August 2020 Planning Open Thread

We're still here.. huh?

Here we go again. It’s August, and 2020 is still being very ‘2020-like’ (*cue eye roll*). And if you’re in the midst of wedding planning, at any phase, you know as well I do that you need community, someone to talk to, a pillow to punch, and a chance to just commiserate with your people. Not necessarily your mom, who keeps saying ‘everything will work out,’ because we all know it’s well-meaning, but it’s not helpful.

If you spend much time in these parts, you might have caught a very useful discussion in the comments last week about weddings and large gatherings right now. I have to pause sometimes and count my blessings that I’m not making decisions about delaying/postponing/changing/canceling an already planned wedding. (To all of you who are… I’m so so sorry. Truly.) Being recently engaged and in the early stages of brainstorming and planning is hard enough. My brain is just a constant stream of questions like: Will there be venues and vendors with availability? Or will the postponed 2020 weddings fill all the 2021 dates? Will we be allowed to gather with our favorite people? What will weddings even look like in the next few years? My partner and I have had countless little conversations and daydreams together, and a few tearful heart-to-hearts. We’re still in a season of saying ‘hopefully we’ll avoid having to make that choice.’ (But I’ll tell you, APW, I don’t think we’ll avoid any of it. I fear we’ll be right in the thick of it as we attempt to get married sooner rather than later. But, don’t tell my partner just yet. *wink*)

All I’m saying is you’ve got solidarity in me, plus over 10 years of experience in the wedding industry. Feel free to drop questions in the comments, and ask fellow APWers and the team for guidance (I hate the saying, but pick my brain, for free!)… but also feel free to use the comment section as your complaining break. Because y’all, wedding planning in 2020 is a marathon not a sprint… and we all need a chance to just complain sometimes.

Hey, I’m real sorry, again, that you’re here dealing with all this.

Here’s your open thread.



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