April 2021 Wedding Planning Open Thread

It's month 12 of these posts... TWELVE.

Hey APW, 

Yup… you read that right. Twelve months. One whole year of this open thread space for us to gather and lament and discuss and cry and seek help. When I wrote that first Covid Couple Open Thread post last May, I shared my story about taking young kids on super hard backpacking trips. Those kids would whine and complain the entire hike if we let them, but instead, we would implement regular ‘complaining breaks’ where everyone could get all their whining out, and then stay positive in the in-between.  When I shared that story, we had no idea we’d still be here a year later. When I said we’d need complaining breaks, I didn’t even know how true that would be. When I shared that, I wasn’t even engaged yet (and now we’re approaching our own wedding… quickly). But, there’s so much more…

This monthly space for folks wedding planning has become so much more. This APW community has banded together to show each other solidarity and grace, to give one another feedback and guidance, to share our experiences, and to support each other. The comment sections in these monthly posts have been the space we’ve all needed. I, for one, hope you’ve felt that support and safety in knowing you had somewhere that you could land amongst all the mess.

And while we are all starting to feel really hopeful about the next steps and emerging from this pandemic… it’s not over yet. We’re still in it, things are still unsure, and weddings continue to look different throughout the world. So, here I am again… for the 12th month in a row saying… how are you? No. Really. How are you? How’s wedding planning going? What have your wins been? What new struggles are you facing? This is your space to ask questions, share stories, and complain if you need to. I’m here, with my wedding planning knowledge and my pandemic bride experience to be in it with you. So, join me in the comments. It’s your open thread.


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