Getting Quiet.

And with that, I’m off. New Years is my favorite of all holidays because it’s the time of year I’m able to cultivate a sense of quiet. I write lists, I make goals, I start baby projects, I think. So we’re off for some frenetic and wonderful holiday celebrations, and then a long quiet week in San Francisco: taking walks, visiting museums, watching movies, being married. All that with a little bit of dreaming and doing.

You all (every one of you, even the quiet ones) have meant the world to me this year. Take that Team Practical bravery with you into the holidays, when people *might* share an opinion or two about your plans.

For me, it’s been such a huge year that I need to sit very still to process it. Maybe by January 4th I’ll have something more to say about it. Till then, I’m wishing you everything calm and everything bright.


Picture: Me, home

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  • Agree with you on the New Year, I'm the same. For us the tradition is after the crazy Christmas celebrating, we go and lose ourselves in NYC for a few days, doing nothing but walking around and taking it all in (LP is already a pint-size New Yorker at heart).

    I stop and do nothing, I make lists, I reflect, I read. I love the boost of motivation to "start over again". Happy Holidays, happy quiet time and happy new year (decade)!

  • I love it – this is usually a very stressful time of year for me, even before I had future in-laws to deal with on top of my crazy family. Finding peace & finding quiet will be my goal to get through this time of year. Thank you for everything Meg!

  • have a great quiet Meg. it's good that you're going quiet because you're the main reason for even using my Reader at all.. maybe I'll take this opportunity for my own vacation away from blogland.

    ..and thanks for the reminder about bringing the bravery to holiday gatherings.. I'm going to need it!

    happy new year team practical. :)

  • The end of the year in the Bay Area is so wonderful. I am spending New Year's on the beach in Pacifica with no snow or ice to be seen! Enjoy your break Meg, we will be here when you get back!

  • Have a great holiday – you ROCK it! :)

  • Happy holidays! Enjoy your downtime!

  • agirl

    Enjoy your time of quiet and reflection. And see you for a even more brave new year. xx

  • April

    Be well and have a restful, peaceful holiday dearest! xoxo

  • Happy New Year, Meg!

  • Cate Subrosa

    Have a wonderful time, Meg. And thank you for all you've given me this year xx

  • Tree

    Thanks, Meg! Have a safe and happy holiday season!

  • i also love the new year. it feels like there is so much possibility lying before me. the whole calendar feels like one big blank slate waiting to be filled. i like to write myself a letter each year reviewing my year and setting goals for the one ahead. before i write the new letter i like to read the old and assess what i accomplished and what fell by the wayside. the impending year always makes me feel so motivated and full of energy.

    your blog has really been a place for me this past year as my own wedding was closing in. you reflected a lot of things i, myself, was already thinking in terms of what it means to be married and be a wife and be a feminist.

    i just wanted to say that i appreciate you, your openness with the internets of your opinions and thoughts. i look forward to seeing where this space is headed.

    may your new year be full of blessings, love and prosperity.

  • Have fun with your break! This blog was a Godsend to me as I was really starting to think that I was the only bride who wanted to do things a bit differently…there truly is something powerful about community.

  • have a wonderful holiday, sweets :)

  • Thought I would share with you some photos of my little sister's wedding. Have a great Christmas x

  • I'm never a big commenter in general, but I just wanted to take a moment to say thanks for this blog. This is where I come for encouragement whenever I get overwhelmed by everyone telling me that I have to do THIS and THAT and THIS in order to have a wedding. It's nice to have a retreat where I can find reassurance that this is OUR wedding and it should be the way WE want it, no matter what anyone else tries to tell us.

    So, I hope you have a Happy New Year, Meg – you deserve it!