This Is The Secret To Keeping It All* Together During Wedding Planning

*Your diet, at least... because we all know it's the first thing to go

Once upon a time, there was a girl who was in the middle of wedding planning. She was juggling it all—her job, keeping the house clean, checking off that huge wedding planning checklist. From the outside, it looked like she had it all together. Except, if you peeked into her garbage bin you’d see that… oops… it was full of fast-food wrappers and popcorn bags because that’s all anyone in their house had eaten in weeks.

I am “a girl.” Well “a woman,” but whatever you get my drift. This is a story about me. We planned our wedding in three months, and even though it was a super small wedding, it was stressful. Coordinating all the vendors, communicating all the details with the guests, so many decisions, and that doesn’t even begin to touch on the drama that is wedding planning during a pandemic. The last thing my fiancé (well, wife, now) and I wanted to do was add another choice to our days… the dreaded “what do you want to eat for dinner?” 😫

It would be a lie to say that we didn’t eat more (way more) than our fair share of total junk in those months. And the reality is that my body just doesn’t feel good when all I’m offering it are bean burritos and french fries. In our ‘normal life’, I am pretty spoiled because Trisha (said wife) is a really great home cook and feeds us well. In wedding planning mayhem, we lost sight of real food, in lieu of quick and easy food. It was less than ideal, to say the least.

Freshly To The Rescue

No sooner had we reached the finish line and had our totally awesome wedding did I hear from the folks at Freshly. A bit late for us in that season of life, but that doesn’t mean I am going to keep this brilliant idea from saving the rest of you. Y’all… Freshly is the antidote for sad diets (I mean, literal food you eat ‘diets’, not the fad ‘DIET’ your high school classmate just messaged you about). The stress of wedding planning will definitely pull your attention from so many other important things in life, you may as well let food be easy and checked off your list (while still not being greasy and wrapped in paper and calories.)

What is Freshly?

Great question! You’ve probably seen them pop up on your social media, or seen one of their boxes on your neighbor’s porch. If you haven’t, let me tell you about your wedding planning knight in shining foil (😉 see what I did there?). Freshly is a meal kit company that ships healthy, delicious, and totally prepared meals directly to your doorstep. They offer a weekly subscription that delivers fresh (never frozen!) meals, all developed by a team of chefs and nutritionists—legit.

At Freshly, nutrition is key. With most meal kits, and certainly with fast-food and take-out, that is just not the case. So, if eating healthy is important to you, you can know that you have control of that with Freshly. They follow 3 guiding principles – less sugar, less processed food, and more nutrients. Compared to my drive-through diet during wedding planning, that sounds like a win.

And no, this is *not* one of those meal kit companies that says you can cook your dinner in 20 minutes, but in reality, you’ll be stuck in the kitchen for at least an hour. Nobody has time for that. With Freshly you can expect your meals to be easy—like, really actually easy. All the delicious food that Freshly sends is fully cooked which means that you get to just heat it up. All you have to do is pop your meal in the microwave, and it’s ready in 3 minutes. Boom… just like that. (No microwave? No problem, you can head it in the oven or on your stove, too.)

The Added Bonuses of Freshly

There are seriously so many great things about Freshly, so let me just list a few for you:

  • It is sustainable. So many meal kit companies ignore their impact on the planet, but Freshly uses minimal packaging and every single piece is recyclable. So, what I said earlier about ‘knight in shining foil’ isn’t even accurate… more like ‘knight in recyclable cardboard.’
  • Options. Whether you’re looking for plant-based, omnivore, gluten-free (as in, certified!), low-calorie, or comfort food… the menu from Freshly is always changing and widely varied, so you’re covered. All you have to do is hop into your Freshly App and select the meals you want each week, and then they arrive ready to enjoy. Easy as can be—with Freshly, you’ve got choices.
  • Pause anytime. If you and your beau are headed out of town for the week, you can just hit pause on your Freshly account so you won’t receive meals that week.


This post was written in partnership with Freshly. What is Freshly? It’s a weekly subscription that delivers fresh (never frozen!) meals, all developed by our team of chefs and nutritionists. They’re fully cooked, so all you need to do is reheat and enjoy following the instructions on the back of each meal sleeve. No more worrying about what’s for dinner, or lunch… which is the best gift you can give yourself and your fiance during wedding planning. Trust me. Try Freshly…join now.
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