Honoring Marriage Equality In Your Wedding Service

So, for APW Pride week, we’re brainstorming ways to honor marriage equality at our weddings. Some of us want to be really loud about it, sometimes we want to be slightly more subtle about it… and sometimes (us, cough, cough) we think we want to be subtle and then when push comes to shove, we decide f*ck subtle.

So this is an open thread for sharing ideas – from white knots, to statements in programs, to readings during the service, to giving your bouquet to your lesbian aunts. If you did, or are planning to do, something to honor marriage equality in your ceremony, share what you did! We’ll post a round up post of ideas in a week or so.

(And, please stay away from the should-you-do-something-or-not debate on this thread. That decision should be left up to each individual couple. This is *just* a thread to brainstorm ideas of what to do, if you’re choosing to do something.)

Picture: White Knots at Rachelle‘s wedding, shot by Elissa R Photography in Austin, TX

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