40 of the Best Ideas We’ve Seen on Instagram So Far This Year

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Women in white jumpsuitsPhoto by Jamie Thrower

You know how you have that great wedding idea, but then you look around and you’re like, “If I can just find one person doing what I want to do and making it look awesome, I’ll have the courage to make it happen?” Start with the rad girl crew above. I love a good jumpsuit. In fact, I practically live in them. So the idea of outfitting a bridal party all in jumpsuits always seemed rad… in my head. But I had no real idea of how good (or awful) it would look in real life. So, can you imagine my face when I saw this gang in ALL WHITE JUMPSUITS? I think we can file this idea under “actually way better than expected.” (Also, P.S. Can someone take this idea up a notch and style your ladies in this amazing red jumpsuit? Send pictures.)

We spend a lot of time publishing our best wedding and marriage (and feminist) related articles for you right here. But over on APW’s Instagram we spend our days publishing pictures. Namely, the best wedding ideas we can find in image form, from all over the Internet. And for those of you who aren’t following APW on Instagram yet (why? Come join the party!), we thought we’d round up our favorite wedding ideas of 2017, so far...

Neon sign of the word Slay on a pink wallPhoto by Neon Dive Bar via A Practical Wedding

Say it with Neon: So you want a custom neon sign without the PRICE of a custom neon sign? Who doesn’t. Slay all day with EL wire and Lucite. Check out our tutorial here, and then proceed with the all-day slayage.

Purple tulle ombre gownPhoto by Marchesa via A Practical Wedding

Ombre Gown: Make Prince proud and reign on with a jaw-dropping purple ombre gown that makes fairytale princesses jealous.

confetti ice block and champagne bottlePhoto by A Practical Wedding

Glitter Ice Mold: Ever find yourself wondering how to get MORE glitter into your day? No? Just us. Cool. Well if you do decide you need more glitter check out this DIY we did with Crate and Barrel where we created a glitter-packed ice mold. Functional and sparkly, y’all.

pink emerald cut jewel set in gold band with two other gold bands, one says lovedPhoto by Amy Gray Photography via A Practical Wedding

Pink Jewels: There’s no such thing as too much pink, so an everyday pink ring? Hell yeah. Bonus points for the secret “loved” inscription on the side!

Black high-heeled shoes covered in bedazzled patches Photo via Alexander McQueen via A Practical Wedding

Embellished Heels: Ever wish your shoes could have a lil extra flair? We firmly believe in sparkling head to toe, and clearly we’re in excellent company (hi, Alexander McQueen 👋). Bezaddled DIY heels? Glittering shoes? We’re into the ENTIRE concept.

Tiered tropical leaf cakeCake by Momo Chen | Image by Hong Photography & Cinema via A Practical Wedding

Modern and Tropical Cakes: Excuse me, is that Lucite on your geometric tropical cake? With proteas behind it? Is this heaven? No, but really, this cake is just right for the people who aren’t afraid to be bold.

Meg wearing rainbow colored shirt standing under a ceiling filled with disco ballsImage via A Practical Wedding

Disco Fever: We originally suggested a wedding at magical rainbow-inspired San Francisco pop-up Color Factory—but we don’t know if anyone’s actually managed to pull it off (yet). However, we have seen a few engagement shoots on our feed! Seriously y’all, when life builds you a photo shoot backdrop… schedule your photog and make things happen!

bride and groom kissing while surrounded by guests holding lightsabers to create an arch over themPhoto by Raven Shutley via A Practical Wedding

Galactic Love Affair: Sorry, is that a lightsaber arch? We’re a sucker for a nerdy wedding exit.

Woman wearing a denim jacked that says Just Married in white on the backPhoto by Daily Disco via A Practical Wedding

Custom Denim: Embroidering is a real time stealer, so take the easy way out with an iron-on patch… and if you’re anything like me, this patch looks exactly 110 percent better than my embroidery 😂. Go on with your bad self and be your own DIY MVP!

jeweled comb in an updoHair by ANYAHAIR | Photo by Nia Soy Photography via A Practical Wedding

Hair Bling: Remember what we were saying about sparkling head to toe? If tiaras aren’t your thing but you still wanna frost yourself, a glittering clip in your updo is a forever classic.

bride and groom smiling large and bride with head thrown back in joyPhoto by Megan Gielow via A Practical Wedding

JOYFUL AF: OH. Okay, yes, it’s really cool when couples have these posed shots that make them look like editorial models… but also this joyful AF photo reminds us that these two have been waiting for this moment and GODDAMN does it feel good to finally be getting MARRIED. GET YOUR LIFE, GIRL.

