printer.

    Huge congrats, Meg! What an amazing accomplishment. Hope you celebrated by getting silly drunk this past Memorial Day weekend. ;)

  • Caitlin K

    I love this, I have been reading APW for about 6 months now and the great thing about this community is that it feels so close and I feel like my new friend just wrote a freaking book! Even though I will be married when it comes out I will probably still say hey, I kinda know this person/knew about her before she wrote a book. Congrats on such a great accomplishment. :)

  • Day

    Congrats! Have pre-ordered and will reach my shore next year Feb..just in time for my weddin :)

  • Eped09

    Congratulations on such a huge achievement in a such a short amount of time. This is so inspiring and encouraging, and I am in LOVE with the cover art. While I know you’re not supposed to judge a book by it’s cover, the designer in me can’t help it, and it’s lovely. Well-done and here’s to many more!

  • FawMo

    Congratulations Meg! I’m really proud of you for putting yourself out there and living the f*ck out of your life. I can’t wait to read the book (obvs) and catch you on your book tour.

    You rock!!

  • ha! awesome! i kind of want to buy it even though i’ve already survived my wedding =)
    also, such a lovely cover! kind of makes me want to buy the book-book rather than the kindle version, even though that’s silly.

  • I am bursting with pride over here. So proud that the author of the powerful words which helped guide me while planning my wedding is now the author of a book which will help so many more. YOU WROTE A BOOK! Amazing.

  • Laura

    Hooray, Meg! I am so excited for the APW wisdom to be making its way out into a wider world. And I can’t wait for more friends/family to get engaged so I can give them the book!

  • Yay!!! Just pre-ordered, and can’t wait to place a BULK order so that I can have tons of copies to give away. MAJOR congratulations lady!

    • meg

      Bulk orderssssss…. yayyyyyyyyy……. EEP.

  • Jenny

    Congrats!! I’m definitely preordering! I’m pre-engaged and looking forward to sharing this with the boy. ;)

  • Haley

    Yay yay yay! Congratulations, Meg!

    Now I just have to convince all my friends to get engaged so I can buy this book for them. ;)

  • Mia Culpa

    Yay book! And even better, it comes out 4 months before my wedding. Guess I’m just going to have to buy it and try to not freak out before then.

  • (I think my first comment got eaten, so here’s a second go) I’m not surprised. I’m not amazed. But I am awed by what you’ve built here at APW and now with your book. This is huge. Congratulations. I can’t wait to buy this for the next friend who gets engaged (and for myself, of course. Just because.)

    • That’s it exactly, Becca. I’m not surprised that rock-star Meg was able to pull this off, but I’m still very impressed. Yay!

  • Oh me oh my, I LOVE that cover! So excited to buy it. It will be a bit late to help much with the wedding planning but I’ll devout it anyway. :-) Hooray for writing a WHOLE BOOK!

  • Hurrah, Meg! Cocktails on me! :)

    Also, is it better for your rankings if we pre-order now or buy a stack when it comes out? (Or just do both?)

    • meg

      Both ;)

      I don’t know, which is why I didn’t push pre-orders here. I’m planning on having a day or two when it comes out where we all buy at once, and push it to the top of the Amazon charts (I hope.) But then I’ll also ask people to ask their bookstores to stock it, because that’s SUPER important too. We must infiltrate!

  • SheWearsBoots


    *That’s our version of BAM, Virginia-sass style.*

  • YAY! Congrats, Meg!

  • Woohoo! Now I’ll be able to share a book as well as the website to people I know getting married!

    My husband told me we’ll have to buy a copy of this when it comes out.

    • meg

      You HAVE to have a copy, as you’re quoted with a bio and all.

  • Katherine

    Congratulations! Now I just need some people to get married so I can give them your book since I am old and married.

  • Awesome. Congratulations! Yay! (and special Woo-Hoo for the red shoes!)

  • kc

    Congratulations Meg! I would have been a crazy, lonely bride without APW. So over the moon happy for you.

  • wasabi

    So ridiculously happy for you!!! I’m gonna wait for the kindle version, but I promise to buy copies from a local independent the day its published…even if I have to hold on to them until the friends I’m gifting them to actually get pre-engaged/engaged.

  • Oh, hell yes I am buying this.

    So excited for you! The biggest congrats in the world!

  • Elizabeth

    Yaaay!! You’re amazing! Huge congratulations. Can’t wait to give to all of my favorite people when they get engaged. And of course glad to have you fully back at APW.

  • Emmy Lou

    Congrats chica! Even though I’ll be married by then, I’m defintely picking this up. You are such a needed voice in this insanity of a wedding industry. Anything you do, you have my full support.

