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This podcast will be your wedding planning bff on the go

bridechilla wedding podcast During the wedding planning process there typically comes a point where you just wish had a planner/bridesmaid/fairy godmother/confidant with no emotional attachment to you or the day itself, to talk to about basically everything and help you get shit done. That’s how a vast majority of y’all ended up here on APW and why comedian Aleisha McCormack of The Bridechilla Podcast has such a loyal fan base. She combines pure wit and hilarity with advice from industry experts (like our very own Meg, but in podcast form you can listen to in the car!) to help you banish all the bullshit and just plan your wedding your way. Case in point? One of her mottos is, “Fuck chair covers.” Just yes.

Aleisha, a stand-up comedian, writer, and television presenter originally from Melbourne, found APW back when she was planning her own wedding and used the site extensively to successfully throw a kickass wedding. After relocating to London with her husband, Aleisha decided to take her podcast fangirling to the next level by creating her own show. Now with almost three hundred episodes recorded, she’s bringing a fresh and hilarious voice to the wedding industry.

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So what is a Bridechilla or Groomchilla anyway? From Aleisha’s lips to your ears/eyes:

A Bridechilla or Groomchilla is compassionate and calm. They understand that perfection isn’t actually a thing, and they challenge traditions that are meaningless to them. They know that their wedding day will be memorable but also that there will be many more “best days of their life” too.

A Bridechilla/Groomchilla also cares about opinions of loved ones but isn’t driven by them, and is the sort of gal or guy that says, “Fuck chair covers,” and doesn’t worry about details that none of her guests will even notice. They are empowered by strong women, and don’t put other Bridechillas/Groomchillas down. They also aren’t driven by obligations or old promises, and will never fake smile on their wedding day.

A Bridechilla/Groomchilla accepts support and help when they need it, and definitely has a life outside of wedding planning. They commit time to look after their mind and body, and don’t yell to get their point across. Deflecting other people’s wedding-related dramas is a must-have skill, and not changing to conform to look a certain way is key.

A Bridechilla/Groomchilla supports other Bridechillas/Groomchillas and embraces our differences (and similarities).

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Listener Annie had this to say about her experience using the podcast:

Aleisha was absolutely one of the best things to happen to me during our wedding planning process. Initially I was just looking for general guidance on the steps to planning a wedding, but instead found a wedding advice guru. She covers the expected planning tips, as well as touchy subjects that aren’t always talked about in the wedding industry, such as how to stay on budget, handle family/friend dramas, and manage expectations. But more importantly, I found a friend who lends all Bridechillas the voice to plan the wedding that they truly want, despite all the outside voices from family, friends, tradition, magazines, and of course, Pinterest. Her candid personality fills the podcast with tons of hilarity and fun. Absolutely a must for all Bridechillas and Groomchillas!

And Doriean shared this:

People say laughter is the best medicine. And when the process of planning your wedding makes you feel less-than-awesome, Aleisha’s Bridechilla podcast is the perfect prescription. Bridechilla is full of incredible information about the things beyond bridesmaids’ dresses and those damn seat covers. Aleisha is right there with insightful interviews and tips from industry experts that will help you make your wedding truly yours. Plus, she’ll make it easier to deal with all of the pressures that come with planning. Personally, I listened to the podcast religiously as I was planning. When I reached out to her with a specific question, she was quick to answer. Aleisha, I can’t thank you enough!


Want to hear this amazing goodness for yourself? You can subscribe and listen to the Bridechilla Podcast via Apple and Android. Aleisha has shared her welcome episode and one of her favorite episodes with Meg for your listening pleasure! So plug in those headphones and get ready for all the LOLZ.



So y’all, are you ready to become a Bridechilla or Groomchilla? Leave Aleisha questions in our comments or drop her a voice memo with all your pressing matters, and get ready to giggle your way through planning! Stop by Bridechilla’s blog for even more tools and tips from the best! And did we mention she’s got a great line of swag? We’re def eying those mugs. And you can listen to new episodes of The Bridechilla Podcast each week wherever you get your podcasts!

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