Blue cylindrical cake on gold stand with wreath of roses and greenery on itCake by a Bakeshop | Photo by Rachel Solomon Photography via A Practical Wedding

Bold Cakes: Have your cake, and eat it blue. 😂 Puns aside, this blue cake and gold stand with just a wreath of florals seems like a most excellent classic and clean winter wedding cake.

bride in wedding dress wearing leather jacket that says "Just Married" with a heart and the date 11.12.16 on itPhoto by Luke Leasure via A Practical Wedding

Custom Leather: At APW we think there’s no combo more classic than tulle and leather. Why not use your wedding as an excuse to snag that jacket you’ve been eyeing? Or if you wanna customize it (like above!) you can 1) grab a thrift store jacket and paint away, or 2) just decorate some black fabric and temporarily tack it on for the celebrations!

couple under veil, bride with dark pink hair wearing tall sparkly tiara and waterfall sparkly choakerPhoto by dotunayodeji via A Practical Wedding

WHY CHOOSE Just ONE: Whoever says a massive choker, candy colored hair, a tiara, and a veil is doing too much? NOT US. We firmly believe in #gobigorgoreallybig because why not?

gold open-toed shoes with t-straps and lipsShoes by Gucci | Photo by Black Bride (EST 1998) via A Practical Wedding

Absurdly Awesome Wedding SHoes: Your feet should also have a blast, RIGHT? For some people that means amazingly comfy shoes and for others… glided smooch pumps, obvi.

purple teardrop with smaller blue round gems set in yellow goldRing and Photo by Digby & Iona Jewelry via A Practical Wedding

Colored Gems: Light gems are cute and all but OMG this purple and blue cluster is making us question everything.

Rainbow colored balloons in many different sizesBalloons by Geronimo Balloons | Photo by Alexandra Churchill via A Practical Wedding

Rainbow Balloons: Don’t sleep on balloons as decor. Fun, colorful, affordable, did we mention fun?

bride holding grey bunnyPhoto from Wedding Chicks via A Practical Wedding

Furry Friends: Wedding puppies are so last year. We now present you with the wedding bunny (or any furry friend of your choice).

purple cocktail with rainbow ice cubeDrink by Bryan Schneider via A Practical Wedding

Ice, Ice, Baby: Fancy ice cubes are the future! There’s rainbow ice cubes, fruity ice cubes, glitter ice cubes, and we love them all.

bride with unicorn hair and tiara, wearing pink wedding dress and sparkling bolero, with pokemon ball bouquetPhoto by Ashley Zichlin via A Practical Wedding

Gamer Babe: Why not be your truest, pink princess, gamer girl self on your wedding day? Pokemon balls never looked so glam.

Gold letter balloons strung up on an exterior wall reading "I would know you were there even in a crowd"Poetry by Amy Turn Sharp | Photo by Oh Happy Day via A Practical Wedding

Balloon Poetry: Gold balloons as poetry as statement decor is basically an all around genius win.

brightly colored poms on a small zipper bag with pink lensed aviatorsPhoto by Packed Party via A Practical Wedding

DIY Fun: New craft project—buy all the pom-poms, attach them to a clutch, have the perfect wedding purse.

Rose in bottles that read Drunk in LoveBottle Design and Photo by Loft Design Co. via A Practical Wedding

Personalized Bubbly: Rosé all day? More like BEY all day!

Cactus paddle cocktail menu which reads Mango Mojito: Rum, Mango Nectar, lime, mint; Blackberry Basil: whiskey, simple syrup, basil, blackberriesCalligraphy and Photo by Bash Calligraphy via A Practical Wedding

Desert Escape: Your bar menu on a cactus, says “party in the desert” just perfectly.

multicolored wall hanging made of brightly colored stringPhoto by ISPYDIY via A Practical Wedding

Vibrant Wall Hangings: Vivid, bright… and best of all, super easy to DIY. If you’re the type to have wedding colors, this is a smart way to tie it all together (SEE WHAT I DID THERE?).