    • meg


  • Aimee

    Congrats! I am quite excited to read your book! Even though I’m a long time reader (actually started reading from your second post ever, about the engagement ring shopping) I’m a lady of few words and only comment when I reaaaaaally have something to say.

    So, I’d like to say thank you! A lot of my growth as a person-in-a-relationship has been spurred by thinking about the conversations started here (and the book club, and so on). Also, you have inspired me to get off my ass and restart my business/figure out my damn priorities already, and stop flailing around as a waste of space. :) I truly appreciate your openness and frank practicality.

    And the Mr. here just finished his first novel–I have a decent idea of the relief and giddiness you must be feeling in your household. A whole book, finished, without going nuts! An impressive accomplishment.

    • meg

      Second post EVER!

  • april

    OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!!!! Soooo unbelievably happy for ya, Meg. And just so stinkin’ proud of you, too. Congrats, darling.

    Oh, and hello. You had me at book cover. DROOOOOL. Love. Love. Love. First thing I noticed, “Hey, that dress has – STRAPS! Yeahhh!” and secondly, where oh where oh where do I find those absolutely freakin adorable red shoes?

    • meg

      STRAPS indeed. I didn’t even notice, but I love that it’s not strapless. I was very adamant that the cover should be “a little bit vintage a little bit sassy” and they delivered.

  • april

    p.s. I work as an event planner in the food/bev/hospitality/wedding planning biz and I’m buying copies to display in my office where I meet with my clients. Heck, I may just start handing it out to baby brides that walk in the door: “Here. Read this first. Then come see me. Or don’t. That’s cool too… just read this. You’re welcome. ”


    • meg

      You’re the BEST. I love this.

  • Jarah

    Mazal Tov! It’s a little like having a baby! (Hey, maybe that can be your next book.) Congrats! :)

  • Eeeeeek! Well done babs. Incredible to think I’ve been reading this blog for 3 years and now it has A BOOK. Cover looks very swish. Congrats! xx

  • Angela García Borreguero

    you seems so happy and relax on those pics…
    congrats for your massive effort, for the work well done, you deserve it.
    happy book recovery days!!

  • Angela

    What a HUGE accomplishment! Congratulations, Meg! Well done!

  • Laura

    Great. Job. Meg!!! I am so super excited – for you – and for me (and all of us) to get to read it. Congratulations times a thousand.

    Also, I want to take this opportunity to say thanks for being you through this whole process and for sharing it with us. You have actually helped me feel less alone and more encouraged about running and growing my own business – which, though exhilarating, also feels at times very lonely and overwhelming. I love celebrating your success and I feel positive that you are celebrating mine (which is pretty damn special). Yay!

  • Wahoo! It is always an amazing feeling when something that took so much of your focus, energy, and time is completed. Right before the sickness sets in, of course, as it usually does. What is it about our bodies being able to power through when we need them to and then just shutting down when the stress goes away? But anyway, yeah, congratulations! Published author!

  • Just when I thought you couldn’t get any cooler, you go and post pictures of yourself flipping the bird! F U WIC! Your book is going to change things, as your blog already does. Congrats!

  • Chantelle

    Happy dance happy dance happy dance! for you!
    Congrats Meg :)

  • erica

    Congratulations, Meg! I’m so happy for you, AND for everyone who will be rendered sane by the reading of this book. Yay!

  • CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I know this is late in the game, but eh, I’ve been too busy this week to read daily. I’m so happy for you Meg, and eager to read it… and use it for my wedding!! I’m a ‘pre-engaged’ but I’m pretty sure that I’ll be marrying next May to October, somewhere there abouts, which is just perfect! LOVE YOU!

  • Suzanna

    Pre-ordered. Bam! (I think my bam wss easier than yours?)

  • Tara

    Congrats, Meg! The book looks beautiful and I am sure that it is just as awesome as APW the blog. Is it going to be available in a Kindle edition as well or just in paperback?

  • Leigh Ann

    You’re still a spunky little high school sophomore to me. :)

    In all seriousness, though, I am fantastically happy for you and deeply inspired by you. Congratulations, Meg.

  • SusieQ

    Congratulations! My oldest, best friend just got engaged, and I’m pre-ordering it for her now. Her wedding is 3 months after the release date, so perfect. So excellent.

  • Jen

    holy crap!! I skip one week of APW and you announce this?!!


    I pre-ordered (through the affiliate link too!) and I guarantee that when it arrives it will be perfect timing being 5 months from my own wedding at that time!

    So excited for you.

    And so incredibly proud. Five months? All that sticking-to-deadlines? Damn, girl. DAMN.

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