Let’s Talk About CBD…

Equilibria moved me from CBD skeptic to believer.

If you, like me, deal with any mental health issues (um, hi, so many of us)… you’ve probably had someone (or a targeted ad online) tell you to just ‘try CBD’ to solve all your problems. Working in the internet world, also means that I know that some people will push a product they don’t believe in to make a buck… so, I’ve been a skeptic, at best. If you have found yourself feeling really unsure about CBD and how it might help you or play into your life, and if it is right for you… I’m here to tell you that it just might be.

Let’s get honest about some real-life stuff, for a moment. I was diagnosed with generalized anxiety and depression after my mom died almost 8 years ago. I take medications to help balance these out, they help—but my experience has also taught me that there is no perfect formula or fix. My struggle with mental health has evolved and changed over the years, but this last year or two has been… really something. There’s been new grief and new stresses at every turn. We all know that COVID has affected our mental health. Layer that up with some good ol’ fashioned wedding planning stress (or rather, pandemic wedding planning stress), and it just has felt like the perfect storm. So, when the chance to try out Equilibria CBD popped up recently, I didn’t drag my feet anymore… I jumped at the opportunity. (If you’re ready to add CBD to your routine, keep reading… we’ve got a special deal just for you!)

What Was Holding Me Back

Here’s a not-so-secret secret: I am a total hippie crunchy-granola mom/human. I love me some essential oils and some health food store tinctures to heal a cold. I tend to believe that anything that grows out of the earth is going to be a better and safer tool for our bodies than something that comes out of a pharmacy. (Don’t get it twisted, I also believe in pharmaceuticals, see above). So, on the surface, the idea of taking CBD to my health and wellness has tempted me for years. But the unknowns kept holding me back.

Would I feel high? Will it actually help me at all? Is it legal? Is it just another fad treatment? What should I buy and how much do I take? Is adding this to my routine going to be worth it in the long run? What actually is CBD? My questions could go on and on, and I needed to get to the bottom of them before I’d feel good putting this into my system. That’s where Equilibria came in… they answered all of my questions and left me feeling completely at ease to finally try CBD for myself.

What I learned about CBD (and myself)

  • What is CBD? CBD stands for cannabidiol, a naturally-occurring compound found in the Cannabis Sativa plant.
  • Is it illegal? Will I feel high? It’s not illegal, don’t fret. The Equilibria CBD products are intentionally made with a super low THC content, so you get the health effects, without the psychoactive factors. I have found that I feel a little calmer and generally regulated, without any of the ‘high’ that just isn’t my thing anyway.
  • Will CBD help me? It’s been (and is being) studied for its benefits on regulating mood, improving chronic insomnia… and so much more. I can only speak for myself, but I do really think I’m well on my way to the major benefits of using CBD. Equilibria points out a few things that I have been keeping in mind: It can take 1-3 months of consistent use before you feel the full effects, and the best parts about CBD will be the things you don’t feel anymore (think: stress and anxiety). I’m looking forward to feeling less and less of those things as I continue to use Equilibria products each day.
  • What should I buy and how much do I take? Equilibria honestly made this so easy for me. They suggested I start with their Brilliance Box. It has the daily drops (which you take under your tongue), the soft gels (easy like any other pill), and their amazing relief cream. This is a great place to start because it covers all the bases including quick-acting, long-lasting, and topical/location-specific help. For me, as someone with anxiety that affects my days, and a generally good sleep pattern—I take a quick dropper full in the mornings with my other daily vitamins and medicines to start my day, and a soft gel in the evenings to help me settle in for a solid night’s rest. It’s as easy as that! Then, they really take the guesswork out by connecting you with a Dosage Specialist to really fine-tune your plan.
  • Is it worth adding this to my routine? What I’ve learned after a few weeks of using Equilibria’s products is that they fit right into my routine with no issues at all. I leave the products out on my bathroom counter and have been able to remember them every single day (a huge win for me!). Plus, I keep my energizing roller at my desk to give me a boost throughout the day, and my calm roller next to the bed to use when I lay down to read and rest.

Why Equilibria?

Equilibria is the first CBD product I’ve tried and added to my routine, but I really really love it, y’all. I love that Equilibria is a woman-owned brand, built for women. They know that our bodies are all different and that each of us will need a different routine to fit our different needs. One of the best parts about Equilibria is that every single person who purchases products from them gets access to a personal dosage specialist. This is a game-changer! You’ll get started on using the products, then schedule a time to chat on the phone with one of their super knowledgable CBD pros. I was so grateful to get to walk through the process, ask all the questions, and get help deciding how to proceed from someone who really knows what they’re talking about (Thanks, Autumn!). Luckily, it seems like I started out with just the right plan (dropper full in the morning, soft gel in the evening), but when I chatted with my Dosage Specialist last week, she helped me learn all kinds of new things and adjust the way I use the products. Namely, she taught me that I could use my daily drops right in my jawline (like, in my mouth) to help with clenching my teeth in my sleep, and the relief cream on my shoulders to beat stress headaches. She was patient, talked through all my struggles and ailments, and made sure I was confident and ready to get the best benefits possible out of the Equilibria products in my toolkit.

Equilibria is super committed to its product quality. And for me, it’s very important to only use products that are high quality and good for me… that means avoiding a bunch of added junk. Equilibria’s products are always organic, and free of metals, and solvents. Plus, they are full-spectrum, which means that the power of the entire hemp plant is neatly packaged into those cute little white, gold, and black containers. Equilibria uses science in their product development, and science shows that full-spectrum formulas are often the most effective at the lowest doses—yay for that!

Hey, call me a millennial, but I love the Equilibria packaging. Since the products have quickly become such an important part of my days, it matters to me that the items out on my bathroom counter look like they belong there (and not in a 19-year-old’s living room). I have no worries about someone walking in (well, post-COVID), and seeing my Equilibria products. Plus they have such a great array of product options. I’ve been using the daily drops and the soft gels, plus the roller duo (which I am seriously addicted to having at my desk and bedside), and the relief cream… y’all, they’ve got it all. I think the bath bombs are next on my list. Sign me up for a nice relaxing CBD bath before bed.

Are you ready for the best news? We have a discount code just for APW readers! Use code apracticalwedding for 15% off your first purchase from Equilibria! Then, come back here and tell me just how much you love it. You’re going to love it.

So, tell me APW… have you ever tried CBD products? Have you been thinking about trying CBD, and putting it off? What’s holding you back? Ask your questions, share your stories… Let’s talk all things CBD. 


This post was sponsored by Equilibria. Equilibria believes that women deserve a CBD brand that can deliver quality and great service. They focus on our members’ quality of life by offering personalized, medical-grade CBD routines with dedicated one-on-one Dosage Support. They offer a wide array of products including soft gels, daily drops, topical products, and even bath bombs… hello relaxation. 
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