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APW Happy Hour

& a discussion prompt for the holiday week

Hey APW!

MY BOOK IS HERE!!! (Here as in: in my hands, available for pre-sale, and officially out December 17th.) But it’s HERE in my HOUSE AND OFFICE! The book that I first wrote in 2012 and has sold zillions of copies is back in a brand new version. I did a major (major) update on it earlier this year, and on December 17th will be out with my face on it. For the first time ever I got to show my kids a book I wrote, when both of them are old enough to really understood what was going on. My oldest said, “Can I keep it?” and the youngest said, “Mommy and a cake!” It was wonderful, and as always, it makes all the pain and struggle of writing it sort of fade from my memory. This trick of the mind is how womxn keep having children, and how I keep making books.

Next week is Thanksgiving week here in the States, and we’re closing the office for a week to give our team much needed time with their families (as you read this, Chelsea has touched down in London for a week-long sibling trip). It’s my son’s Hebrew birthday tomorrow, and his regular birthday on Tuesday (He’s somehow seven!). We’re celebrating him and then heading down to LA for Thanksgiving with David’s big Jewish family.

Because we’ll all have a little extra time to talk with our partners this week, we’ve teamed up with Ours—the platform dedicated to helping you build better relationships—to get the conversation started. (Go check out their personalized relationship quiz right here, to find out more about what you might want to chat about this week). But we asked the ladies at Ours for a conversation starter that pairs well with mulled wine and pie, and this is what they suggested:

Is there anything stressing you out financially as you face down the holiday season? Have you shared that with your partner yet? Go have that conversation (maybe over cider). You’ll feel better once you do. You can tell us how it went after the break.


This Happy Hour is brought to you by Yours, Mine & Ours, where power couples are born. A platform of education, action plans, and professional advice for modern couples. Ours will help you identify what’s important in your relationship, provide you with custom advice, and then turn that advice into action for. First comes love, then comes real life, then comes Ours. With the help of Ours, you can tackle the tough stuff, and keep the love alive. Be your own #relationshipgoals.

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