YES. You Can Wear Your Dream Dress In A Pandemic.

Here's why we're big fans of wearing whatever the heck you want

We’ve heard from an endless list of folks who have had to postpone or cancel their big(ger) wedding celebrations for 2020 and early 2021. And a lot of those people have let us know that they are planning to save their dream dress—the one that they bought at the boutique when they went shopping with their mom and best friends, the one that they’ve been eyeing for years and waiting to wear for months. “It’s just a small backyard wedding, for now”, they say. And to that, we say: “WHY WAIT?”

We always have been and always will be proponents for doing your wedding your way. We’re not here to force you to do anything. BUT. We’re also proponents of “you only live once, so go big if you want to.” Life is short, 2020 has been tragically hard, and it’s all far from over. While old-world-Alyssa might have told you to try to match your wedding vibe to your dress style (think: sleeves in a church, flowy on a beach), new-world-Alyssa has changed her mind and thinks you should wear literally any dress that brings you joy, and not wait till the ‘time is right’. (Because… who knows if the time will ever be right?)

Lace and long sleeves for your small backyard fête? Yup. Mile-long train for your zoom wedding? Indeed. Boho chic and sparkles at your city hall nuptials? Most definitely. You do you, boo. Don’t let that dream dress just collect dust in the closet. Go all out, lean in, and enjoy the (adjusted or not) wedding you are having.

Don’t have a dream dress, yet? Look no further. Allure Bridals contacted us recently because they have a new line of dresses for Spring, called Abella. These dresses are a departure from the most traditional bridal styles and feature all sorts of elegant styles. Think: bold florals, beading, sheer elements, and long stunning trains that might have once been reserved for a formal occasion—but might be exactly what your 2021 wedding needs. It’s clear from this look at the dresses, that Allure focused on high-impact details, and drama. This is the kind of drama I’m here for, as we leave 2020 in the rearview mirror.

Let’s take a peek at some of the stunning styles Allure has up for grabs. We picked nine new styles that we just can’t get enough of.

Woman in garden bent down wearing white Allure Bridals wedding dress


The Satine dress is the same one in the top image on this post. I just love the floral design, sheer top, and the way the light shows through the fabric. Worn here in Spain, but would also be perfect in your local city hall that looks more like a DMV.

Woman sitting on a bench with low-back, beaded, white wedding dress on, smiling and looking off to the right


The low-cut front and back, plus a fit and flare style make for such a sexy statement. And the beaded florals make it shimmer. Don’t hold back on the shimmer, no matter if you’re in the living room or the ballroom.

Woman standing in front of run down stone stairs in white wedding dress with sheer and floral top


Here for the dainty lace on the top of this dress, with a super sleek skirt. Who said this kind of stunning was only for a formal affair? Not me.

Woman outside among string lights, smiling, wearing a shimmery short sleeved white wedding dress from Allure Bridal


This dress brings all the sparkle and shimmer that I’m trying to see in backyard weddings this year, plus cute cap sleeves and a full skirt for twirling.

Woman standing in front of city scape, looking to sky, holding up the skirt of white wedding dress in one hand, dried flowers in the other


She’s full of surprises, this one. A super sleek, form-fitting stunner. But when you add the sheer flowy skirt, everything changes. Wear her with that skirt for your City Hall ceremony, and take it right off for your all-night dance party next year.

Woman twirling in a garden in a white ballgown style wedding dress


Ballgown, but make it sexy (and also make sure it’s not slipping off my shoulders all night). Done. You’ll look like the 2020 Cinderella when your family logs into Zoom.

Man and woman standing in front of outdoor dining space. He in all black, she in a white tulle and lace wedding dress


A-line, a sky-high slit, details all over, and that classic ballerina styling. It’s all here. The perfect feminine styling for an elopement on a mountain top or a huge formal party.

Woman standing in front of outdoor dining table, lookin away, surrounded by dried florals and twinkle lights, wearing a beaded white dress with floral design


My favorite part of this dress? The simple straps that can be on the shoulder or off, the floral applique, the optional train that can be added and removed after the ceremony…. okay, I couldn’t choose just one.

Woman in long sleeved, floral, white wedding gown holding dried florals, smiling, looking at the ground


Beaded magic all over the top and (sheer) sleeves of this beauty make it just right for any season, any setting. Shown here in the Spanish countryside, but it’ll be perfect for your wedding, big or small.

This post is brought to you by our friends at Allure Bridals. Their new Abella collection of dresses for Spring 2021 and beyond are an elegant and unique addition to the Allure Bridals brand family. This new collection is full of stunning gowns with translucent bodices and floral work, maximalist trains, and delicate illusion detailing. And all these stunning photos? They were captured in Sitges, a charming Spanish coastal town, to show off the European design roots of the beautiful dresses. If you’re still on the hunt for your dream dress, no matter where you’ll tie the knot, check out the Abella line from Allure Bridals.

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