Have Your Flowers And Be Eco-Friendly, Too!

Rent these faux silk flowers... have the best of both worlds.

As a currently engaged and wedding-planning lady, and a professional wedding planner, myself… I am all too aware of the common struggles that come up in planning a wedding. There’s that initial sticker shock when you start lining up a budget and contacting vendors, the impossible feat of keeping friends and family happy, the opposing desires to stick to a reasonable budget and also have a beautiful wedding, and that little feeling in your gut that says “wait, is all of this so wasteful?” Here’s the big pro and con about wedding planning in the 20’s (that’s… the 2020’s)… Pro: Your options are literally endless. I mean, social media can sure make it feel that way. Endless potential

vendors, endless new companies, endless ideas. Con: Your options are literally endless… and also there’s that whole pandemic we have to contend with. It can feel like you have all the potential vendors, DIY guides, rentals, and options at your fingertips and yet no way to know what to do with all of that potential.

There are a lot of parts of wedding planning (even in normal times) that are pretty nitty-gritty. Things like timelines, and packing lists, contracts. Some parts are super fun too… like tasting the cake and the custom cocktails. Finally, there are the parts that are supposed to be fun but can turn out to be uber stressful, too. It’s picking table linens, figuring out a seating chart… oh, and all that decor. Will you have candles? Lighting? Flowers? And if you have flowers… real or fake? Could the faux flower options you’ve been seeing possibly be… realistic and beautiful? It’s your wedding, you shouldn’t skimp, after all.

I’m here to tell you that the fake flowers of your youth (you know, the cheap-o ones from the dollar store) are not what we’re talking about here. The faux flowers that Silk Stem Collective uses to create their absolutely stunning bouquets and decor are so incredibly realistic, that you’d honestly hardly know that they weren’t fresh flowers. I mean… look at them.


Lhasa Bridal Bouquet

The struggle is real

When you sit down with your wedding planning notebook, open up that budget spreadsheet, and start thinking about the overall look and feel of your wedding… you’re likely to run into the same big questions that so many have faced before you. One of those questions will undoubtedly be about flowers. You sort of have just a few options:

  • Hire a florist (no doubt they’ll be stunning… but you will have to pay the, literal, price)
  • DIY your flowers (don’t forget to account for the time, the stress, and the risk of wilted blooms… eek!)
  • Skip flowers all together (but… what if you really want them?!)
  • Spend way too much money on fancy faux florals (ouch, the price of the good ones… and what to do with them after the wedding?)
  • That’s it… right?

Oslo Bridal Bouquet

Lhasa Bridal Bouquet

Wrong! There’s another way

What if I told you that you could have beautiful, professionally arranged flowers that won’t wilt, won’t break the bank, and that you can send back when you’re done (meaning they’re totally reusable and good for the planet)? I hear you shouting, ‘tell me more!’  Okay, okay.

Silk Stem Collective is here to help you have it all. Your wedding flowers can be:

  • beautiful 😍
  • easy 🙌🏻
  • affordable 💰
  • eco-conscious 🌍

Tell me more


Choosing between real and faux flower options to DIY is a conundrum because… well, frankly, you might just not feel confident in your arranging skills (let alone have the time). Turning flowers into bouquets, decor, and boutonnieres is not for the faint of heart. I know I would be paralyzed with fear if I was facing down trying to make sure I picked the right (fresh or faux) flowers, and put them together in the best way for my own wedding day. Ugh, the stress.

Have no fear. All you have to do is take one look at the options from Silk Stem Collective to immediately see that you are not skimping on quality, wow-factor, or beauty at all. These flowers have a fresh look, come in many different palettes and designs, and leave nothing to be desired. They provide more than just bouquets and boutonnieres, too!  You can get corsages, bridesmaid and mini bouquets, and matching decor (multiple centerpiece options, aisle flowers, and even flowers to add to your wedding signage). They haven’t missed a beat with their collections.

The best part? While you should absolutely trust me (😉)… you don’t have to! You can order a sample or two of their bouquets to hold in your own hands,

Oslo Collection Boutonniere and Corsage


Sure, you could go the DIY flower route. And if that’s your thing, then more power to you. I will give you a little insider secret, as a wedding planner who has pretended to be a wedding florist a few times… DIY-ing your wedding flowers will take you a long time. I mean it. However long you think it will take… double or triple that. Hiring a wedding florist is pricey for really legitimate reasons, like flower costs and the true cost of labor to create such beautiful elements.

With Silk Stem Collective, all you have to do is hop over to their site, choose the collection and items you want, and they’ll be shipped right to your door. They come beautifully and safely packaged, and when you’re done… just ship them right back! No need to find a place to store things for months in advance, or decide what to do with them after the wedding is over. Easy as can be.

Kyoto Bridal Bouquet


Frankly, this might be the only thing you need to hear about. Many clients that I’ve worked with over the years have fallen into one of two groups: 1. They can’t live without lots of flowers and will stretch their budget to fit, or 2. They had no idea just how expensive flowers could get, and they are now fully panicking. If you’re in group one, you are very likely to have a florist in mind and a plan for fresh flowers to be gracefully strewn about your wedding. If you’re in group number two, however, I’m talking to you because right about now you’re thinking… ‘well, I could be a florist’ or ‘flowers can’t cost that much’ or ‘screw it!’

Well, deep breaths. While, it turns out that even buying good faux florals to DIY, or finding beautiful faux floral designs can run you around the same cost as working with a professional florist. Eek. Renting beautiful faux florals from Silk Stem Collective is a much more cost-effective option and you can still have stunning florals gracefully strewn about on your wedding day.

Oslo Bridal Bouquet


Another factor that comes up for many couples I’ve worked with over the years, is that fresh flowers purchased at such a high price point for a one-day celebration can feel wasteful. While we are strong proponents for doing whatever the heck you want for your wedding, we also want everyone to feel good about their choices. So, if being eco-friendly is a priority for you, faux floral rentals may be just the best choice for you. Fresh flowers are single-use, and faux florals can be pricey and reduce their benefits if they’re only used once. With Silk Stem Collective, the stunning floral designs that have been created are able to be used, enjoyed, and reused again and again. Win-win!

Florence Bridal Bouquet

Backpacking, Desert (and pandemic) Weddings, Rejoice

If you’re planning a wedding in 2021 (hi, me too!), or even in 2022, and wondering… ‘well, what if my plans change again?,’ ‘Or what if I’m sneaking off to the courthouse this month and having a bigger shin-dig next year, but I want the same flower looks so it all jives?’, ‘Or there’s no way those flowers are going to live through the 7-mile hike to our mountain-top elopement!’ This is the answer.

With Silk Stem Collective, you can order just a bouquet or two, add a boutonniere, or go all out with all the things. You don’t have to stress about having a cool place to store them, or even what kind of flowers will survive your adventurous wedding plans. It’s simple, affordable, and they will not wilt in the sun (or the snow)… so if you’re having a desert wedding (like Meg’s anniversary party), backpacking into the wilderness for an elopement, or hosting a tiny backyard party for your crew… just trust us when we say, ‘go faux or go home.’

This post is sponsored by Silk Stem Collective. With Silk Stem Collective, you can have your florals, save money, and take care of the planet, too. Silk Stem Collective lets you pick your florals, place your order, and sit back and relax as exactly what you need arrives on your doorstep. Oh, and if you want to see the goods before you make your final choice… you can do that, too, with their sample bouquets. When you’re done, send them right back.
The best part? Silk Stem Collective is offering APW readers 10% off!  Use code: APWEDDING10
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