How To: Dress Up A Kitschy Bouquet

Including: "Do-do-do, this is how you make a bow."

Kitschy Bouquet Tutorial | A Practical Wedding (8)

While most of the tutorials in this series were the result of your feedback from earlier this year, some of them happened simply because the team saw something so amazing while we were out shopping for supplies that we just couldn’t put it down. Case in point: today’s faux flower bouquet. When we saw this monstrosity at Party City, there was a collective agreement between Meg, Michelle Edgemont, and myself that it was too ugly to be of any use to anyone actually getting married. So of course that meant we had to get it. Then, on the way back to the shoot, Meg pointed out that former wedding grad Shana had a bouquet just like this, and since she is our personal style icon, there had to be a way to reclaim its cool factor. So Michelle whipped up this quick and easy bow using a bit of wired glittery ribbon we found at Joanne Fabrics (which you can also get on Amazon) and voila! I walked around the rest of the day yelling at people, “GUYS THIS TURNED OUT ACTUALLY KIND OF AWESOME.” Of course, you can do this wrap for a regular bouquet too, but there’s something awesome about a wedding bouquet that says IGDAF about flowers, but I want something to throw dammit. (Also, if you thought carnations were the cockroaches of wedding flowers, I’d submit that this bouquet is basically the zombie of wedding flowers.) Bonus: since today is your lucky day, Amazon has this bouquet on sale for $12. I’d buy three of them just for the hell of it. (True story, we actually did. There are now three in APW’s craft closet.)

Kitschy Bouquet Tutorial | A Practical Wedding (5) Kitschy Bouquet Tutorial | A Practical Wedding (4) Kitschy Bouquet Tutorial | A Practical Wedding (3)Kitschy Bouquet Tutorial | A Practical Wedding (2) Kitschy Bouquet Tutorial | A Practical Wedding (1)

Photos: Allison Andres / Styling: Michelle Edgemont

Wrapping the bouquet is easy: you just take the existing ribbon off the stems, wrap them tightly with your glittery ribbon, and hot glue the ribbon to the plastic stems of the bouquet. The real work is in the bow. And since we’re pretty much all visual learners here, we asked Michelle to show us how to make it and then recorded it. (It’s okay, you can stop clapping now. We’re impressed with our technological prowess too.) And thankfully it is way easier than I thought it would be, especially using wired ribbon. So enjoy APW’s inaugural run with video, and please please please tell us if you use this tutorial in your wedding. Tossing this bad boy may not be as cool as throwing a cat, but it’s a close second.

How To Make A Bow from A Practical Wedding on Vimeo

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