Five Personalized Art Gifts That Will Make People Happy Cry

Minted makes it totally custom

For all that I complain about the complexity of the holidays, I really do love them. I love the banter, the food, the occasional wrestling match (don’t ask). And I love the act of gift giving. I know, I know. Commercialized holidays and all that. But gift giving is one of my love languages. So each year, I set out to find the perfect presents for my friends and family—with varying levels of success. Sometimes I find the cute wallet you’ll use everyday. And sometimes my cousin gets a Toddy in July because I spent six months debating whether she’d like it or not (spoiler alert: she did).

So when Minted, who you know and love for invitations and holiday cards, started rolling out custom art a few months ago, I got very excited. Because artwork is the kind of gift that always wins: it’s personal, meaningful, it makes your house pretty, and it’s the kind of thing I won’t always justify buying for myself, but love when other people do. (The Toddy cousin won Christmas last year by giving me a framed print of a mastiff riding a unicorn.) And Minted’s art is an extra dose of win, because your purchases support working indie artists and you can get gorgeous framed pieces for under $30. So today, in honor of the upcoming holidays, I’ve rounded up five of my favorite personalized art pieces from Minted that you’ll actually want to give. (And that I’d be totally happy to receive. Cough, Michael, cough.)



1. Custom Silhouette Art Print: I might be a tiny bit obsessed with these silhouette prints. Here’s how they work: you upload a side profile picture to the Minted website (nothing fancy needed, your cellphone will do) and their designers will turn your photo into a custom silhouette in a vibrant print, letterpress, or foil. I was skeptical that it could be as easy as they say it is. So, since I’ve been looking for a way to commemorate our late dog Juno, I asked the folks at Minted if I could try out the process with a photo I took of her and Michael a few years back. The background was a little busier than ideal, and I wasn’t sure if they’d be able to work with it. And here’s the awesome, amazing digital proof they sent me within twenty-four hours of submitting my order:


So if your parents are sentimental and miss their baby (or if they’re obsessed with their dog, because now you know that’s an option), then find one of your old pictures, upload it to Minted, and voilà. Modern update on an old classic. Silhouettes are available in a bunch of other colors besides neon pink. But why would you bother? (Custom Silhouette Art)



2. Custom vows print: If you’re looking for a unique non-photo method of commemorating your wedding, then just copy and paste your vows into the Minted website and watch them instantly get transformed into metallic art. You can change the font size and type right there in the Minted tool for a print that fits with your home’s vibe. (Custom Vows Print)

FOR YOUR Wanderlusting sister


3. Foil Pressed Map: Know someone who loves to travel? Or just moved away from home? Minted has foil pressed geography art for every state, plus a handful of cities and famous bridges. Or on the flip side: know someone who just bought their own home? Commemorate the event with a custom house portrait. The process works the exact same as silhouette art: just upload a photo and Minted will turn it into either a vibrant print or beautiful letterpress art(Foil Pressed Geography Art)

For Your bestie with a kid


4. Custom art print: Your friends are cool parents. Most nursery art is not… cool. With the exception of Minted. Minted’s nursery art is whimsical, modern, and lot of it is personalizable. But the coolest art of all is the art your friend’s kid makes themselves (obvi). So steal a drawing next time you’re hanging out, and turn it into a custom art print with Minted. They will love you for it. Kids art is available in vibrant flat prints, letterpress, or even metallic foil. (Custom Children’s Art Print)

For Your Eccentric Aunt who is impossible to shop for


5. Constellation Print: Here’s the thing about astrology: if you’re into it, everyone around you probably knows. So for that person in your life who is impossible to shop for, but really into stuff about themselves (guilty party over here), Minted has astrology prints and gorgeous watercolor birthstone prints and foil prints with the first letter of your name and a whole bunch of other stuff that says, I got this for you and no one else. (Zodiac Art Print)

So if you’ve got people on your holiday list who are impossible to shop for, or if you just want to add something fun to a loved one’s home, then head over to Minted and browse their crazy huge art collection right now. Because I guarantee they’ve got something for everyone on your list.

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