Gold crane basket with light pink petalsPhoto by Shannon Marie via A Practical Wedding

Update on the Traditional Flower Girl: Flower woman with a swan basket? Steal all these ideas. (Also, spraying an old basket gold might work perfectly too!)

small bowls of candy organized by colorPhoto by Wright Kitchen via A Practical Wedding

Color Coordinating: What, you weren’t planning on sorting all the food in your candy reception by color? Just like the “arrange books by color” bookshelf hack, turns out arranging ANYTHING by color makes it look highly pleasing.

marigold gown hanging on a mirror with dark teal carpet in dress boutiquePhoto and Dress by Sarah Seven via A Practical Wedding

Yellow Wedding Dress: Can we just take a moment for how gorgeous this yellow is? We’re really feeling marigold and sunshine vibes for wedding dresses right now.

polaroids of bride and groom composed of three shots of each person: head torso and waist with hands; addition photo of bride and groom holding hands Photo by Chaz Cruz via A Practical Wedding

Instant Gratification: Polaroids and weddings are basically besties, but when your photog gets creative with the instant shots? We just can’t get enough.

white and brown bullseye target with greenery overtop and white arrows sticking in itPhoto by Ever Thine Wedding Inspo via A Practical Wedding

Straight to the Heart: Cheesy? Yes. Hunger games meets classic wedding decor? Also yes. This bull’s-eye escort card setup is delightful. Want another idea? Here’s a confetti escort card DIY.

multicolored holographic tablescapePhoto by Casa de Perrin via A Practical Wedding

Reflective Tablescapes: Move over gold sequin table covers, hologram tables are here to be the most maximalist, opulent wedding tables on the block.

group of women in black bathing suits that read bride squad with woman in white swim suit in the middlePhoto by Stanlo Photography via A Practical Wedding

Squad Goals: Beachside photo shoot with your bride squad in matching outfits? LOVE IT. (Full disclosure, not every squad wants pictures in one piece bathing suits, but I’m sure there’s something they can agree on that’ll match your location of choice.)

hot chocolate with rainbow sprinkles and pink, yellow, and green marshmallowsHot Chocolate via Petite Sweets Houston | Photo by Maritere Rice via A Practical Wedding

Rainbow in a Cup: Hot chocolate/coffee/tea is usually served late as an accompaniment to dessert but THIS hot chocolate takes center stage. (Pro tip: Serve it while there’s still light to take photos because it’s too pretty not to.)

customized label with illustrated portrait of man and woman with date 2016.11.19Photo by Yukoh Wedding via A Practical Wedding

Drinkable Favors: While some wedding favors can just be what I like to call “future trash,” I’m pretty sure we all need custom tiny bottles of booze in our lives.

tablescape with hexagonal plates with greenery and flowers in the centerPaper Goods and Photo by Harlow & Grey via A Practical Wedding

Pretty Paper: Once upon a time, people used to ask the question, “But can I have paper plates at my wedding and keep it classy?” Thanks to folks like @harlowandgrey, the only question anyone will ask is, “OMG IS THIS REALLY PAPER?”

stacked rings: celestial themed ring with thin black jeweled band beneathRing and Photo by Catbird via A Practical Wedding

Celestial Rings: Moon goddesses and everyone else who loves galaxy swag, this ring is for you. And because we can’t help it, it’s also for anyone whose love is written in the stars. 😂

metallic shimmery bon bonsPhoto by Flour Shop via A Practical Wedding

Gallery-Worthy Sweets: Metallic treats to match the decor? Pure decadence.

rainbow watercolor diamond shaped escort cards with flowersPhoto by Shindig Chic via A Practical Wedding

Rainbow Seating Chart: Watercolor decor is extra magical when it’s rainbow, amiright? But seriously, this seems like a DIY goldmine (to be fair, we may be talking advanced-level DIY).

champagne flutes topped with pink cotton candyPhoto by Eden Luxe Bridal via A Practical Wedding

Cotton Candy Clouds: Cotton candy and champagne? #slayallday

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