Grammy Level Swag Bags (On A Backyard Wedding Budget)

Y'all, they're so damn good

Weddings are this funny thing… you’re in the midst of planning a special event and party for… well… yourself. It’s one of the only times in life (for most of us) when you’re truly planning your own dream party. You’ll find yourself thinking through exactly what you and your partner want your wedding to look and feel like. Then, somewhere along the way, you’ll realize remember that part of the magic of a wedding is getting to make all your family and friends feel special and spoiled, too. Just a millisecond after that… if you’re anything like me, you’ll sense the cash flying out of your bank account, and find yourself wondering how the heck you’re supposed to pay for it all.

In comes your knight in shining ‘Mamour’

Have no fear… Mamour is here. When the founder of Mamour, Victoria, got married a few years back she went through this exact thought process. She knew that a bunch of her family and friends would be traveling to stay the weekend for her wedding, and she wanted to have something special to surprise and delight them with. Cue the dollar signs… followed immediately by a lightbulb moment that changed everything.

Victoria realized that there surely had to be brands that would want to offer their products up to be included in a gift bag, knowing that it would put their brand’s products in the hands of a whole bunch of new potential clients. So, she started reaching out to people in her network, and y’all… it worked! Before she knew it, the gift bags for her wedding were full of all sorts of exciting new products that she knew her friends and family would love. The best part? She didn’t pay for each little thing, and she didn’t even have to go to the big box store to buy all the things in bulk. And the rest, as they say, is history.

How does it work?

Basically… Mamour does it all for you. They coordinate with amazing small businesses and brands that provide tasty treats and little gifts to go in your wedding welcome bags… all you have to do is choose the bag style, select any add-ons you want, and then wait for your already packed gift bags to show up on your doorstep. Amazing, right?

Bachelorette Parties, showers, weddings (and birthdays too)

The gift bags from Mamour were easily one of our favorite things about our wedding planning. We had so much fun planning them out, choosing the little extras we would add, and getting them ready to leave for our guests in their rooms. It really made us feel like we were spoiling our favorite humans who had come to celebrate us.

The best part? Our guests loved them. They raved about how fun and special it was to find these gift bags on their beds when they arrived. And they couldn’t stop talking about all the treats and supplies, plus the little personalized details that we added didn’t hurt either 😉.

But the wedding bags weren’t the last of it. I also worked with Mamour to have special gift bags for my closest girlfriends for our (very low-key, COVID friendly) bachelorette weekend. Each gal got a cute tote that said “Bride or Die. ‘Til Death Do Us Party” plus a small hangover “oh sh*t kit“. Their bags came with all kinds of essentials (like gum, ibuprofen, delicious healthy snacks from Thunderbird Bar, More Labs Morning Recovery and Aqua+ drinks to help everyone stay hydrated, and Kuju Coffee pour-overs to keep everyone caffeinated), plus plenty of fun surprises. There were tasty treats, facemasks from SiO Beauty, snacks from Love Corn, and even caffeinated mints from Viter Energy. The best part was that all the work was done for me! Could I have gone out to buy all these things individually and packed the bags? Yes. Did I want to? Nope.

What do you get?

When you order gift bags from Mamour, you get… well… a whole lot. You can choose from canvas tote bags, small drawstring bags (think: hangover kit), or simple kraft paper gift bags. Then… go shopping! You’ll choose five items from their list of included options. All of it will come to your door ready to go, with no extra store stops or hunting down items… check it off your list.

can I customize my bags?

You know it! Mamour has seemingly endless options for you to choose from… bags that are already so darn adorable, you don’t need to worry about… well… anything. But if customizing is your thing, you should totally do it. (We did!)

Customize your bags

The designs that Mamour offers for the outside of the bags are *chefs kiss* perfect. And, if you’d rather have them be totally custom to match your wedding or event… you can have just that. For our wedding, we worked with Mamour to have our fun ‘wedding branding’ on our bags. All I had to do was send them the image file, and…  well… they handled the rest. Y’all, they look so so good! Picking a design from their many options would have been perfectly wonderful, but the custom design really elevated the experience.

Customize the goods

What comes in your bags from Mamour is totally up to you. You get to choose 5 free items from their brand partners, that are just included in your bag. There are a whole bunch of fun options to choose from. Then, you can add-on to your bags with some premium items (think: candles, face masks, and more).

Add to it your own way

If you’re looking to personalize your bags even further, hey… why not? For our wedding welcome bags, we went a bit over the top. We worked with Wizard Pins and created completely custom enamel pins with a design of Yosemite Valley in our wedding colors. (Wizard Pins made the process wildly simple, and dare I say fun.) We homemade our own custom candles with a scent that reminded us of California forests. We paired those with super cute custom matchbooks from Wedding Star (who also made us custom face masks… because… 2021). The number one favor that we knew we wanted for a wedding all along was an enamel camping mug. We absolutely loved getting to include those in the bags. And Small S’mores sent us their kits to include… y’all these are the most adorable little packages with tiny marshmallows, tiny graham crackers, and a tiny candle to cook it all. *Swoon*.

WIth the Help of Mamour, the guests at my wedding (and bachelorette party) were treated like VIPS. If you’re looking for a way to spoil your friends and family, look no further.

This post is sponsored by Mamour. Mamour is a gift bag service where you can not only personalize totes for your special event, but, they fill them too! AND for a fraction of what you would pay at retail.
Mamour works with some of the coolest emerging brands who want to show the world who they are! They do the heavy lifting to procure these products, then fill all your totes AND they do this all at no extra cost to you! Like, you literally just pay for the adorable bags and they do the rest. If you’re looking for a way to spoil your guests, this is it
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