OMG Wedding Photos, AMIRITE?

What do you even do once you have those files?

I got married six years ago, and I remember when we selected our photographer we went with a very basic, bare bones package. No prints, no album, no bells, no whistles. Just as many hours of photography as we could afford, and that was about it. Well, that may have been a mistake. Because while I love our photographs, the process of making them into anything we could ever actually look at or use was nearly impossible. I tried to make a wedding album online at least five times, and Every. Damn. Time. it crashed my computer and took forever and was a whole nightmare. After two years of trying and crying, I asked for a wedding album for Christmas and my husband managed to make one happen—and honestly it brought me to tears when I opened up the package because I knew how hard it must have been. My point being, sometimes I wish I’d sprung for the prints and the album from our photographer, just to have someone else do it.

And pretty much everyone I know has done something similar. Everyone makes sure to hire a great photographer for so many hours, and then when it comes time to do anything with those photos…they kind of languish. I’ve heard friends talk about what to do with their photographs in a lot of different ways. Some people say they’ll never make prints because they think it’s weird to have photographs of themselves in their own house. Some people make a ton of little prints and create gallery walls…or at least plan to, someday. People spend money on getting good photographs of their wedding day, but beyond that, it seems like everyone has a different strategy of what they actually DO with the images. I’m sure you were smarter than me and didn’t just tear your hair out. (Or did you?) So lay it on me! You all have the most creative ideas on the internet, so we want to know: what did you do with your wedding photos after the fact? Are they just living in digital formats (pro-tip: if they are, back them up a bunch of ways, because files really do get corrupted). Or have you managed to get them on paper and/or on your walls?

What did you do or do you plan to do with your wedding photos? Ten Foot Mural? Send your wedding party hilarious photo mugs? Make an album? Anything you wish you’d known or need to know? Do you have any creative ideas to share?

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